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  1. Ive always sympathized with animals Ive seen dying/being killed by people. I can remember LOTS of times when I was questioning just what the hell was going on.


    I remember going on a field trip in ....elementary school(?) and all the students were congregating in the middle of a field. There was a pond right near us that was LOADED with tadpoles. I remeber kids stepping on them "popping" them and feeling so ed with those kids.


    There are lots more memories, Im sure. I may post more if they come to me.

  2. It doesnt matter what other powder you take. You can find rice protein in every health food store. Mixed vegeatble protein blends are also common. There are hemp protein powders (typically more expensive) and also pea protein powders.


    Protein is protein (of course variation of sources is important). Go to GNC, your local health food store (will probably be more expensive there) and just buy one kind. If you like it, stick with it. If not, finish off the container and try another kind.

  3. So I'm not really a fan of being big, I enjoy being smaller and cut, but I'd like to gain a little mass first. I've head stick to compound movements like squats shrugs and bench, but what would be a good routine for me to gain some size first, but not too much?


    Your not gonna wake up one day and be a roided-out freak. Keep the bench, squat and deadlift. Keep the heavy weights. Keep the hard lifting.


    I WISH I could gain "too much". That would be awesome. But anyway... dont worry about getting too big. Its not going to happen.

  4. ... All religion has value and can teach you valuable things, but I think people take it too literally, which is where the problems start.


    Thats common from believers and non-believers. If you ask me, if you dont take ur holy book as literal, then there is no integrity in whatever it is.

  5. Thank the MMA gods!


    O man.... I cant wait. Diego CANNOT muscle around Hughes like his other opponents. Hughes is too good for Diego to just take mount on him like all of Diego's other fights (Riggs doesnt count...that poor bastard is cursed).


    Holy shit I cant wait.

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