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  1. Meal one 7 Triscuts Time 3am Cal 120 Carbs 21 Protein 3 Fat 3 fiber 3 Meal two 1/2 coffee Time 6am Cal ? Carbs ? Protein ? Fat ? Fiber ? Meal three nectorine/banana/tomjuice Time 7am Cal Carbs Protein Fat Fiber Meal four nectorine/banana/orange/monster Time 10am Cal Carbs Protein Fat Fiber Meal five mayonaise onion tom sand. Time 3pm Cal 360 Carbs 15 Protein 6 Fiber 4 fat 11.5 Meal six mayo sand onion lettuce tom /coke +ruffles Time 4pm Cal 360 Carbs 53 Protein 6 Fat 23.5 Fiber 4 Total cal carbs protein fat fiber notes: need to prepare food, i was really weak again, large breakfast 500 calories at least then fruit all day and a protein dinner.
  2. Meal one 1oz peanuts Time 6:30am Cal 160 Carbs 6 Protein 7 Fat 14 fiber 3 Meal two Tomato juice 1/2 can refried beans Time 7:40am Cal 320 Carbs 55 Protein 17 Fat 5 Fiber 19 Meal three 1/2 can refried beans Time 9:40 Cal 260 Carbs 42 Protein 14 Fat 5 Fiber 16 Meal four Dr Pepper Time 12pm Cal 140 Carbs 40 Protein -- Fat -- Fiber -- Meal five Veggie patty sandwich subway Time 3:00pm Cal 350 Carbs 50 Protein 4 Fat 3 Fiber 6 Meal six Protein shake/sand with mayo mustard onion tom lettuce Time 5:20pm Cal 370 Carbs 7 Protein 24 Fat 12.5 Fiber --- AverageTotal cal 1600 carbs 260 protein 66 fat 39.5 fiber 43 Notes: no wonder i had no energy today i didnt calculate this tell the end of the day . to tired to make it to the gym will boost my calarie intake to 2000 tommorrow.
  3. hello, just starting a log. im going to right down everything i ate for the day and what i did for exersizes to help motivate myself with my busy schedule working 6 days a week and full time student. hopefully you guys will give me advise. I am currently 6'3 219.5lbs 8pm Measurements so far arms R 15" L 14.5" chest 43.5" waist im not sure where to measue from but i went over the biggest part around the belly button. cause i have a little gut. this is not sucked in 40.5 sucked in 39.5 my waist is smaller my ideal weight would be 207 with more muscle. I will post tommorrow what i ate exactly and exersizes i did. comments and suggestions are encouraged. thx=)
  4. Im going to go Fruitarian for a week and see what happens, then i will go from there. my goal is a week though. i feel really good when i eat fruit and vegetables only during the day and once i introduce starches i feel like crap. so im going to see what happens hard thing is being able to give up the coffee. ill check back soon wish me luck.
  5. I live in victorville on the way to vegas. good to have another southern cali here
  6. Yeah you can do it just count , count and count again. best thing to do is make a journal so you can see your progress and make goals of what you want to improve on every week . make reachable goals not things to far out of reach and you can do almost anything. It's better to succeed in small things and gradually reach a goal , then to continually fail in large things and be down on yourself.
  7. what are some good Vegan treats that arent junk?
  8. Hey thanks for all the replys. Im looking forward to body-building the natural way. I use to work out alot but let life carry me off into an innertwining circle of doing things i dont want to do and leading me away from the things i really enjoy! body-building. Im not a fat person but my muscle-fat ratio isnt where it use to be. i think 200 muscular would be great. And also im going to be a Helicopter flight instructor here shortly and need to be at that for training purposes. currently work out about 2-3 times a week and am going to boost it up to 5-6 times a week. Thanks for the reply's again i need the companionship of others like myself. -Jon
  9. hello im new to the site im not "completely vegan" but "near" i dont eat dairy or meat. i just started about a month now. i been vegetarian for over a year. I keep finding myself refining my diet, and pulling unnessary things from it. I could of never dreamed of doing this stone cold a year ago or even thought i would be where i am in my diet. but i built up to it. I Weigh alot still and not totally sure why. Im 6'3" 215 pounds. i would like to be 200. i thought by becoming vegetarian i would lose wieght. lol guess its not much on the part of losing wieght. I just started exersizing again which i know i will drop pounds. and of course is crucial for fat lose! that is why i am here to learn and teach. Im thinking of taking whey protein as a substitute for body building cause i need the protein. and keeping everything else cut dairy but that. I would take soy protein isolate but i heard that wasnt good for you. anybody have any recommendations?
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