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  1. I train at home with a very simple set up. only compound free weight exercises for me and that's the way i like it. It's ruff this time of year though. it's like 32 in the room some times and can see my breath. Can't stand gyms so i like it alot.
  2. Yeah i agree, that's one of a couple reasons why i never did roids and won't in the future.
  3. Wow, i'm very impressed! Keep that up and 2 years from now you'll be a monster
  4. I've noticed that it really is all about carbs for gaining muscle/ strength. Obviously you need good fats for hormone production and protein for the building blocks, but through all the different experiments one thing was a constant, Low carb= bad work outs and bad strength/ size gains no matter how much protein/ fats i ate. I was all about the protein as a omni and even as a vegan and over looked the importance of good carbs far too long.
  5. That's good to have that as your low point especially the squat
  6. Are you talking about a max on the squats and deads?
  7. Yeah that would be good. whats your dead/ squat and over head press been around lately? Do you do seated press at all or just standing?
  8. I'm having to guess I'm about 16% or so, based on comparisons to the last time I had measurements exactly 1 year ago at 265 lbs where I was a bloated mess and came in at 21%. There's a lot more definititon, but even when I was down to 9% some years back, I never had more than than faintest outline of abs at best. I'm just unlucky in that the bulk of my stubborn fat is based on my abs and sides, and I've never gotten low enough to see much definition in that area. I'm HOPING that with another 6-10 months of slow and gradual fat loss I can finally get my bodyfat as low as it's ever been, but I'll be doing it slowly since fast dieting attempts always make me lose as much muscle as fat. Keep up the good work. how did you have it tested?
  9. So far, strength has stayed the same for the past months, with upper back stuff getting stronger, even rowing movements so it's not just pull-ups. Overhead strict pressing has been consistent even after dropping about 25 lbs. bodyweight, squats and deadlifts are down a bit just because I've failed to train them consistently, but I'm aiming to fix that after the holidays. My highest weight was about 283-285 back when I was doing strongman, now I'm aiming to get to a solid 230-235 in due time. Bodyfat now is probably about 15-16% or so, looking much better but the problem areas (belly, love handles) are always the last to go, so while chest, shoulders arms and upper back show more definition, my central area still looks about the same . All in due time, though - I'm going to be trying some new dieting approaches in January once the next eye surgery is over and done, trying to get to 12% BF or better by April. We'll see how it goes! U sure your 16 percent? usually people around there start to get some out lines of abs and they have no love handles and pretty flat stomach. I have that kinda of build as well, arms and back will be shredded and still have fat on my stomach.
  10. I'd imgaine his routine is similar to any top lifter like that. Very low reps is how they build that kinda strength
  11. Who's the guy on the left? he's pretty good sized
  12. Dude has no legs. He wears baggy pants for a reason... LOL that's true
  13. Yep, his legs are WAY smaller than most would envision, and he still squats something like 750ish raw. If he had tree-trunk legs, he'd be stuck in the super-heavyweights, but he got lucky in that they're still strong even though they're not that big. I can do sets of 10-12 just about any time, but beyond that, it takes a few seconds to put my feet down, do a quick breath or two and continue if I want more. And after that, each rep takes another breath or two to get my wind, then each rep gets sloppier, and so on Last weigh-in I was actually down to 238, but I'm holding plenty of water so I'm sure I'm back in the low 240s again by now. Even if I could do proper Kipping pull-ups (never tried them, but I'm sure I'd suck for a while if I did do them that way), I probably wouldn't be good for more than 15-20 even after some weeks of practice, so thinking about 55 in a set is pure madness! 12 pull ups is really good at that weight. are you maintaining all your strength as your cutting? what was your highest weight? what's your goal weight? You being around 12-14 percent at your muscle and strength would be great cause it would be totally going against the vegan stereo type which we need more of.
  14. It's crazy, his legs are tiny for his size yet he's squating well over 700. that's some serious central nervous system adoption. can't beat deads for that. VE: How many stick pull ups can you do? your around 250 right?
  15. Of course, I will agree with that For the rest who don't agree... No question, guy in video #1 is in great shape and has excellent athleticism, but there's a big difference to me in that - 1. Guy #1 has achieved a lot of his skill by maintaining a low bodyweight (being heavy does not help with bodyweight stuff, of course!), and of course, practicing the same movements repeatedly, which can be done with a fraction of the physical taxation as doing something like heavy deadlifts. Most of the guys I've seen who are really skilled at bodyweight stuff are people who have had a long-term propensity for it vs. people who got into it later in life. Not that it means a lot, but a lot of those guys were doing that kind of stuff since they were kids, and just kept getting better over the years as they grew up. It's very impressive, but at the same time, it's more easily achieved by small-framed people and would be far harder for someone larger or heavier to do the same things. Again, the guy in the clip is super-impressive, not many people are that skilled at it, and it's really cool to see. I just don't find it as impressive as Konstantinovs based on the comparison. 2. Konstantinovs weights EASILY 120+ lbs. more than the guy in video #1, I can guarantee, and still maintains awesome athleticism. Check this for the proof: Yes, they're Kipping pull-ups, but for argument's sake, that's the equivalent of the guy in video #1 strapping about 120 lbs. (maybe more) to his body, then doing 55 ballistic-style pull-ups WITHOUT STOPPING. How many people do you know who can do half that number, then think of how many of them weigh 275 lbs. or more, and it will put that into perspective. Then consider the grip strength necessary to hang on during that entire set for about 90 seconds with movement (much harder than 90 seconds of hanging stationary). The bodyweight Konstantinovs carries while doing some of his feats is staggering in that he has the athleticism of smaller, seemingly faster people, but has brute strength that puts him in the top 1% of all humanity. THAT to me is freakin' awesome, having the best of both worlds and excelling on both ends of the spectrum, which is almost impossible to find these days (particularly in powerlifting!) Most of his training clips are done at a bodyweight of 280-300 lbs. (the pull-up one is an exception where he's only about 270, as he usually keeps his weight higer than 275 and cuts down for contest day), and what he's doing in the deadlift clip is something MAYBE 1-2 others in his weight class have done in history. You can count the number of active 900+ lb. deadlifters on two hands - take out the super-heavyweights, you can count it on one. Take off the belt, and there's only one man who has done it, and you just saw it happen right there, the best raw deadlift by a 275'er in a long, long time . Yeah, yeah, I'll accept the accusations that I'm all sweet on Konstantinovs, but how can you NOT be? That's the kind of strength that maybe one person every few decades will ever develop, steroids or not. There's lots of massive BB'ers out there doing ungodly amounts of drugs who may be bigger, don't hold a candle to K's strength. That speaks volumes by itself! Wow that guy is a monster. I take it back he's way more impressive then then the black guy. I didn't know much about him. yeah and your right about the frame thing and weight. alot of the body weight guys have no legs so it makes it much easier.
  16. IMO you should be getting the protein or at least the majority from food. I believe Supplements are a waste and I've never noticed anything from a protein supplement on any diet. Even in the omni world the guys that have the size and strength are the ones getting the protein from the lean meats/ eggs and dairy(real food). And then you have the gym goer that is getting no gains living on whey protein shakes and stuff. The best of the best are eating real food and lots of it.
  17. All the getto fitness guys are in crazy good shape. That's my definition of of athleticism. what can you do with the strength you have, how can you move. The deadlift guy is really impressive as wel, but it's hard to compare to two since one is juiced for sure and the other probably isn't
  18. I'm confused, would you just rotate the 4 different work out on the 3 days like allways starting the week with a different one? I personally think lifting over 3 days a week is over kill. 4 at the absolute most
  19. Yeah it's important to built some ego or you don't feel like lifting lol. See how that works for you. I'd say if your not happy with your results maybe train less days and more volume/ intensity when you do train. like a 3 day split one muscle group a week. except the smaller ones like abs/ forearms/ calfs.
  20. If i was you i'd stick with the Regular deads as the staple for your deads. I think sumo's are fine, but regular is better. You'll hit more legs with the sumo, but your already getting a ton of that with squats
  21. Yeah high rep isn't very good at all imo, and certainly not the most efficient way to train for strength and size. There's alot of guys that build good size and strength doing only body weight exercises like prison inmates, but they would get better results in less time with heavy weights.
  22. I say eat like you normally do and if your sidelined for a while and can't train just eat like you normally do but a little less to avoid fat gain. watch out for going to low on calories. inactivity and not enough calories is a problem for lean body mass. I had a 6 month lay off from weights recently and actually didn't lose much strength at all because i kept the calories high.
  23. What I've found works best for me is Low rep/ really heavy at the beginning of that muscle group for that work out and then higher reps(6-10). Personally i think anything over 10 reps is a waste of time except maybe as a burn out after a hard work out or on a really small muscle group.
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