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  1. Is lactic acid (as an ingredient in packaged food) derived from dairy?
  2. one of my favorite things is to just eat a whole can of garbonzo beans! (or whatever beans you like). Some even come in those no-can-opener-needed type cans
  3. I though everyone would get a kick out of this card I got yesterday. http://img141.imageshack.us/img141/24/bdaycarddg5.jpg
  4. Thanks for all the notes folks. David, how DID you manage to get such a large photo?
  5. mishe


    Welcome to the "group." Why puke on cops?
  6. mishe


    You have some awsome goals. I hope you stay involved. I am very new as well. So far so good!
  7. It would be cool if I could sum David's reply in one breath, because that's totally my line of thinking. Also Potter's address of the adversary's fat ass is great. If I had enough of a mean streak or didn't have to maintain composure, I would actually say {to a guy, because guys seem to be the only one's who have a real problem with it}: "Bug off m----- @#$%. This sexy b---- doesn't have time for you, fool." Yeah Actually all the responses I read I identify with, it just depends on the situation one is in, and what the relationship is with the person you are talking to. Often this happens at work with customers, so I don't feel I can speak my mind. Bugger.
  8. Thanks for the tips everyone. Veggieprincess, I'm going to use your line: "no, I'm not perfect, but I can control what I put in my body and that makes me feel good." That's a great one. Jessifly, I will totally get that book Being Vegan. more tips welcome!
  9. Yes Robert, I'd be up for that. I am working on painting my kitchen right now but can break for food any time. It looks like Proper Eats on 8638 North Lombard? That is so close to me! What time would you be there? Of course, anyone else viewing this should come too!
  10. Anyone in North Portland want to meet at a the Vita Cafe tonight? Or another vegan-friendly place? I'm really trying to branch out and meet other vegans. I know it's late notice, but never hurts to ask.
  11. I find that when I tell people I'm vegan, they think it's fun to pick apart my diet and lifestyle. For example, they will say "Have you checked the ingredients in that?" Or point out other areas of my life where I am not being a perfect humanitarian, like "Well when you walk or drive a car you kill bugs you know!" It's really annoying. I'm sure these people are just intimidated, but since I'm not quick-witted I don't know what to say. I feel like they are really not looking for an answer from me, and just want to prove that I am not perfect (which is ridiculous because nobody is perfect). Any real-life suggestions? Many times these situations happen in casual conversation, so it's not like I have time to give them a lengthy explanation of veganism! I need some short, realistic and maybe witty statements or potential replies for these people. -Mishe
  12. 1/2 Dutch-Jewish (That's where I get my discipline, dorky sense of humor, stubborness, and resilience...my Grandmother is one of the last survivors) 1/2 German (go figure)
  13. Hi Mich. Our names are a little similar, how funny. I am new too. Welcome fellow vegetarian.
  14. mishe

    Hey there

    HI Donny! I am new too. So do you think you will try to become vegan or vegetarian? Just curious.
  15. Hello readers! I have posted a couple replies to topics, but realized I should write a quick intro: I have been a vegetarian most my life, and for 2 years in college was a vegan. The last couple months I have been trying to make the switch to veganism. It is very hard! I realized I need support, which is why I joined this forum. I just signed up for the PDX vegan friends yahoo site. I hope to meet some folks in person soon. I feel that it is more realistic for me to really do this vegan thing if I surround myself with others in the same boat. In terms of athletics, it's running all the way for me! I love trail running and am getting back into marathons as well. I intend to join a gym soon for the strength training. (Any suggestions on good gyms in North Portland?) Thanks for your time! I look forward to meeting new friends. -Mishe
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