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  1. I have to protest, this isn't vegan! Not to worry, it's a Tofurky version of Potter... Portland has great influence on Vegan product makers...
  2. Montana that's some serious dimensional stuff
  3. whoah crazy - even the screen is in reverse
  4. K-oz u'll have to make us a short film about this "cell", with some horror music in the background. I think it is crying for a canadian film production....perhaps the makers of 'the cube'....
  5. heheh I know what you mean...my mom lives in Germany and cries to me all the time also about how she can't find all the veggie options over there... I wonder why that is. The UK is fairly close to import a lot of veg products from.
  6. ATTENTION SEAL DEFENDERS! Want to help stop the largest annual massacre of marine mammals on our planet? Of course you do! Now it's as easy as the Click of a mouse… Seal defenders just like you have developed an exciting new strategy using the power of the Internet to strike a deathblow to this bloodbath off Canada's east coast. To learn more about how you can play a direct role in ending the seal slaughter visit this website at: http://tour-newfoundlandlabrador.com/eat/introgen.html
  7. Here's me passing out with soy ice cream in a desperate attempt to make up for missing those amazing looking vegan donuts http://members.shaw.ca/salim/temp/novv.JPG
  8. http://www.usatoday.com/news/opinion/editorials/2006-08-03-our-view_x.htm
  9. d00d - you seriously rule! I love these and went through your site - the humor is ultra superior omega supreme!!!!! Love the hidden ninja and the ninja signs - keep up the brilliance!
  10. Do you know what a vegan is?
  11. Hopefully this doesn't conflict with the VV itinery... but everyone can also experience beautiful new age music and timeless spiritual hymns sung by Snatam Kaur Khalsa live in concert. On August 5th - Saturday 7:00 - 9:00pm $15.00 for Tickets UNITY OF THE VALLEY 3912 Dillard Rd. (39th & Hilyard) Eugene, OR 97405 On August 6th - Sunday *FREE - OPEN TO ALL* 11am - 12:30pm Guru Ram Das Ashram Eugene Gurdwara 3635 Hilyard Street Eugene, OR 97405 On August 8th - Tuesday *FREE - OPEN TO ALL* 11am - 12:30pm Guru Ram Das Ashram Eugene Gurdwara 3635 Hilyard Street Eugene, OR 97405
  12. I have enslaved slaughter house workers to make my brilliant cast bronze pot. In fact, it is a cauldron. As you can see I am pefforming the "5000 deadly palms method of golden boiling precious tofu hot pots" method. It is a sheer spectacle to see me cooking using only my bare hands in a boiling cauldron, not to mention one that has been made in such an ethical fashion. Be warned ye who is known as the maker of pots!
  13. Bust his hands up so he can't win the vegan male battle royal cook off. Thanks. And hi veganpotter! Hope all is well!
  14. Shit. Screw the cook off then.... fists of vegan fury it is! But then again judging by our avatars, my pot is superior to yours...
  15. I'd wear these things if I wasn't skinny.... I'd give it a bad name... they'd laugh and say "look at the skinny vegan body building"
  16. Where is the "vegan battle royal" event where all us single males have to combat each other to find out who gets to ask out the vegan girls, since there are so few of them in existence, it would seem this event is bound to occur - might as well schedule it in... It doesn't have to be a violent fight type of thing either, it could be a cook-off event, and the ladies can sample the cuisine and select their man based on that...afterall what vegan woman doesn't want a man that can cook yummy vegan food.
  17. So there is still some vegan business opportunity over there... I was hoping for something more along the lines of Vegetarian Shoes like they have in the UK: http://www.vegetarian-shoes.co.uk/
  18. http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=-5946593973848835726&q=911+cover+up
  19. Are there any vegan shoe/clothing shops in Portland?
  20. Hopefully you don't encounter the same problem as Vancouver. Ever since we've been rated the #1 city in the world to live in for many years in a row by international rating organizations, our city has become overpopulated, forests destroyed, and businesses booming and creating concrete jungles everywhere, and the costs of everything has soared through the roof since the very rich move here to be in "the best place in the world" which drives up the cost for everything. Housing, food, taxes, you name it - all insane. We also have a society full of super snobs, hummers, and ferraris. So I'd try to keep the greatness of Portland *hush hush*
  21. Hmmm.............. Can you tell me what a job site link is for oregon? Just out of curiousity My cat wouldn't like the change of area though - he's friends with a local skunk and some other cats
  22. If I come I will probably never leave
  23. A friend is burning the set - I can mail you a copy if you like? It's really a great watch - it exposes so much hidden truth behind American neo-conservative and fundamentalist muslim regimge agendas from ww2 till today.
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