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  1. I know this is ambitious. I am aiming high for a reason. I won't be hard on myself or upset if I don't make this a reality. I will still be gaining pounds this year. I may actually train differently. I'm still working out my goals for next year. Two months of cardio, weightlifting with high reps and medium weight, and yoga. Two months of weightlifting and yoga. Two months of power training (strength endurance) and yoga Two months split up by two weeks each block then a two week recovery period of just hot yoga. The last two months are going to be yoga and weightlifting. I may not gain as much weight this way but over all fitness will be ideal.
  2. Hello everyone, My name is Dan and My goal is to gain as much weight as possible while staying healthy, flexible and happy. My target is 30 lbs in twelve months, which is about a pound or two a week. About me: I have been doing martial arts since I was a child. I have been weightlifting on and off since middle school. I was in the Army Airborne Infantry. I don't want to talk about the army or any politics. Period. I now work in private security, armed. I am a certified and registered yoga teacher. I plan on going to advanced yoga teacher training. I have weighed 125 to 135 pounds since middle school. My current lifestyle is like this: Hot Bikram yoga, weight lifting at planet fitness, work and spending time with friends and family. My weight lifting plan is one body part for each work out, along with hot Bikram yoga, 3-5 days a week. The body part gets 5-6 exercises, 8-10 reps to failure. It is hard for me to gain weight. I am joining this forum to help keep me accountable and motivated to stick to my goals. Weights have never been my strength.
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