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  1. AWESOME....direct citation!!!! That is perhaps the best political double talk since the Emancipation Proclamation!!!! I can't believe its never been challenged! I believe people should be allowed to eat whatever they wany as long as its vegan! in case you didn't know...the Emancipation Proc. freed exactly 0 slaves...it states " on the first day of January, in the year of our Lord, 1863, all persons held as slaves within any state or designated part of a state, the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States, shall be then , thenceforward, and forever free..." It doesn't free any slaves in the Upper South that were not in rebellion, nor the states that had been recaptured! (The 13th Amend. freed the slaves!) The Emanc. Proc. was just political double talk to appease Northern abololitionists but still keep the border states out of the war.
  2. I don't know why everyone's down on guns...there's plenty of societies where gun ownership is prevelant...Congo, Rwanda, Somalia, Colombia, Afghanistan, Iraq, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Texas...oh wait, bad examples! And if its hard to get guns, how are those poor meth heads gonna defend themselves from those people in their closets and under their beds?! You know you can't do MA when you been up for 5 days!!! I'm not opposed to guns but I think some restrictions are only logical...I mean if the govt. can claim to limit speech for public safety, limiting guns seems even more important! And before you get huffy... the free speech case that said you "can't yell fire in a crowded theater" had NOTHING to do with a theater or false cry of fire. It was the U.S. v Schenk case and it involved a man handing out anti war flyers right before the US got into WWI...a better analogy is that you can't yell fire if the govt. says there is no fire, even if there is!!!!!!
  3. cute gun...but it needs to lose a little weight! Here in TX it's easy to get a gun...I think I'm technically breaking the law by not owning one!
  4. WHOA!!!!!! Seems to me someones been listenin' to a little too much Ted Nugent....The 2nd Amendment has NOTHING TO DO WITH RISING UP AGAINST THR GOVERNMENT!!!!!! By the way, that's called treason and its a death penalty offense! You need to read the whole thing...it starts with " A well regulated militia being necessary..." Back in those days you had to bring your own gun for your militia service, that's what that is all about!!! If that was true, why did Big George Washington personally lead 15,000 militia troops out of Philadelphia to crush the Whiskey Rebellion? They were Pennsylvania farmers who felt the govt. was acting unjustly and outside their authority. Think on a practical level, who in their right mind would say, "Hey guys, if I ever do something you don't like, feel free to shoot me in the face" These same founding fathers' refered to the American public as "the Great Beast"-(A. Hamilton)...John Locke...who they admired, also advocated the enslaving of poor white people ....Elbridge Gerry said the nations problems "flowed from an excess of democracy"...These guys trusted the average citizen so much that... 1) only wealthy property owners could vote till about the time of Jackson... 2) only office elected was the House of Reps...Pres. chosen by the electoral college...judges appointed and confirmed by Senate...and until 1920 the Senate was also appointed!!!! The H.O.R. which was the ONLY elected branch also serves the least time...2yrs... 3) Continental Army dissolved after the Revolution and it took an Act of Congress to create a full time military under J. Adams. in 1798! Prior to this it was militia and federalized militia that we relied on for defense...and the U.S. was NOT in the business of arms manufacturing!!! 4) J. Adams stated American people needed to "defer to their betters" Now I like guns, I'm not anti-gun...but you should know better than to trust the logic of TED NUGENT!!! I know something about this period as I am studying to get a Ph.D. in early Am. history!!!! This isn't just my opinion, this is the stuff I have to read EVERYDAY!Please read THE WHOLE 2nd Amendment and use a little common sense! As for it being a crazy world, yep it sure is...and innocent people get hurt all the time...but a little common sense prevention will keep you out of 99.9% of the trouble! And with a little training you can survive that tiny percentage left over!
  5. One last thought...if there's gonna be prayer in school...shouldn't they have math and science in church? Only seems fair! And that's the last I'll say on religion...All that said...I'm still voting for Kinky!!!
  6. That's exactly true...when I was a painter this women I was working for told be how her brother got in trouble in school for not praying and it was later brought up to their parents by the school that they weren't properly raising their kids to be good Christians! That was in the 50s ...it would be a shame to move back instaed of forward... I don't see anything wrong if a kid wants to pray...BUT EVEN THE BIBLE SAYS DO IT OUT OF SIGHT IN A PRIVATE MANNER!!!!!! You can pray and not make a public spectacle out of it! Jeebus is a mind reader, right?...
  7. [quote name="Sknydpr Speaking of which' date=' did you know that the Texas Constitution prohibits anyone holding elected office who doesn't proclaim a faith in a higher power? They feel this is open-minded, as they don't care which higher power you follow.[/quote] Are you sure? The Texas Constitution is long as hell...like 220 Amendments. It wouldn't surprise me if it were true tho...my higher power would be David Hasselhof...and I'm sure the Germans would agree with me! "Germans love David Hasselhof"-Norm MacDonald I haven't heard his specific proposal...I would think, from what I know of him, that it would be by individual choice. But that is a VERY slippery slope. I know his justification is that kids need something to believe in...I can't argue with that, I just think it should be something real. We never pushed the Easter Bunny or Santa on our daughter, she somehow just caught wind of them. At first we told her they weren't real, but she argued with us...she's 5...Once a friend sent an X-mas card with their daughter on Santa's lap...our daughter showed it to me and said "see dad, told you he was real!"...I laughed and said I guessed she knew better than me! It kinda worries me about pickin' up on Jeebus at the schools...but I'll just tell her..."well you thought Santa was real too, maybe you'll trust me on the Jeebus thing now!"
  8. I've found that with any MA training you're chances of getting in fights goes down dramatically...and your chances of getting jumped by 5 guys goes down even more! I think you all are underestimating Aikido...to reach Shodan (1st blackbelt) you have to take on 4 guys at the same time for an indefinite amount of time...I've heard stories of it going close to a half hour! Nidan is 5 guys. The constant motion allows you to take on many attackers...I've seen it work! And it basically is Jujitsu just with a bit more control so as to prevent the joint and tendon destruction and also you don't get tied up with one person which allows you to take on numerous attackers. But I have to concede...it's all about technique, and it might take some one years to get some of the more effective techniques down. Because I'm not sure about some of my Aikido, I might be tempted to do Jujitsu in certain situations. Some one said earlier that strong guys could resist some joint manipulation...thats not true if you know your technique...I'm 185 lbs and have been completely manhandled by a 105 lbs woman...not too mention the 5" 2' 100lbs 70 year old who made me feel like a rag doll! One of the things that makes Jujitsu so effective is the intensity of the training. I've met very few "weekend Jujitsu warriors"...they are usually WAY into it...and all that training makes the difference for them...like they say...no superior martial art, only superior martial artists! But having said that, everyone thinks their MA is the best...that's why they study it...I'm guilty too
  9. The headline made it sound really bad like she was bumrushed and they were yelling at her or something...Damn that liberal media!!!! Either way, I think any reasonable person who reads the article and understands what really happened can't really have any complaints...like was said earlier...THEY WERE INVITED TO DINNER WITH HER...she just didn't realize she was gonna get a little education!
  10. yeah, they showed her quick video of animals getting the anal shock and in a trap...some are calling the move distasteful because the footage was so explicit...but WTF?! It's the truth and she's responsible!!! I didn't post the link cuz I'm a moron and still am trying to figure out these computaters! The video was linked on Yahoo/CNN news like someone said earlier...they also talk about the footage they "made " her watch...I think this was a smart strategy...they 're being criticized, but I think the average Joe won't agree with the criticism. If she doesn't like what she sees maybe she'll change...
  11. For the record again...isn't it in the larger interest to support companies like Clif so that more vegan alternatives will come about due to the others' successes? I hope I didn't create a monster or questions about anybody's veganism!
  12. Muy Thai has always interested me, but I know next to nothing about it... But be serious...why would some just randomly club you from behind? Unless maybe you've already made some pretty bad choices. This is part of the reason Morehei Uesheba founded Aikido...when he was younger he studied under some jujitsu guy who was one of the last roaming samurais. He saw how he was tormented in his sleep by those he had cut down, as well as constantly looking over his shoulder for those who would avenge thos e he had killed! That is why Aikido is as it is. As for suprising an Aikidoist from behind...I wouldn't recommend it. I use to always sneak up on a fellow Aikidoist and grab or push him from behind, knowing that I quickly needed to let go and move out of distance or risk serious pain. Once I was too slow and almost lost my arm at the elbow. Yikes! The idea is if I let go...where's the danger? It's when you grab hold and try to hold on that an Aikido practitioner can do some serious damage! In Aikido, alittle resistance means a little pain...massive resistance means massive pain!!!! I was very fond of resisting as you suggested when I first took up the art...I learned not too for my own safety! A friend of mine recently showed me some Aiki-jujitsu-an early version of Aikido that was truer to its Jujitsu roots-Yikes!!!!!That stuff was brutal! Imagine if you know the lingo- Ikkyo wrist lock, bent at the waist...step over shoulder with inside leg...kick in neck/jaw/nose...pull back arm while centering weight on shoulder rotator!!!! There's 2 snapped joints and broken jaw/nose and opponent is completely immobilized!! The founder modified this to be less damaging...now the same moves simply immobilize without long term damage...unless there is resistance...then snap...it's a nice remimnder that you are out of harmony and need to get back quickly before you get hurt!
  13. Yeah, I'm a pretty ruthless authoritarian dad...I force my daughter to be vegetarian, non-homophobic, non-racist, non-judgmental-I 'm always scared someone might call CPS! In all seriousness-in Texas I could see CPS showing concern over raising kids vegetarian. Summer camp idea sounds cool...great idea!
  14. I've harshed on PeTA before...I just watched a video that I thought would be PeTA pelting Beyonce with tofu or blood...but I was surprised...they ambushed her by making her watch a video of how fur is aquired...essentially forcing her to see the fruit of her actions. I have to say that is brilliant. I expected the throwing blood on fur tactic...which I kinda think is lame because I am yet to see someone attack a leather clad biker or a fur clad/gun packin' rapper like Busta' Rhymes. Seems like only women get that...but I think this was a smart tactic. I still think they f**k up alot...but I give credit where credit is due. Anybody else see the video?
  15. Yeah, Cherry Pie was a Warrant song...I have to admit, when Poison first came out we thought they were kinda hot chicks...except for Rikki...he looked kinda funny! You can imagine our surporise when we found out theywere all guys!!! But, I did like that 1st album, I have to admit I have found memories of drinking California coolers and shots of tequilla while listening to that album...but I was only 16...I didn't know better!
  16. A few more points on Aikido and martial arts... Concerning guns... Very, very, very rarely are you going to find yourself looking down the barrel of a gun...unless you've already made some unwise choices...(like chasing down some guy for cutting you off, or anyother circumstance where you could avoid conflict but instead choose to escalate it) But it can happen and the basic rule is...charge a gun, run from a knife...it's very logical...if you run from a gun it allows the attacker to take aim...as for a knife, even if the attacker is some master ninja it would be hard if not impossible to kill you as you flee. If you don't know the proper techniques, maybe you should do whatever you are told...but that can be even deadlier...like when they tell you to lay face down. Aikido is meant to promote harmony, that is why the uke (attacker) is supposed to flow with the nage (defender) in Aikido practice. But that is for the benefit of the attacker, if he does not flow it will been the destruction of tendons and joints. And these are your friends you are practicing with, why would you want to hurt them. I have to admit, I thought it was hokey to when I first saw it...but then theres a big difference between seeing and experiencing. The ultimate goal of Aikido is not to destroy your opponent, but to show them the error of their ways and put them back in harmony. Concerning my experience with using it...I was a very angry young man at the time I used it. I really didn't have to, I chose to use it and violated the teachings. I have since had other "opportunities" to use it, but have not, and guess what, I'm still a man and still haven't had a gun in my face. Like they say...There are many paths to the summit of Mount Fuji...Aikido has worked for me in keeping myself and my family safe...I hope others may go and experience it (not merely see it) as well. I only have a small amount of MA experience outside of Aikido (a little jujitsu) but my instructor had belts in jujitsu, wing chun, judo, and I think some others...he assured me Aikido was what worked best...I take his word for it after having experienced it. I would also like to add, I was fortunate to have an instructor who appreciated practical aspects of self defense-some Aikido schools won't apply joint looks to the point of having to tap out...ours did. At seminars we attended, other schools thought ours was pretty nuts because we enjoyed throwing and pinning each other so "aggresively" and we were smiling the whole time! Because we were having fun, and no one was getting hurt! The nature of Aikido allows you to practice at full speed with out getting hurt...but accidents can happen. Saw a few broken bones. That's my 2 cents...
  17. Let's just talk about something we can all agree on, like...oh... politics. well, I wouldn't be offended if it got pulled...but, c'mon...that was funny...get it...something we can agree on, like religion?...You see, that's funny because religion & politics are two of the most divisive topics in human history...and the pro-choice/life debate incorperates both. It would have been less funny if I said, "lets talk about something less divisive, like ...Ted Nugent is a complete jackass." That's less funny cause it's true!
  18. Just to be clear...someone thought I was criticizing Robert...I was joking plus I figured that would be an attention getter. To make it clear... 1) I love Clif bars 2) I love this site 3) I love the positive feed back 4) I love being vegan 5) I lo...uh...respect Robert (don't really know him that well, but seems like a nice guy)
  19. I agree...with most of what you said...I'm torn, but I eat it...as for faux fur/leather...I wear it too, but I don't know how many times someone has said, "You claim to be vegan, but you're wearing leather shoes!" Next time somebody says that I swear I'm gonna take one off, stick that smelly thing in there face and tell them to read the label! Sometimes people will ask (or accuse you of hippocracy), other times they quietly judge you, thinking you're a hippocrit. I don't care anymore, I mean I kinda do, but I'm not gonna lose sleep. But, there is a good arguement that fake meat/cheese/leather/fur let people know they can enjoy the "same" things in a more animal friendly way...that's important too, helps many make the transition. So like everything else it's up to the individual.
  20. Yeah, I've done Aikido in t-shirts and was still man handled. I disagree with most of what you have said, but I would point this out...since learning Aikido I have learned to keep myself out of situations where I might get a gun pointed at me... There are several schools of Aikido, some focus on the more spiritual side, I was fortunate enough to have a teacher that was more interested in abusing us. And I say that in the most endearing sense. Very physical. Also, you are almost never to grab an opponent, I was always chastised for it. It has more to do with flowing with them. I've only had to use it once, and contrary to the pricipals of Aikido, I destroyed the guy...a good friend of mine had to use it against a cowboy who attacked him with a golf club...that guy went to the hospital, then jail. I think you may have seen some bad pseudo-Aikido. I would check out US Aikido Federation or Hombu Dojo, they are true to the founder's ways. But we each choose our own path, mines been Aikido and it has helped me tremendously.
  21. weeeeeellllllll...I was making a joke about how the "what is vegan" debate...which should have been somewhat unifying...seemed to be more divisive. I deliberately used a pro-life term (pro-abortion) to add to the joke...but...if I wanted to add to the controversy I could point out that some people "choose" to eat meat...I realize it's a very complex topic and could end up being very divisive...again...it was meant as a joke, so can we talk about something we all agree on -like religion or somethin'? FYI: I once had the misfortune of watching a brawl between hard-liner vegans and non-hardline vegans at a Vegan Reich show in the early 90s-quite distressing-I had friends on both sides. The fact that it came to blows over petty differences was pathetic...if you don't know, the hardline movement existed for about 2 years...militant vegans doing paramilitary training in Tennessee and espousing pro-life views and advocating armed uprising for animal lib. Anybody remember? Sean Vegan, one of the founders was actually a pretty reasonable and nice fella, he told us he was sick of the zealots that were taking his message too far, but what do you expect, the band was called Vegan REICH?!
  22. O.K. what if its just a hand/blow job? Does that count?
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