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  1. I love Dead to Rights for X-Box, My favorite game. My second Favorite game is The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for N64. I have been playing the zelda series since the first one. I stopped after I beat Majora Mask though, they did seem to get a bit cheesy. I think Gannon is cool, I guess I always liked the bad guys, go figure. Check this out http://ic1.deviantart.com/fs8/i/2005/324/3/b/Ganondorf_by_jaseybiggs.jpg I love Ninja Gaidens too, I have beat them all from the first one on the classic nintend to the newest on the x-box. Great stuff. I also love Mario Brothers, I think Mario is a pimp. Luigi too. My girlfriend like Yoshi. LOL. Halo is another great game, I can't wait for the third one to come out. Okay I bet we have everybody in the forums calling us geeks by now.
  2. Wow thats crazy. I read your myspace and I can see how your shoulders got so banged up, you are a beast in the gym. Very impressive lifts bro!
  3. I tell ya, its not fun watching out for your shoulders!!! I can't believe that you dislocated it three times, that is nuts!!! I think I might start benching on the flat bench once a month, just to see if it will help improve my chest, but so far doing inclines and weighted dips are really producing some good gains in my chest.
  4. Haha, I saw that too, and when you pointed that out it really cracked me up.
  5. Hey man, its nice meeting you. I guess there is no looking back, at least we are in the right now… now if only the general population could follow our lead then it would make life a lot easier! The MMA I am learning is at a center where we have like multiple coaches that specialize in different disciplines. I basically learn wrestling, judo, jiu jitsu, boxing and kickboxing separately, and then we tie it all together in the ring for MMA fights. It gets kinda physical there, but we are all just doing it for sport, I am big into anti-violence outside of the training center. Are you into MMA at all? Kick ass man. I am into martial arts of basically any kind, I am fascinated. I haven't had any real training, and I can't really fight for shit. But I do stretching and practice various cool techniques just for fun, and I have a slam-man for beating hell out of. I would like to learn actual applied self-defense techniques to help out in a real dangerous situation. I mainly do what I do for the hell of it / fun of it. I am big anti-violence too, which many people find ironic given that I am so interested in it (martial arts, videogames, movies blah). Here's an example of my stupid-ass 'martial arts'. I guess the kicks I practice are tae kwon do inspired more than anything right now, although I like to practice some thai style push kicks and knees and elbows, they look awesome. http://www.godfist.com/chrysander/ninja_sample1.jpg Man thats awesome! I checked your website too, you are awesome on the guitar. Your kicks are awesome, and its awesome that you have a ninja outfit. I play a lot of video games too, have you ever played Ninja Gaiden on the x-box? I have played all the Ninja Gaiden games for the classic nintendo as well.
  6. Sweet, I will definetely stop by, I could chat about MMA all day.
  7. Actually I haven’t done any flat bench or squats in some time now, my shoulder was nagging me on flat bench so I switched to incline press, and I stopped squatting because my leg development was where I wanted it. I put my workout in the link below, it has the weights and such. I do my benches and rows and deadlifts on a smith machine to help my joints. Its not a nornam smith machine, its a rotary smith machine, so its a lot hard then the normal, more like free weights just safer. Seems to be working well so far. http://www.joeyreinard.com/Workout%20Program.doc
  8. Its cool to meet fellow Vegans in the area.
  9. I actually live about an hour out of Pittsburgh. Have you heard of Indiana University of PA? I live around that area. Its just generally easier to say pittsburgh because everybody knows where that is. I may be going to Pitt in the fall for a Masters, so if I do I will definetely have to hang out. Go Steelers!
  10. Thanks man, its good to be here! We gotta prove that meat doesn't build muscle. When I am at the gym I get stuff like, "he must eat meat to get so big" and "he must take steriods since to get that strong without meat" and its nuts. I try to tell people in the gym I eat lots of soy and veggies and fruit, I lift 5 days a week of compound, multijoint lifts, and I sleep well. Its all about dedication and people on here are living proof that meat free builds beautiful bodies!
  11. Yep, the video in my post is from a couple of years ago when I first was I just became a Vegan... I weighed 280 then. The picture in my avatar is from me a month ago where I my weight is 233. I was a powerlifter but I switched over to bodybuilding because I want to be strong and lean. Right now I am about 228 and my goal is to get down in the 195-190 range.
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