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  1. I should have taken a picture of mine an hour ago. Right after I got done buzzing it, my sink had a beard.
  2. I watched for 2 minutes and decided that was enough. I like the caption under the movie
  3. It's about as scary as somebody with a bloody nose. It's gross because there is enough to actually drip on the floor.
  4. Not many updates lately. I'm in the middle of a 2 week vacation. My dad is visiting and I spend some time with him each day Still get to the gym for the treadmill, not much other than that. Eating more salad and watermelons. Gotta eat those melons while they are available in Montana.
  5. I just found this picture of my favorite place - The Beartooth Pass. This is what it looks like when they finally get the road open in late May. They try to keep the road open as long as they can. It usually gets snowed shut again in September http://www.huetheronline.org/vbb/beartoothsnow.jpg
  6. Thanks el_flaco and Twilight for the push I know that I really do need to just keep lifting also. Just haven't had the ambition. But today I did do some very light lifting: I always go light when I get back into it or I'm useless the next day. Breakfast: Watermelon Drank some evil coffee today. Overhead squats with just the 45 pound bar. Afternoon Treadmill: 40 minutes Eats: Vega with soymilk, more watermelon, pumpkin seeds. Having a small LAN party tonight Probably just munch on more nuts or fruit if I get hungry
  7. I'm interested in attending, sadly it is too many hundreds of miles away I will be in Vancouver Aug 16-22 Good Luck
  8. I remember once I planned to lift after helping my Ex move, totally did not happen lol! Diets looking awesome Jason, how are the treadmill workouts going? Are you noticing cardio gains? And the vegan deliciousness blog.... pancakes! Color me hungry. Moving doesn't seem like hard work. Then, all of a sudden, it hits you. Stay out of the vegan deliciousness blog, it will make you hungry looking at her food.
  9. Breakfast: 1 scoop of vega in water Morning Treadmill: 60 minutes Daily Eats: Fruit Smoothie, cooked veggies, vega in water No evening treadmill, helped a friend move. a couple bananas after moving
  10. Hope you didn't get any slivers from that chipwood floor.
  11. Breakfast: 2 bananas Morning Treadmill: 60 minutes Daily Eats: Big Green Salad Cherries Veggies and Rice
  12. I just make sure to stay away from your blogspot. I made the mistake of clicking on it. Everything looks so good. I was actually thinking that I must have eaten something else too. It didn't seem like much food for a whole day. But I wasn't hungry so I didn't eat. That smoothie did have a lot of calories, it had a couple scoops of PB And I ate most of the watermelon. I couldn't get close to the rind because it wasn't ripe yet. The middle was good though.
  13. Breakfast: 1 scoop of vega in water Morning Treadmill: 40 minutes Daily Eats: Banana, Fruit Smoothie, watermelon, banana. no evening treadmill
  14. Back from Chicago, time to get back at it Breakfast: 1 scoop of vega in water Morning Treadmill: 40 minutes Daily Eats: banana-strawberry-pb smoothie, veggies and rice, vega-spinach-banana-blueberry smoothie Evening Treadmill: 60 minutes Probably have a piece of fruit later
  15. Great job Robert. Are you going to have a youtube page for these videos like Renegade?
  16. I'm in Chicago now, for 2 weeks. There are a couple treadmills in the hotel. Haven't found a grocery store yet. Whole Foods is about 10 miles away.
  17. You can't say that and not post the recipe so the rest of us can try it. Please
  18. I just got on facebook, but don't have many friends
  19. I don't have a scale either. I don't care about my weight, just my waist. When I get to the correct waist size, then I'll be the correct weight. But I'll probably weigh myself when I get there just because people will want to know.
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