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  1. "The Power of Nightmares assesses whether the threat from a hidden and organised terrorist network is an illusion. In the concluding part of the series, the programme explains how the illusion was created and who benefits from it" Part 1: http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=-1002626006461047517&q=power+of+nightmares Part 2: http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=-7930933565201168&q=power+of+nightmares Part 3: http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=-3649090417189127240&q=power+of+nightmares
  2. You have some great stuff on your website - including better versions of videos. Awesome work!
  3. If I were American, I wouldn't be concerned at all, since you don't have any privacy laws and the mentality is completely different. You have a patriot act, we have a privacy act. In Canada it is not legal for companies to hold personal data. They must abide to laws to protect individuals privacy. Apart from the privacy issue, Fox is corrupt and evil. I do not want to support them.
  4. So it's not a fake superman costume VERY Awesome clips. I'm half german and my mom's in germany - I've sent this to her and another german friend of mine. I think it will do wonders to ward off that "skinny" vegan theory thing.
  5. The major concern for me is the use of data and privacy.
  6. This appears to be old news...but was news to me as of today... http://www.boycott-riaa.com/article/17571 If you are on myspace you can join a boycott by doing the following: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=70439852
  7. Almost everyone I know that went vegan did so due to info on PeTA's various sites, including myself. I went vegetarian from a local a/r group, but later learned more through PeTA's info and that's what turned me vegan. They are not a perfect organization, but nobody can question the amount they have acheived for animals, and the extensive great work they have put together on their sites and information which really helps educate others.
  8. Here is some good info on leather in India and affects of it all: http://www.petaindia.com/cleath.html
  9. Article from Meheil Magazine (I typed it all out so please forgive any typos): Vegetarians Only, Please As middle-class Indians continue to move to Mumbai and the demand for housing grows, landlords are increasingly asking would-be tenants if they eat meat. A "yes" response is often a deal-breaker. "Some people are very strict. They won't sell to a non-vegetarian even if he offers a higher price than a vegetarian," real-estate broker Norbert Pinto told the Associated Press. According to government estimates, India is home to 220 million vegetarians, making it the nation with the world's largest vegetarian population. In India there's no law against making an apartment block exclusively Catholic or Muslim, Hindi or Zoroastrian. And more and more vegetarians are demanding segregation from those who eat meat. India's highest tribunal ruled hte practice legal last year. Some say the anti-meat trend reflects poorly on Mumbai's reputation as a cosmopolitan centre. Ravi Bhandari, a retired businessman, said he was on the verge of leasing his apartment to an Indian oil company but the building's housing society disapproved the deal. "They said the first tenant is vegetarian, but who knows who will replace him?" Bhandari told the Associated Press. Bhandari himself a vegetarian, acquiesced. I respect their concerns so I didn't lease my flat."
  10. Ya definatly not "funny" humor, but something that was done really really well I think, and in one of those fashions that is easy to watch and easy to understand, yet with a serious message behind it. I guess it's serious humor. I don't know
  11. Humans the Earth's Parasites: http://www.dump.com/links.php?link=1042633&c=2
  12. I know - I call all dogs puppies. My dog is probably9 but I still call him a puppy. I guess I could use "doggy" from now on heh.
  13. This is a personal one... The Lifeforce Foundation is a local ecology / animal-rights based group that I volunteer for, and is the same organization that I discovered when I was 12 years old, which influenced me towards living my life with greater compassion for animals. They are greatly lacking on public donation funding and this is impacting their ability to continue with campaigns such as marine life education/conservation programs, animal rights related investigations, and public awareness/outreach. They have recently been setup to accept online donations/memberships, and if any of you can spare any amount ($5, $10, even a few dollars), it would be greatly appreciated and do a world of good for the animals that can't defend themselves. For further information please visit www.lifeforcefoundation.org (the paypal donation link is shown at the bottom left of their homepage.) Thank you! ------------- "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." - Mahatma Gandhi http://flatrock.org.nz/topics/animals/assets/monkey_dog.jpg
  14. hah! Yupp I've met: -loveliberate and his family including the amazing vegan kids! -compassionategirl and her adorable puppy justice
  15. Some great responses to this crap article from ph.d's and others such as vesanto: http://www.vegsource.com/articles2/ncbs_vegan_study.htm
  16. Oh woops - thanks lib =) Didn't see that one...
  17. Not sure if people are already aware of this one, but Nalgene is pro animal testing: Quote: "Nalge Nunc International realizes that animal research is essential to medical research." More: http://www.nalgene-outdoor.com/about/whitepaper.html
  18. I see we are getting to the bottom of the single vegan men dillema
  19. Martial arts was originally intended to be about developing the body and the mind and perfecting one's self. It was not designed for war. It was unfortunately used in that manner down the road (the japanese and koreans took the hard styles from watching chinese styles - removed all the soft, and were aggressive and used these in wars). This aggressive nature then passed on to other martial arts, and it is this aggressive nature that has nothing to do with what the original intent was. I don't take muay thai. I do capoeira and wing chun. However, I am considering muay thai, not to use for defending myself, not to use for wars, but to learn the art, and to develop my physical being in conjuction with my mind. We do live in a physical world, and focussing on physical improvement is not a bad thing! Problem is finding a non-aggressive school to learn at - as most are all filled with aggressive guys that just want to fight and have bad karma. I would not compete in sports or tournaments though. I'm against that. I am OK with training with a friend as that is all in good fun and for improvement. Even animals in the wild have mock fights to improve their physical ability to defend themselves and condition themselves. So they use less force than they would and draw a line (ie; dont' kill each other)', but still give a serious bashing to each other and bleed etc, to make sure they are conditioning themselves. My major theme throughout this thread is that real life self defense is not something that can be made a sport out of, and is also not something regularly taught, as it would injure those that you train with. It's much harder to teach, and also less financially prosperous for a business (ie: most martial arts that make you run around for the first 45 mins of a class and then only give you the last quarter of the class of "real" instruction, which is totally useless in real life scenarios, ie: taekwondo. If you teach someone basic essentials and just run those through routinely, it makes for far fewer classes and less income. I'd have to say I disagree with the idea that having a gun protects you from having values or rules forced upon you. Just look at all the evil american ways of life forced upon society, and your guns are not doing anything to stop it! Are you pro the Iraq/Afghan wars? Are you pro patriot acts? Are you pro Bush? Are you pro corporate/cruelty/environmental disaster policies? Are you anti-kyoto? Are you pro being the number one environmentally damaging nation in the planet? Probably not! But I don't see all of you that have guns using those to do anything to stop it. And if you did, you'd all be shot dead or put in jail anyway. The guns you have do nothing and are no match against military controlled societies (which you are by the way). The solutions lie in creating an educated compassionate uniform society that shapes their civilization in a peaceful manner. Using a gun is no way to shape society. People outside the USA believe the US is one of the most brainwashed and supressed and dangerous societies in the world to live. If having guns meant less oppressive and safer nations, then the USA should surely be ranked amongst the top in the world since it's gun ownership percentage is the highest. I myself have not been to the staes in 18 years, and have no plans of ever going there, based on the mentalities of your society. It is far too dangerous, people are brainwashed, and far too aggressive a society for me. However, I would like to cease and desist on this debate about guns. Trying to convince americans not to have guns is a more daunting task than convincing them to go vegan, so I'd just rather not continue it. I'd give my life to see a law passed that would protect the rights of animals, and make them equals to man, and stop the suppression. To see the world enforce this value upon the ignorant and suppressive human beings would be a beautiful day, and I couldn't care less about respecting those humans personal beliefs/values. They are simply wrong, and there is nothing more to it, just as the racists and sexists must be abolished, so too must the speciesists.
  20. There are certain types of "rules" which must be forced into societies, such as making racism and sexism illegal. People do not deserve the right to think completely freely to do whatever they choose. Societies do have to create rules and force certain mentalities. We can't have KKK members allowed their freedom of rights now can we? I do believe that guns should be banned and restrictricted, and that nobody in the general public should ever be allowed to have one. In an ideal world, there would be no weapons at all, no military, no wars, just a peaceful human civilization working as one species towards sustainability and a common good for all life. Guns represent all that is wrong in this world. They are used to kill, and are symbolic of how humanity has degraded itself into wars and domination over human beings and other species. They represent a form of power than one can have over another. They are dangerous. They are a waste of resources. They create a false sense of security. If someone wanted to kill you or your family, they could easily, and your gun would not save you (for example someone can put a bomb under your car or shoot you in public, what good would your gun at home do you then?). And shooting things and blowing stuff up is not a sport. It's just destruction and promotes violent mentalities. If I had the power to force such an ideal on the people of this world, I would do so, gladly
  21. I'm bad enough. Us monks must abolish the evil ninja's from this planet. However, we are not interested in saving the president, so we will eliminate him as well.
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