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  1. Hey,the Company is "Organic Foodbar", they sell it at whole foods market at least at the ones in florida. It tastes good, but you need a glass of water with it because of all the fiber.
  2. hey all, I just found at the store a new bar called: Organic Foodbar Protein it has 24grams of protein,8 gram of fiber,12grams of fat, 22grams of sugar, 30 carbs and it's 80% raw [/b]
  3. what i do is, i use a teaspoon in my morning smoothie. the recipe: 1 cup soymilk(or ricemilk,etc) 1/2 cup ground raw quick oats 1 cup frozen strawberries( or blueberries, etc.) 1 big tablespoon of rice protien powder 1 teaspoon of sprulina powder 1 tablespoon of flaxoil 1 tablespoon aloe vera juice mixed all up in a blender its very good in the morning
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