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  1. Please everyone go here and vote to support the "Anti-hunt activists" http://www.ctv.ca/news You'll see the poll question on the top right under "Today's Question". We are losing right now 39% to 61% HURRY PLEASE!
  2. Thanks to all of you - the experience was incredible and Portland is on my fav list forever =) Unbelievably vegan friendly city and such great people! It was wonderful meeting all of you!
  3. Please watch the following informative video regarding the recent slaughter of Gorillas in the Congo (non-graphic) and an interview with one of the rangers who protects them: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2007/08/070801-congogorillas-video.html Please also visit the following site for current news and the ability to donate and support the ranger conservation program: http://www.wildlifedirect.org/index.php If you can, please make a donation to help protect the endangered Gorillas and spread the word to as many people as you can. A little amount of money really goes a long way for this program. Thanks everyone, Salim http://wildlifedirect.org/blogAdmin/gorilla/files/2007/07/rugendo-massacre-5.jpg
  4. That's interesting info from Spectrums website, however we always have to be careful about statements made from those who are out to make a profit from something. For example: http://www.nationaldairycouncil.org/NationalDairyCouncil/Health/Digest/dcd75-3Page1.htm According to the Canola Council, 80% of the crops are GE now: http://www.canola-council.org/cooking_myths.html I think it is just safer to stick to non man-made products like flax seeds, olives, and grapes! Vegenaise sells a grapeseed oil version which I buy instead and it tastes much better too =) http://www.followyourheart.com/vegenaise_nutrition.php The only problem is Canola oil is in everything and seems to have the market in control... Peace Cereals, Earth Balance (except for the "soy garden" version), and tonnes of other foods, making it hard to avoid all the time =( I hope these companies can eliminate canola...
  5. http://daghettotymz.com/dgtv/videoarticles5.html
  6. Anybody know of a good vegan friendly B&B nearby wherever all the vegan vacation stuff and vegan shops are in portland like food fight? I found this place but I have no idea about the portland area! http://www.bluepluminn.com/default.html All help appreciated! Thanks!
  7. World Week for Animals in Laboratories (WWAL), APRIL 22 to 28, 2007 For over 50 years, people and organizations against vivisection have been hitting their heads against the wall of vivisection ignorance and deception. In April, organizations throughout the world will speak out against vivisection and Lifeforce will introduce new campaigns. These campaigns will expose the plight of animals in vivisection labs and the misleading results that harm people. We hope to tear down the wall of vivisection deception by exposing the cruelties and the scientific fraud. Our photographs show the ongoing animal abuses. And our scientific literature proves that “animal models” do not represent human maladies and animals respond different to methodologies tested. There is a growing array of non-animal research methods rendering vivisection increasingly obsolete. The animal experiments conducted today could be eliminated with the implementation of non-animal methods without risk to human health. However, the multi-billion dollar research, drug and chemical industries are entrenched in animal research for economic, legal and political reasons. The “old school of medicine”, industry lobbyists and special interests groups perpetuate the myth that animal experimentation is necessary in spite of the fact that it is futile and barbaric. There propaganda implies that people will die without animal experiments when, in fact, vivisection risk human lives and deplete scarce health funds. Lifeforce Education Campaigns includes: 1. Three Es – Experimenting section of photographs depicting research practises that continue today 2. Vivisection eProtest – Cards and Posters to send to Politicians who can implement legislation to phase out vivisection and Health Organizations that can stop funding vivisection 3. Lifeforce Online Store includes Anti-Vivisection Stickers and Books/Critiques Against Vivisection 4. Lifeforce Education a) Vivisection in Canada b) Animals and Painful Experiments in Canada c) Campaign to End Pound Seizure in Canada 5. Lifeforce Links to Doctors and others supporting better, humane health care research and Health Organizations that do not fund vivisection Lifeforce and all those oppose to vivisection have the hope of ending the misery and pain for animals in laboratories and at the same time, improving human health. Supported by thousands of animal advocates, physicians, veterinarians, scientists, and healthcare reformers, we will challenge the animal research industry's propaganda with hard facts. Science and our ethical relationship with all living creatures must progress beyond shameful and scientifically fallacious vivisection Further campaign info: http://www.lifeforcefoundation.org
  8. http://rm.angusreidforum.com/?cid=1162&rs=SHEnGg
  9. Body: ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: DoveProducts Date: Nov 1, 2006 10:38 AM Subject: RE: Contact Us, www.dove.ca, English, contact To: SANITIZED Dear SANITIZED: This is in response to your inquiry regarding our policy on animal testing. Unilever Canada understands and shares your concern about this most important and complex matter. We are pleased to say that Unilever Canada does not test any of its home or personal care products on animals, in keeping with an earlier pledge we made to eliminate such testing whenever possible. Unilever Canada is committed to the elimination of animal testing. We are equally committed to consumer and customer health and safety and to the safety of our workforce and the environment. Globally, in Unilever, non-animal testing is the rule and animal testing is the exception. Unilever does not undertake animal testing or commission others to do such testing on our behalf unless it is absolutely necessary to meet our health, safety and environmental obligations or it is demanded by government regulators or other official bodies. Before any animal testing is carried out, our internal control procedures require senior management to certify in writing that there is no other way of proceeding. We do not test finished home or personal care products on animals unless demanded by the regulatory authorities in the few countries where this is the law. In such cases we still try to convince the local authorities to change the law. The safety of Unilever products is assured by rigorous procedures using data from suppliers, the results of previous assessments and the most up-to-date information from the scientific literature available in the public domain. Our product development relies to a great extent on our ability to predict the safety of products. All Dove Canada Bar Soaps & Body Washes contain beef by-products. Ingredients are confidential, however, we make every effort to avoid using ingredients that are known common allergens. If you are concerned about a specific ingredient, please let us know, and we can tell you if it is in the formulation of the product. If you require a complete list for allergy testing, please provide your doctor's name, address, and telephone number and we will confirm his/her requirements and provide the necessary information. If you have any additional questions or comments, please call us at our toll free number or visit our web site at www.unilever.ca Sincerely, Unilever Canada esc
  10. It has to do with what the religions teach. Christian and Muslim faiths teach principles that instill violence, such as: -all non-christians go to hell -all non-christian faiths are simply cults -muslim way of life is the only way of life and all else is evil (ie: woman should be controlled on a leash) -non-tolerance for other faiths (such as the muslim's not permitting the jews to go inside the sacred mosque area) These kinds of separatist / judgemental / arrogant teachings can do no good. And as far as I'm concerned, any religion or religious leader that doesn't preach vegetarianism (or better veganism) cannot make any claim to moral advancement as a human being at all, and has nothing to offer spiritually. I think this is what does separate Buddhism from the above. The teachings focus on what is actually good based on this reality and what we do, instead of blind faith and judgement.
  11. Great documentary set on the problems of religion: Part 1: http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=-4659873880136113631&q=root+of+all+evil%3F Part 2: http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=-2439999165547892433&q=root+of+all+evil%3F
  12. http://www.parkerstudio.com/AAW/JFK_story.html
  13. Daily Show on CNN Fear Hype: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxxAIwU5htU
  14. Tarz, the real terrorists are the Brits and American government/soldiers and lemming civilians. I think you need to come to terms with this. There is a threat everywhere and not just on planes. The majority of people dying are innocent civilians in Iraq, not citizens of America and Britain. They are the ones that have something to fear, and the ones that are being attacked with weapons we can see and dead bodies we can count. The ones whose resources are being stolen and sold. Countries that are being taken over with puppet government regimes that support western capitalist ideals and regimes. We need to be scared of America and the British for the terror they are conducting in this world, not of the false fear they are creating to justify their false pretences of war and keep the lemmings brainwashed to follow and support their cause.
  15. The Simpsons Meat and You: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-_nvPjYpvg
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