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  1. http://www.pcgamingleague.com/images/baddudes.JPG
  2. You REALLY like to rub it in don't you! LOL - really must overcome my fears of being shot or arabic racial discrimination and make it down there sometime....but even better would be if all you vegan folk migrated up to Vancouver, a much more suitable habitat for you
  3. Starting this thread here like on VF... Talking Pig: http://www.bizarro.com/videos/mov/VeganVideoWeb.mov Jokes/Cartoons etc..: http://www.bizarro.com/vegan/index.htm Zoo Bears: http://www.boredatwork.net/funny-video/funny-bears/ Hungry Vegan Chubby Vegan: Steven the Vegan Chef:
  4. Nothing vegan about this I suppose, but wanted to share: http://fishwildlifeandrecreation.com/downloads/impaled-grossbugremoval.wmv *PS - I hate the guy's voice whose narrating it. It sounds just like the guy who does all the action movie commercials where you hear him say "and now, only one man can stop them". You'll see what I mean when you hear him.
  5. Are you guys sure you don't have to pay any tax?
  6. I just believe the mentality of having a gun, is anti peaceful and doesn't come across as something "vegan". For sure at least you must be against guns/weapons sold for hunting/sport, being a vegan. The goal of a vegan is respect for all life, and the ideal is that all guns should be abolished. I have never had a gun, and never will buy a gun, and I'm probably much less scared than any average american is of any serious crime ever happening to me. Why? Because guns are simply not around that much, and it is not a frequent occurence for people to be killed by guns here. I don't meant to say the states is the only country with gun issues, Africa is definitely another one. I just hear a lot more about the US gun related issues because I'm in a neighbouring country, so our news and media covers a lot of US related issues. I suppose it is also because I was trying to find out if Lib was pro-guns, since he's in the US, and most people in the US are, but I feel it is an anti-vegan mentality to possess a gun (just my opinion). Neither of you need to justify yours! I'm not trying to attack or get into a debate, as none of us would ever budge (I'm completely against guns, and you guys are completely for it - so there is no point in discussing it really). Anyway, we have totally taken this thread off topic!
  7. Bowling for columbine's point was about ease of accessibility to guns and bullets. One of the major victories was getting a local store to stop selling bullets. Also shown where many protests against guns by the people of the US, and how they are battling against the gun advocates. I think it was clear that they were showing how ease of access to weapons in a nation, directly correlates to deaths. That's a great point about the drugs and it's usage in the US despite being illegal. This is however, in my opinion, a lack of funding into enforcing laws and properly supporting the police system. If they had enough funding, manpower, and authority, perhaps they could do a better job of cleaning up the streets and catching those responsible. I think if the US spent a fraction of what it does on its military and initiatives taking over other nations and supporting capitalist business growth, on social programs, education, safety laws, and law enforcement, (and hell making veganism a required way of life ), surely things would be better. I know that the majority of people in the US (such as yourselves), disagree with me, and believe that having a gun makes you safe. However, I personally think it just makes everyone value human life less, and also makes each of you capable of taking another huamn life much more easily, and even with rights that I believe are very immoral, such as being able to kill someone on your property. I believe there have been many of these issues on the states (at least that is what our news portrays), and a friend of mine told me his father once pulled over in front of someone's house to read a map because he was lost, and the owner came out with a shotgun, pointed it through the window at his head, and said "get off my property". This cowbow shoot-em up mentality is so primative! And besides, if someone ever wanted to kill you, they could, and your gun would more than likely not even be anywhere near you. When you are out walking or in public, someone can just shoot you dead. What good is your gun? Only if you have heads-up warning and you are in your house or close to wherever your gun is, and what if it is a false alarm, fear when there shouldn't be, for example what if a man is running away from someone who is trying to kill him and runs to your house for help but doesn't speak english or is so in shock all he can do is bang on your door and you get scared and kill him? What if teens have anger and want to kill someone and take their family gun? These things are happening in the US, and not in much else of the world, at least on a far less regular occurence. I believe the link to the stats I sent that showed gun owernship relation to death by guns, is a very relevant statistic on how this all works. This is just my opinion and those who are against gun ownership, and seems to be proven by the statistics. And as far as the government having guns so people should have them, again, they have much much more than that nowadays, guns would do nothing. Should we each have a tank, a plane, machine guns, bombs? Where do you draw the line to "rise-up" against your government?
  8. Canada sucks! But I've never met anyone that owned a gun, and our annual deaths by guns pale in comparison to the states, even if you factor in the population difference. All I can think of is all of our guns belong to hunters/sport, and there are no home owners buying them for defense. I had no idea our regulations were less strict, but that would explain our rise in gun crime I suppose xdarthveganx, didn't mean to ignore, I didn't notice all the posting going on. I agree with your points on the societal problems being a factor for sure. I think fear is one of the biggest issues, and people in the US are pumped way too much full of fear. I do however think that making things illegal, makes them less obtainable, thus reducing the overall problem, but agree, that it would never stop smuggling of a product that is still manufactured outside the nation that banned it. The world needs global government cooperation to deal with large scale issues like gun control. Have either of you watched bowling for columbine?
  9. You can buy grenades???? I think I'd prefer to host you guys in Vancouver rather than come to Portland Scroll down on this page a bit to see the table, correlating gun control/ownership/resctriction percentages of nations to gun related deaths: http://www.guncontrol.ca/Content/international.html#access I respect others rights to have their own opinions, but I can't say I agree with them! If guns = Peace, than nukes must = heavenly bliss. So we should allow all nations to have nukes in order to promote a peaceful planet. In fact, everyone should have a nuke at home, just in case they felt threatened by a neighbouring country someday, they could quickly kill them off and maintain peace.
  10. Where are these illegally obtained guns coming from? Wouldn't it reduce the overall availability of guns in the USA if it were illegal for citizens to have them, thus reducing the number of guns in the society, and less stolen ones, less being produced, less in stores that can be stolen, etc..etc.. thus making it harder to obtain by criminals? There are also quite a few tragic deaths by kids/teens shooting others with guns they can get from there own houses (and you can blame the parents for not keeping it thoroughly locked away, but then again, if it is too securely locked away, what is the point, as in an emergency, how could they get to it quickly?) All I know is I would never want to live in a society full of guns, and knowing that anyone and everyone has them. That doesn't feel safe to me at all, and sounds like a very hostile culture.
  11. Killing others with guns is not the way to defend yourself. What if a gang is attacking you, maybe you should legalize grenades for those situations Other countries can and do live just fine without them, and have lower rates of crime than the USA. Also, you americans aren't doing a very good job of rising against your suppressive world dominating illegal militant government that is in power right now are you? Why is it that you think people have to rise up by using violence? Violence is not the solution to problems, it never has been. Peaceful non-cooperative methods have been proven to work the best. A government has no power in a society that does not cooperate. Killing everyone would be useless. Ghandi and India proved this against the suppressive English, without violence. The key lies in an educated, unified, and peaceful society, not in guns and violence. Governments no longer control their populations through force anyway. It is done through media brainwashing and propaganda. The governments rely on people to do all the work. The only way they remain in power, is if the majority of people support them and continue to work in the society. If you wanted to take your government out of power, the majority of people simply need to stop going to work and society them comes to a halt, and government change needs to occur to rectify the situation. People can rise up without taking arms. And, supposedly you are not living in a militant regime that and are in a democratic system, whereby there the people elect their representative government, and if they are not doing as expected, there are processes to impeach and re-elect, etc. Supposedly there is a proper legal and peaceful process to deal with these things. We're not in the dark ages? If the government takes force with military power, people and their little guns don't have a chance anyway. Will you shoot down planes and tanks?
  12. Thanks that's a great one -haven't seen it b4
  13. It is so old, but when people search BBC for vegan, this is what kind of garbage they find, and forward to me to debate it
  14. Thou shalt not shop at Costco until they discontinue the sale of seal oil products! http://www.seashepherd.org/news/media_060420_1.html
  15. This is serious! Today's society is crime ridden, and there are many wackos out there. Why would some guy chop up people and put their body parts in his fridge? Why do some men rape and kill women or children? Why do some teenagers get pleasure out of beating up people in gangs/groups just for fun? There is truth to what you say, that those that are in bad crowds, or associate themselves in bad scenes, are much more likely to get in trouble. However, even a peaceful person can be attacked, such as after leaving a bank machine, someone could have watched you from afar, see you take out cash, and either themselves or over a cell tell someone else to club you in the head from behind or gang up on you in a corner, for money. Woman/children have even more to be afraid of from all the nutcase men that have sanity issues. There are so many unpredictable situations, and this is why it is best to learn what is not taught in traditional MA, techniques that are used and practices for the purpose of disabling a person very easily, and in any situation. These as I truly believe, are things such as groin hits, peircing eyes, palm strikes to the nose/jaw, and other critical point styles, and taught in ways that you know how to use them on the ground, when being grabbed from behind/in-front, etc..etc.. These need to be VERY simple techniques, one strike motions. You also need to be taught the mental and street smart techniques, which are not MA related at all, but how to deal mentality and verbally in certain situations, such as saying or acting in certain ways to make a situation to your advantage (ie: a woman pretend to go along with a raper to give an opportunity to strike hard at the groin, or some other mental or physical trick, such as tossing your wallet in one direction and running in another, there are so many of these types of things that are simply not taught in MA. My major point, is that most MA restrict you from learning or using vital/critical point techniques, due to sport rules and/or protecting other students. They also do not teach you how to take a beating, thus building up your actual experience and courage. I'm not a fighter or a violent person, but I have been in situations ever since elementary school, throughout highschool, and after. Because I've been in fights, I can say the majority end with 1 hit, or when someone gives you their best shot and you just stand there and it had no effect, they are a bit in shock. For example, getting headbutted in the face (nose), and just standing there as if nothing happened and talking like normal or even laughing. That really intimidates someone and pretty much stops it right there. These kinds of things only come if you are used to being in fights and can take some massive shots. (not saying I can do this anymore by the way, so nobody test this on me please - it is just an opinion from prev experience when my nose was broken) Luckily, I've not been involved in any such bad things for 10 years now, and none of it was because I was doing anything wrong, or in a bad scene, it is just the nature of some guys, they like to fight and will do so if you just look at them for a second, cut them off in traffic by mistake, or they are just insane. I once accidentally cut off a car and the car pulled up beside me and two steroid monkies came out with a bat and wanted to kill me, I apologized, and they still wanted to beat me up just because of an accident that I apologized for? Insane.... I was also once followed by a group of 4 guys from highschool, who I didn't know, and for no reason, they just wanted to beat me up and started hitting me with some sticks they made and tossing rocks at me? What did I do? Nothing? What could I do? Walk away, and that's what I did. But that's when they started throwing the rocks
  16. Why couldn't we? Even Canadians can! Vegans are supposed to be peaceful animal loving beings, that are definitley against killing. Guns are not a form of self-defense or a form of peace-keeping, rather they create unharmonious and crime ridden societies. This is proven throughout the world, in those nations where guns are illegal or prohibited to the general public, the nations are more peaceful and have less crime. Just look at Japan and the UK. Even the general police don't need to carry guns. It is also a complete waste of natural resources to manufacture guns, ammunition, and most technology is first designed/tested by the military/police and is also tested on animals for "effectiveness" such as peircing ability, and the industries that create guns are the same that provide weapons for other very bad sectors such as the military and used for wars, which means your money goes towards supporting very bad people and supressing other nations and the killing of other people! If guns were not made or the companies not supported, then less people would die and society would be more peaceful. I know all the arguments that well if we didn't have guns then people could invade and kill us and would couldn't defend ourselves..etc..etc... well, India managed to defeat the brits without arms didn't they? There are peaceful ways to shape society and fight against supressors. And killing is never the answer. I think Vegans should not have guns. Bad Lib! That's two strikes!!!!!
  17. I agree with what both of you are saying, and don't think Aikido is a bad MA at all. I just personally believe anyone, trained at any level of a traditional MA, will not be able to defend themselves at all times in all situations. If someone wants to kill you or hurt you, no matter what you have learned, they can do it. You could be walking in a crowd or down stairs and someone could hit you in the head with a bat from behind and you'd have no idea. You can be shot from a distance. Also, most MA's do not teach you how to be hit or build up your resilience to pain. This also doesn't help in reality. You need to have things broken, be head-butted, be punched, kicked, and hurt, in order to a) not be afraid and b) have the stamine/pain resistance to continue. Many MA's train in padding, or have off limit areas or things you can do, which are detrimental to quick reflexes of striking vital areas. In fact the training is almost counter-productive since it does this. Muay Thai is one that I can think of that accomplishes these aspects. And LIB - I knew you were a gunman!!!
  18. The point isn't to tear veganism apart because it technically can never be 100% (and you don't need to take it any further than the walking on or breating in of insects really, to break this concept, let alone get into the tires and everything else). The point is that the term vegan, refers to the respect for animals. Many people have forgotten this due to all the health and environmental reasons, and therefore are not aware of what it means to be vegan, such as not wearing animal products, using products tested on animals or having animal ingredients, being against animals in entertainment, etc..etc.. and this was the only point of my post. I didn't want to create divide, I was merely trying to remind everyone, that to be vegan, is to do it for the animals, so let's not forget about them.
  19. I've watched quite a few hours of Aikido, and a some when I was in Japan. From what I can tell, it revolves alot around manipulation and throws. The training is also in uniform and barefoot. Many of the grabs require grabbing the other persons uniform, and in reality, a t-shirt is very flimsy, and doesn't work the same. But, some people are strong enough that you simply cannot manipulate their joints (ie: wrists, arms, and definately not toss them). Also in training, the other student does not really try to do anything to escape the one that does the maneuver. For example, they don't use the free arm/hand to strike at the face or kick or anything. They just go along with it to aid the other student in training. If you try to use Aikido against someone much stronger than you, or if a person rages and takes you to the ground from behind and puts you in a choke hold or guages your eyes, aikido does not prepare you for this. It is similair ot wingchun, in that it revolves always around "not being the one to fall down", and that you will react quickly enough to beat the opponent before it gets that far, and that you are facing your opponent or that they are doing a "set" of moves on you, like grabs in certain areas. They are not preparing you for what to do once you are taken down already. And more than likely, you are going to end up on the ground. There are martial arts that try to teach people this as well, such as jujitsu, pancration, and all of those other "ultimate fighting" styles, and again, those are not practical in reality, as even those have rules designed to protect students, such as not striking the groin, eyes, face, nose, knees, etc..etc... and these are exactly the areas that people MUST train in for self-defense. If you are training in Aikido, try testing it. The next time you are in training, wear a t-shirt, and resist the other person doing their throw or manuevers on you, and not only that, but do something that you would in reality that is unexcpected, such as stepping on their feet, throwing an elbow in, kneeing/kicking them if they have grabbed you, or grab onto their hair or react like you don't want to be thrown - even use all your force to pull away from them. Your one and legs should be free usually in aikido from what I've seen. Use them. The one free arm/hand can be used to grab on to them or gauge their face/eyes. The legs should be used to kick, knee, or trap (like go inbetween their legs). Also try falling straight down backwards if you are grabbed, and then as they come towards you, your body weight will make it difficult for them to do anything other than let go of you, or be kicked as they fall down with you. It is a bad assumption to assume your opponet will just throw a punch and let you manipulate them once you grab their wrist/arm. They will rage to get out of it, or may be trained in a variety of other methods to know how to counter it And, a gun pointed at an aikido master, is the same as a gun pointed at a child (and the child is even smaller and a harder target!). No hope for either of them. And in today's day and age, most robbings or gang related bad things happen with guns, and there is simply nothing we can do about it anymore. It is also important to learn how to take a beating! In aikido, are you actually hit, and hit hard? If not, do you know if you could keep fighting after getting a good shot? This is another aspect missing from many MA, other than Muay Thai.
  20. veganmonk


    I was read some german kids books and know some basic words, and of course the wonderful sense of german humor (ie; why is a banana bent? because it grew bent!) but unfortunately, I'm only fluent in English. My next best is French at the grade 12 level, but pronounciation is awful. But my mom is perfectly fluent and lives in Germany! She's an aspiring veggie but finds it very hard to find things like tofu, and nobody seems to be veggie in the rural area she's in.
  21. Just my 2 cents... I've taken quite few different MA's, some just a few classes, others for years: -taekwondo (to blue belt) -karate (just a few) -kung fu (few months) -hapkido (just a few) -wushu (few months) -wingchun (few years and currently doing) -capoeira (few months and currently doing) The reasons I've chosen wingchun and capoeira, is because wingchun focusses purely on building up reflexes and also using the opponents energy against them, which is useful for being able to react quickly and also against someone stronger or bigger. Capoeria, I do purely for the love of it. It is something of its own, the music, the feeling, the vibe one gets from the moments. The other ones I've taken, I quit purely after realizing they would have absolutely no relevance in real life, and they are not true self-defenses. Many times a big guy in those classes would refuse to go along with the moves (such as letting you throw him), and you could see, it just wan't realistic. The moves in TKD for example, you have like 6-7 strikes if a guy trys to punch you (block, twist the arm, kick the knee, elbow the head) - ridiculous! That stuff would never fly in reality, especially with someone stronger than you. However, in real self defense, I'd have to say that you should not think of using any martial art, but rather learn some street defense techniques, such as building up your reflexes as much as possible, and using vital blows such as palm uppercuts to the nose/jaw, guaging someones eyes, ripping at the nostrils, groin area, biting, breaking limb points such as fingers, knees, strikes to the neck/kidneys, even stepping on toes and pulling hair! In fact, using your wit as well is very important, learning how to do something to trick the person attacking you into giving you a moments advantage. These kinds of things are what instinct kicks in to those that truly have gotten into trouble and fights, and these are the techniques best learned to survive. Building up your cardio and training to run fast and for long periods of time is also good! Most martial arts teach you in bare foot, and in uniforms, and also only against others that practice the same martial art. This is completely useless. In real life, you can't toss someone as easily if they are wearing a flimsy t-shirt, or you will maneuver less well with shoes, or you will not know how to react against someone just purely raging, or how to defend yourself if you are already on the ground or hit from behind - one least expects to be attacked in reality, whereas in MA training, you are face to face, expecting it, and there are rules and safety involved. Martial arts are supposed to be a way of completing and understanding yourself, not for combat. This is how I regard them, purely for self learning and completion. And, we must all accept the fact that guns have changed everything.
  22. Good points. I suppose the answers were worded this way because the vegans that are not a/r vegans, tend not to put as much effort into things like wearing leather, products not tested on animals, or being really strict if a dessert here or there contains animal products, etc. This is just what I have found from personal experience. It isn't to judge, or to say who is better, but it is to point out what is actually "vegan" and what is not, since many people are claiming to be vegans, yet they are not. The 100% means 100% of the time. Should have been more clear. Of course, if anyone points out there is technically no such thing due to tires, breathing/walking on insects, etc blah blah, then they are misunderstanding the term vegan as it is something based on intent and respect for animals, not the requirements or mistakes that we all must make in daily living. It is an a/r term, and that is my entire point to this thread. People must remember that in order to call yourself vegan, you must understand it's inception and definition is based on a/r, therefore ensure you are following the path properly if you claim to be vegan. One should not claim to be vegan, if they still wear animal products, purchase products tested on animals, support charities that test on animals (cancer/heart etc..), or say that they are vegan yet eat non-vegan desserts or if they are not at home, etc..etc.. Being vegan is a complete way of life, not just a diet.
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