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  1. Yeah, that kinda goes with what I was saying...Texas has probably the most lax gun laws, I'm not sure tho...Amarillo also has one of the highest death by cop rates...they all wish they were John Wayne...I think we had 8 shootings by cops in a city of less than 200,000...where as Cincinatti, a city of like 750,000 only had 2 in a two year period and that was quite controversial...it's the mentality of the people that wield the guns that matters most, they are only tools. Some people need not have those tools, tho there is no doubt they will find other tools to do the job. I don't want folks to think I hate guns, my buddy just got an AR-4 by Panther...gas powered(?) fires 308 bullets...I don't know what all that means, thats what he tells me...I got to hold/see it just an hour or two ago, he tells me it's a $1500-$1800 rifle, but he gets them pretty cheap cuz his bro is a dealer...he's been hounding me to go out shooting with him, I probably will this weekend...so I'm not against guns...I just think too many jackasses get their hands on them...stray punches usually don't kill folks, but stray bullets do!!!
  2. Concerning stricter gun laws...it is a common practice here in Texas (at least the panhandle) to give away free shotguns with the purchase of pick up trucks...I'm not s**ting you, there is always some dealership offering free shotguns with purchase of your new pick up...that is ridiculous...I'm also in favor of a wait period, just enough time for background checks...including at gun shows, I've had a few felon friends who got their guns at those events...just to clarify my comment that I dislike most gun owners, I really mean the very vocal, NRA/Ted Nugent types that flourish here in Texas... Concerning gun laws in other places...would you doubt that guns are prevalent in those societies and that they are also some of the most violent societies? But that was more of a cheap shot joke...I DON'T think guns are the problem, I think it's the attitudes of the people. I would say the South is far more violent, from the begining of the US and it has to do with BS codes of valor/honor...Latin Am. has much of the same with machisimo. Its not the guns , its the people, and the guns are a dangerous tool for SOME people. Rather than everyone owning a gun, I think if everyone knew a Martial art ( my choice would be Aikido since its strictly defensive) the world would be a safer place. Not likely to happen, but neither is a vegan world, but its worth a shot...as a famous anarchist once said "It is not that we ever achieve [the perfect society], but that we constantly strive for the [perfect society]!"
  3. Ray Cappo/ Youth of Today changed my life!!!! That song is why I went vegetarian!!!!! I was a pen pal of Ray (Ragunatha) for a while when he went Krishna...pretty inspiring guy, at least he was 17 years ago when I was still quite young. Like I mentioned earlier, I still listen to "We're Not In This Alone" for inspiration!
  4. At the college gym I am at the mercy of what the dips**ts at the front counter listen to, and it's almost always contemporary christian rock interspersed with right wing propaganda...in a way the anger it draws from me keeps my motivation up, helps me get a few more reps! I listen to a lot of old Youth of Today for motivation and also a bit of Venom of late ( Cronos is a friggin' fitness instructor and Abbadon opened his own gym- wierd huh?!) I've also found that when I run Iron Maiden is the soundtrack in my head...especially that tune "The Lonliness of the Long Distance Runner"- it can be quite inspiring!!!!
  5. I've found myself in the precarious position with disagreeing with both sides on this issue...I do not particularly like guns, and I like very few gun owners...I don't own a gun, only very occasionally do I shoot with friends using their guns, I believe in stricter gun laws...BUT I don't think they are the source of all evil in America...I've said it before, I'll say it again... "Guns don't kill people, men with mustaches (and flat tops) do!" I was amused with your anti-American rant and agree with 85% of what you said...but, Americans aren't dicks because of guns, they're dicks 'cause they are spoiled...and very self centered! (Unlike the saintly Canadians )
  6. Wow!!!!! Where the hell did you get your info about martial arts?! Not for war?? The "-jitsus" were ENTIRELY for warfare! Know anything about life in feudal Japan? Quite brutal-I suggest reading the "Hagakure" by Yamamoto Tsunetomo (1659-1719)...(one of his complaints in the 17th/18thy century was the softening of marial arts!) And yes...China's were developed for warfare as well!...the "-dos" are what you speak of, where there is less emphasis on warfare and more a pursuit of a "way" hence aikijitsu becomes aikido...jujitstu to judo...etc...it was only after social tensions/violence eased that allowed the arts to be pursued for more spiritual purposes...why else would they incorperated bone breaks, punches and such? man...saying martial arts weren't for war is like saying guns weren't developed for war...they were ...but it doesn't mean that they didn't evolve into other purposes... If you trully want a MA that refutes violence I would look into Aikido...most of the people involved are very nice and not your typical martial artists!
  7. So....I guess you'll be giving up Muy Thai? It's pretty violent...and it creates a false sense of security...wasn't it you who came up with the 5 guys with bats scenario? Just my own 2 cents...hand guns , I believe, do create a false sense of security and will help little in most self defense situations...but that's not to say its not a valuable tool for sport shooting (non-living targets of course) or other , more complex, self defense situations...(NOT home invasion or muggings!) I like shootin' stuff...its fun and harmless...and I don't have a violent mentality. That would be like me accusing you of having a violent mentality for studying MARTIAL arts...need you be reminded that martial means "suited for war" ?
  8. That's typically how philanthropists distribute their money...creating institutions like hospitals and libraries and such...but the Gates Foundation gives alot of $ to small entreprenurial endeavors-$250 here and there to 3rd World individuals to start their own modest businesses. $250 is A LOT of cash in many of these countries, like a years salary! Either way...doubtful any cash will go to animal welfare...the Gateses are VERY concerned with 3rd World poverty...and Good for them for doin' somethin'!!!
  9. I'd really like to see it...unfortunately movies like that seldom show here...I think an al qaeda recruiting video has a better chance of showing in Amarillo theatres! I should take that back...they will probably eventually show it for a week or so -with one showing per day at 10pm.
  10. I believe the Gates foundation does most of its work by giving individuals small amounts of investment capital to improve their lives through the promotion of capitali$m- I suppose you could try to convince them of giving some former lab chimps investment capital for their own business...
  11. I saw an awesome t-shirt...it read... "Guns don't kill people, men with moustaches do!" Awesome!
  12. [quote="xdarthveganx Hardline is probably one of the most misunderstood ideoligies. There are alot of lies and halfth truths about the hardline movement. I would be glad to clarify if anyone was interested. Man, no need to clarify...I had alot of friends in hardline and grew up in the scene when I was younger. (I was in a band ages ago that the sXe kids were quite fond of) I knew a few of the"founders" (if you wanna call them that)...I remember having a conversation with Sean Vegan of Vegan Reich and he basically gave us a lowdown of the movement...a bunch of trendy ex-jocks got into it and decided to "take it to the next level"...those were the guys who were attacking people...they were also the first ones to drop the sXe lifestyle and become drinking frat boys! Of all the founding members of RAID, I think maybe one is still vegetarian...I know one became a pot head/ alky...I can't think of one sXer who is still doing it with the exception of Ray Cappo-but he became a hare krishna and never was vegan-those hare krishnas love their milk! I'm not knockin' sXe or even hardline, like I said I was sXe and had (real) hardline friends, so I know the movement. The loudest, most vocal and aggressive guys all had something to prove and lasted the least amount of time! They gave the movement the reputation for violence...but at the same time, it also condoned the violence and didn't clean its own ranks...
  13. Sounds like something a hardliner would say! Are you sXe? I've seen that tattoo/ symbol before- what's it from?
  14. That wasn't being technical, that was correcting a false statement! Being technical would have been correcting you if you called it the 3rd Amendment... It's "commonly implied knowledge" that vegans are 90 lbs weaklings! That doesn't make it true! All I'm trying to say is...don't think the 2nd Amendment is your constitutional right to commit treason!
  15. "Hear the sacred words of 'praise Hell & Satan!' (Satan, satan,satan)"
  16. No, no, no. You see, your Disorder has brought forth this Stain of Mind -- where is Super'Stache?! the arms are indeed deserving of attention; however, it is the forearms that require intense focus. . Is it just me or are there an ungodly amount of metal refereences? Slayer, Raven, Iron Maiden... You forgot that Hell Awaits men with moustaches...or Is there justice for all who wear moustaches? or Those with Moustaches are In League with Satan! God bless metal!!!!!!!!
  17. I see hardline is not dead after all!
  18. Nacho Libre wasn't too bad... I was surprised but I actually like Cars too...that's the cool thing about having kids, you can see those Pixar movies and if you catch hell, al you gotta say is..." Yeah, my 5 year old just had to see it"...
  19. I'm a sucker for babaganoush (sp?) and tabouli...Hummus ain't too bad either!
  20. Here's your quote...You need to read the WHOLE amendment, not just the part Uncle Ted likes to quote! Here it is in its entirety...its the shortest amendment... "A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the peopleto keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." And if there is confusion, they were kind enough to define militias in Art. I, sec. 8 of the Constitution. Pretty staight forward... Having said that, I'm not anti-gun...just don't think the government gives you the ability to rise up...it didn't work for Daniel Shays (Shays Rebellion), Penn. farmers ( Whiskey Rebellion), nor Tim McVeigh...if you recall he cited the 2nd Amend. ...we made a hero out of him right? Oh no wait, we executed him!
  21. There was a phenomena back in the early 90s of Hardline Straight edge...led by bands like Raid and Vegan Reich...bands from Tennessee...they were doing paramilitary training out in the woods and preparing for an armed uprising for animal lib. (picture ALF meets Al Qaeda) Vegan Reich actually used alot of Jihad language in some of their lyrics...Hardliners would do cute stuff like take baseball bats to people they caught smoking or wearing leather out on the streets...they were particularly brutal in the Salt Lake City area, I think they killed someone.
  22. It applies to the post someone made about the 2nd Amendment providing for armed insurrestion against the govt. IT IS NOT!!!! I was merely providing evidence of the founding father's contempt for the average schmoe! In fact, there was at one time a law past that said what kind of guns you had to own for militia duty... Just think about this: how's armed insurrection against the U.S. govt. going in Iraq and Afghanistan? And those guys have RPGs! Anybody who wants to try it, good luck with your WWII/Vietnam era SKS against state of the art US weaponry...let us know how that goes for you...assuming theres any pieces of you left.
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