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  1. which of these foods can be cooked in bulk and refrigerated over a week (without having them losing nutritional quality or rotting)? quinoa brown rice (instant) black beans stir fry (tofu-rice-veggies etc.) thanks
  2. it's good to see all the replies/interest! as for me, i'll be starting at 165 (i'm about 5'7). i hope to get up to at least 180 by march 1st. also, it'd be cool if some of us could post before and after pics. here are a few tips for those looking to gain weight: Try: --eating 20 kcals per pound of bodyweight per day --eating 5-7 meals, spread throughout the day --getting 5-10 grams of creatine/day (post-workout if 5g, and split pre and post workout if 10) hope this keeps GROWING!!
  3. i hope a few are interested!! if anyone wants to start from november-march(ish), we could track our progress through the bodybuilding world-renowned bulking season. i think it'd be fun to keep each other accountable and push others who want to gain big to EAT BIG. we could track bodyweight, lifts, measurements, etc.... if this is a bad idea and no one joins, i won't feel bad, so don't just humor me and write in numbers lol.
  4. well, last year (fall 05-spring06) i/we debated/talked about vegetarianism nearly every day. one friend got into caring about animals over the summer of 06 and went veg on the first day that we moved in ( fall 06). the discussions dwindled a bit at the start of the year (fall 06) , then it became a very hot topic again (the final debate ended up a in very dirty little quarrel between the one i tried most to persuade last year and myself). anyway, about 20 minutes after the big argument, the guy just up and threw all the meat he had in the trash and went from there. so, that made two. the last to go just stopped me on campus a few days ago with "i have some news you're gonna be really excited about...," and he's been veg. since then. the site has been a great help; my getting bigger and stronger AFTER going veg. has surely erased whatever doubts there were about not getting enough nutrition w/out meat. i really credit all those guys, though, for their decisions. all three are very bright, and although it took a lot of time for the message to sink in, as it were, they were ultimately the ones who made the right choices. we all go to texas a&m, and while i'm not sure how excited my roomies would be about being activists, i was thinking about starting some kind of informational group about veggieism that could let people know what our eating habits are doing to the earth and animals. i also like to be involved in my church back home, so i'm hoping that they'll let me give out some flyers or something. if any of yall have ideas about either of these two things, please let me know. thanks for all the support guys, and keep up the good work!!
  5. last year, when i went veg., all the guys i lived with were still omnivores. But, as of two days ago, we are ALL vegetarians/vegans (2 and 2). just thought i'd share the good news and spread a little optimism. i hope this brightens some days!!
  6. thanks for all of the help, guys. when the time comes, i'll post the results of my journey wish me luck!
  7. ok, i need some input, so here's the deal: my goal is to bench press 300 lbs. by April 1. right now, i don't know my absolute max, but i know i can do 225x7 (unassisted). below are some stats and my training history. i'd really appreciate your thoughts on whether or not hte goal is realistic, some *tricks* i could use to bump up the last few lbs., diet tips, etc. age: 19 years training: 3 Height/weight: 5'8, 170 (and i don't have stubby arms lol) vegetarian date: jan 06 vegan date: may 06 thanks in advance
  8. yes, and i've also considered that there are a few who didn't give up meat for ethical purposes. still, there are many who a. like the taste of meat b. gave up meat for ethical purposes, and c. never eat meat, not when no one is around, not when there's nothing else cheap to eat, never. for me, i think its a powerful formula: 1/2 right + 1/2 spite= total dedication
  9. ok, i've been wondering about this for a few days: most people, especially those who are religious, believe some things to be absolutely wrong (lying, cheating, stealing etc..). yet, most also accept that every once in a while even the most upright "slip up" in one or more of those areas. that being said, why is meat-eating, something we know to be wrong, something that we would never never never eat. i suppose it's the same as all the other vices in that its something that would fulfill us athe expense of others. so, why don't we have people on the forum saying, "oops, guys, i tripped up and had a fat slice of ham; forgive me." what gives us the discipline to do what we know is right 3+ times a day, every day of the year? basically, why are we more disciplined at avoiding meat than even the very religous are at avoiding whatever it is that they believe is wrong? i hope this makes sense..
  10. well, i leave between aug 17-20, and i'm gone from aug 12-16. kinda busy in my last few days here. if we can't get one in before i leave, we can just schedule one sometime when i come back for a visit!
  11. that would be awesome, but i go to school in college station and am only at home for the summer/some holidays
  12. montana is right, and its sad that for ONCE the media doesn't step out and blame the meat industry for environmental damage. Habitat destruction and greenhouse effects are serious problems, and rasing livestock for meat is a major contributor. and i wouldn't worry about the soy products that you eat; like montana said, almost all of these are grown organically (sustainably). it is the soy that is fed to cattle which is not, and there's a simple reason for that: meat eaters are either ignorant or apathetic, and we are not.
  13. sunnyvale...if you haven't heard of it, it's right next to mesquite, vegan capital of the world! joking
  14. hey! it's great to see someone from dallas. i'd love to hit up a hike sometime. from what area of d-town are you?
  15. does anyone know where the "vegan power" gorilla t-shirt is sold? i'm not even sure if it a shirt, but the emblem is plain awesome. thanks
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