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  1. Hey all! It's been forever since I posted...


    So through the spring and summer I have been out of control with my gigantic green smoothies every morning. I loved having at least 5 cups of raw greens with other fruit for breakfast. However, now that it's colder outside my body is not happy with all that cold and raw stuff in the morning. I feel like I need something warmer while not giving up on the big serving of greens. So far I thought I could just precook spinach or some other green the night before and eat it along with fruit. Any other ideas out there for a green and non-cold breakfast (fyi not looking for powdered greens).



  2. Hey all! I will be doing a demo for Organic Fresh Fingers tomorrow from 2pm - 7pm at the People's Food Coop 3029 SE 21st Avenue (off of Powell). This will be my first demo for them. If anyone cares to stop by to say 'hi' that would be fun...especially those from out of town on Vegan Vacation, if you get back in town before 7pm.


    There is a Farmer's Market there tomorrow (Wednesday) as many already know, so it will be a fun event. I will be sampling hummus and pita slices. (Organic Fresh Fingers is a new small, local company that makes organic vegetarian meals for kids.)

  3. My older sister is 8 weeks pregnant, and recently before that was working on switching to a vegan diet (specifically eat to live). Unfortunately she is having terrible morning sickness, can't keep hardly anything down, can't stomach most foods, ect. Here is her email to me:


    "OK, I was soooo damn proud of myself following the eat to live program. Totally agree with not eating meat and dairy. I was on the band wagon 100%!! Trying to spread my new wisdom amongst friends. And now the pregnant me. I crave steak. i am mortified. I now despise tofu and can't stomache soy milk. Broccoli which used to take up half my fridge no longer exists in my house. What do i do???? I have been avoiding any and all meats but since nothing else sounds good (oh and now don't like nuts really either) i realized i was not getting nearly enough protein. I am even having a tough time with beans which I was eating by the truckload before. so today I caved in and bought myself a small bit of red meat to cook for dinner. Even Jared [her husband] won't have any of it. I'm trying to get protein from other things but am also feeling nervous b\c i realized 4 days went by where i had little to no protein at all. Salad i can manage but cooked veggies really push the puke



    Any suggestions?

  4. Hey I loved the Hood photos! I didn't know you recently did that climb. I did it a few years ago with my family.


    It would be cool to go hiking or backpacking together/with a group this summer or fall. My family is big on hiking.


    Well looks like I will see you tomorrow so bye for now.

  5. Who can help me with my profile settings? I have "alert me via email when someone replies to my posting" checked but am not receiving emails. also, my avatar will not display...it's the same one I was using before, so I know it's the right size. when I load it and click "submit", it says my profile was successfully changed, but clearly this is not so.


    If a moderator can help me you can email me directly at [email protected].

  6. Ouch! I must still be a newby, because I just found out at the vegan mentor meeting that wine is not necessarily vegan. Something about processing it with fish guts. Is this true for ALL wine that is not marked "vegan"?

  7. Hey! I did the portland marathon last year and am doing it this year as well. It is a very well-organized marathon - nationally renowned actually! The course is relatively flat, and the weather is typically good running weather (cool that time of year). There are lots of aid stations and lots of people supporting on the sidelines. You should totally do it!

  8. Wow, so many things to respond to. As a person who has stripped for 6 years I have an embarassingly negative view on strip clubs. I recently quit after FINALLY realizing how my soul was being yanked from my body every night I worked.


    True, each girl chooses to be there. This doesn't make it right. I was being a hypocrite by participating in an industry that destroys and distorts men's view of women and visa versa.




    The hundreds of girls I have worked with are the most insecure, bitter, man-hating and frightened group of people I have ever encountered. Of course this is not apparent while being entertained at a table or stage by a dancer who is putting on a performance. And believe me, they always are.




    Strippers PRETEND to like you, PRETEND to like their job, PRETEND that they are ok with what they do...I did so each and every night I worked. And again for this I am ashamed.


    True, many exotic dancers are putting themselves through college...SO WHAT??? The fact that many dancers are smart/nice, ect. is of no consequence.


    Moreover, the people suffering from the existence of strip clubs is not just the dancers and patrons...it is all the others in society who are being compared to those dancers. I often am told "wow, if only I could meet a girl like you girls." By pretending to be girls who just love walking around and dancing for gross guys, we are creating a false pretence for real-life women.


    Please feel free to ask me any questions.

  9. The whole situation is frustrating for sure. All of us here certainly feel we know the best thing for this woman is to follow a diet such as Joel Furman's Eat to Live. But I don't feel right wanting a lawsuit against the doctors. It's not as if they are "out to get her." They think they are doing the best thing for her. They are simply not educated. For any human, it's naive to think that they will immediately change their whole diet views based on only one first hand testimonial and a book they have never heard of.

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