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  1. me too. and my kids used to be sick all the time. i used to have to take atleast one of then to the pediatrician on a weekly basis. i have NOTot seen the pedi ONE TIME since we went vegan
  2. natural peanut butter by the spoonful or on toast, all hot and gooey chopped avocado w/lime, sea salt, cayenne thai young coconut my all-time favorite smoothie: thai coconut (water and the flesh), frozen pineapple, banana, spoon of coconut butter 2c frozen pineapple + 1 frozen banana, whipped up in a food processor...HEAVEN!!
  3. hi nathan! my dog is also newly vegan and she LOVES IT.
  4. SHOULDERS & LEGS Hack Squats 3x15 (2-25s) Leg Extensions 3x15 (40) Leg Curls 3x15 (40) Seated Shoulder Press 3x15 (20) Dumbell Lateral Raises 1x15 (7.5) 2x15 (5) Dumbell Front Raises 3x15 (5) B: 1 1/3 piece toast w/raw cashew butter + agave (kids) 12pm 6 oz. smoothie w/rasp, pineapple, orange, banana, mixed fruit, hemp and soy prot, H2O 3/4 can black beans + 3/4 can tomatoes, 1/8 amy's vegan pizza (kids) 2pm 1/2 bar 5pm 1/2c mashed potato, 2c soybeans 630 1 cup soys 8pm strawberries 10pm apple w/peanut butter whats up with my appetite? i am eating NONSTOP and still starving!!!??
  5. BACK & TRICEPS lat pull downs 3x15 (30) high rows 3x15 (40) bent over dumbell rows 3x15 (20) kickbacks 1x15 (20) 2x15 (12.5) tri pulldowns 3x15 (30) tricep press 3x15 (50) *my new favorite abs treadmill (walk) 20 mins Taught 75 min class, did abs (again) with class B: Banana, spoon of flax oil (eewwwwwwwww) Snack: bar L: veggie burger (1) wrap w/ spinach Snack: 4 bite size soy crisps, 1/3 smoothie (kid dropped it on the ground) D: salad w/ kale, spinach, yellow pepper, kalamata olives, cucumber, flax oil, rice vinegar late night hunger again: banana blended w/hemp prot & H20
  6. YESTERDAY: Chest & Biceps Bench Press 3x15 (30) Incline Press 3x15 (20) Flys 3x15 (20) Seated Curls 3x15 (10) Standing Curls w/rope v 3x15 (12.5) Seated Preachers 3x15 (10) Taught 75 min class, did abs with class Treadmill 20 mins my appetite has kicked into OVERDRIVE! b: banana + bar snack: almost an entire blender of smoothie (water, banana, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, hemp prot) lunch: veggie burger (2) on sundried tomato wrap w/spinach snack: toast w/raw cashew butter + 1 T agave dinner: leftover boca gyro w/spinach + sunflower spouts, 1/2 yellow bell pepper + 1T flax oil + 1 T rice vinegar midnite hunger hit and couldnt go to sleep so i ended up with an apple + 1T cashew butter
  7. B: Think Organic! Bar Snack: 1 banana L: Med Raspberry Smoothie from smoothie king Snack: ezekiel toast w/sundried tom-oo-garlic-green olive tapenade d: boca gyros in ezekiel pita w/tofu-cucumber-garlic-lemon sauce, romaine, purple onion 1 hour Hot Vinyasa Yoga .75 miles(11min mile) - new running shoes slipping on my heel BAD so i had to stop Seated Leg Press 3x6 @ 120lbs Steamroom: 20 mins
  8. aww what an adorable avatar.
  9. Bigbwii, about how many calories is that? it doesnt look like much.
  10. CORRECTION: dont give babies under 12months strawberries or honey. go with the agave and i guess make the "yogurt' for yourself
  11. hows the raw thing gong compassion?? i went raw for several months last year and felt amazing! i have lots of raw books and sites if you would like the info...
  12. cucumber juice is said to do wonders for the skin, especially for shrinking pores. dont forget about sweating.......steamroom/hot bath/sauna.
  13. me too....and bananas and kale are 2 of my most favorite foods.
  14. mmmmmmmmmmm that looks good! i would like to add a clove of garlic and maybe a few olives. talk about death breath!
  15. DISEASE PROOF YOUR KIDS by DR. JOEL FUHRMAN. get this book it is a must have for parents. he says bananas and avocados are ideal first foods. what has worked for us has been: guacamole frozen banana/pineapple - whips up like ice cream. blend avocado and fresh strawberries - taste just like yogurt. sliced banana/honey or agave/raw cashew butter/pinch of sea salt avocado/maple syrup/cocoa or carob/vanilla - tastes like chocolate pudding. and of course, steamed veggies like carrots and peas are always good. my baby has been eating salads (everything diced) since she was about that age. vinegar and all.
  16. andesuma you are gonna make me go blind with that small print lol
  17. it will say RAW and/or UNPASTEURIZED (sp?)
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