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  1. I've been working as an Environmental Advisor for the past 5 yrs for a large manufacturing company and did my degree in Environmental Biology
  2. I'd always boycotted them because they were owned by Proctor & Gamble, but I've just realised when I did a Google search that they sold them to Kellogs last year!
  3. Hi Gareth, Good to see more people from the UK! I used to live not too far from your neck of the woods as I worked in Bristol for a few years. Great news on going vegan. I decided to start weight training for the same reasons as you and try and dispel those stereotypes we are often given. I'm also new to this forum although ive been vegan for 10yrs. You'll find some great advice on here re: nutrition etc. Happy reading!
  4. Hi all, My names Jo and I'm from the darkest depths of Somerset in the UK. Been vegan for about 9 years now and was veggie for over 10 years before that. Always been into fitness and have done everything from Cross Country running to Yoga. A couple months ago I decided to start bodybuilding and have found my true calling in life-absolutely love it! I now train twice a day, six days a week with a mixture of cardio and weights (working different areas each day). I've read Roberts book cover to cover in a couple days and its given me even more inspiration/motivation. Any help and advice is much appreciated X
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