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  1. Natural bbers are pretty damn big. not nearly as big as the juiced up guys, but there are ones that are like 5'10'' 225 in contest shape. that's huge. close to 225 lean body mass at 5'10'' Those are the guys that deserve a standing ovation! Yes i agree. I have so much respect for those guys that took the long road. I'm sure juiced they could got there in less then half the time, but it would be so much more satisfying reaching that level naturally. Of course they'll never reach that super big level, but they also don't have to worry about going off test and having there hormones fall part and lose a ton of size and all the other health issues that come with roids.
  2. Natural bbers are pretty damn big. not nearly as big as the juiced up guys, but there are ones that are like 5'10'' 225 in contest shape. that's huge. close to 225 lean body mass at 5'10''
  3. I like that one Chubby! to the TS, I have often wondered the same thing, but the numbers aren't in the vegans favor. most omni people don't have much muscle and most vegan don't have much muscle and vegans make up less then i think it's 1 percent of the population and on top of that most people that are interesting in strength sports will be strongly encouraged to eat meat. There's not too many really big guys on here even by natural standards, but Vegan Essentials is really good sized and has great strength for a natural person. of course his goal isn't to be a bber, so he's not going to try and get 4 percent body fat. Avi guy is really big and lean, but i don't know much about him other then his profile on the main page
  4. If i was you Dr. Pink i'd wait on that surgrey. From the old pics i remember you were thin but your body fat was still pretty high, so you might as well gain some muscle mass and get sub 15 percent bf before you do something like that. You might be leaner now and still have it though and if that's the case then maybe you might need it
  5. Not sure if this was put on this forum, but i just found it on youtube and i was impressed. Robert you're really improving very nicely with your speaking. I thought it was very nicely done.
  6. Robert, looks like your putting some good size back on. Whats your weight at? Whats your diet been? TS looks very good also
  7. I would've guessed you would've gained more then that. There were times were when i went super low carbs and sodium for awhile and within 24 hours of plenty of salt and carbs i'd gain 15-18 pounds. You look good though
  8. That was one of the funniest videos i've ever seen. His other vids are great also.
  9. My weight for those pics was 159. I cut carbs for the week before, then only added simple carbs in hours before the shoot. It took my about 10 days to cut 12 lbs. Were you sodium depleted as well the whole 10 days? What was your weight 24 hours after the shoot after you could eat what you cared for?
  10. edxvx: On your profile it says your 175 pounds. IS that the weight you were for those pics? Whats your normal weight when you carbed up and stuff?
  11. I started going bare foot while squating. I like that best, but if the gym owner is in i wear wrestling shoes
  12. I'll add my piece of advice since i've gone down many paths and have seen plenty of others go down the paths. I was a raw foodist for 2 years. i've experimented with many versions of the raw food diet and from experience it's a flawed diet, very flawed to be exact. The foods that happen to contain enough protein happen to be fat dominate like nuts/ seeds. these foods do have protein but there fat foods first and foremost. I think at your size you could make gains as a raw foodist, i think you could make gains on any diet being that size. It will be very hard for you to get enough calories without getting 60 plus percent of your calories from fat being a raw foodist. You could get it from dried fruits, but that will lead to dental issues and also i've found that dried fruits eatten in large quanities are very hard to digest. you could get the calories from fresh fruit, but you better be willing to eat a ton of food and have a big check book. I'd recommend you eat a good clean whole food vegan diet that contains raw food, but not exclusively. Legumes smoke any fruit nutritionally and are like 10 times cheaper. Complex carbs> simple sugars any day imo for nice stable healthy energy
  13. Eliminate the non whole foods like the oils. watchout even for the whole fats sources as calories from fatty foods ad up super quick. Oils are the worst though, two table spoons of oil is about the same as a cup of cooked grain or legume. The whole grain and legume will help fill you up and give you nutrition while the oil won't do much good
  14. I eat that those unhealthy foods occasionally. I wouldn't eat meat occasionally. Nor would I eat non-organic blueberries. Both meat and non-organic blueberries are laden with pesticides. And meat has antibiotics, hormones, carbon monoxide, and a bunch of other chemicals they won't tell you about. When I went from lean meats to vegan "junk food", I still lost some weight and felt much better. the importance of organic is a overhyped. Non organic blue berry> Organic cane sugar any day. non org blue berries will have still have some bad stuff, but organic cane sugar has no benefit what so ever. that said organic whole foods are the best bet
  15. That isn't correct. The term "vegan" isn't about what people don't eat, but about an ethical belief they have -- the "why" they do it. Donald Watson & his wife created the term "vegan" shortly after WWII. The term was made to refer to people who have the belief that it is wrong to use animals. Thus someone can eat a "vegan diet" without *being* a vegan -- a person who believes it is wrong to use animals. Here is a PDF of the letter/newsletter where the Watson's first coined the term "vegan" before they started the Vegan Society of the UK. http://beforewisdom.com/veg/archive/watsonStartVeganism.pdf I don't care who coined the term, the fact of the matter is a vegan is someone who doesn't consume animal products. There are people that do it for animals, health, envirmental doesn't matter why they do it there still vegan. There's also people that could belive it's wrong to eat animals but still do it, so does that make them vegan? of course not
  16. I disagree. When I went from omni to junk food vegetarian, I lost weight and felt better. Even the faux meats are better than real meats. No antibiotics or hormones, and much much fewer pesticides and other chemicals. I do think some omni's who eat a diet with a a lot of fruit and vegetables are healthier than many vegans who never eat fruits or vegetables. Frosted Flakes for breakfast, faux lunch meat with veganaise for lunch, and vegan burritos for dinner is not the least bit healthy. And I know many many overweight vegans who eat this way everyday. And they can't figure out why they are overweight. But I would take anything vegan, no matter how unhealthy, over a piece real meat any day. Even if I ignored the fact that it was a living creature, I would rather have the processed crap without chemicals and hormones, then the real thing. Even junk food vegans don't have the same levels of cancer and heart disease as the average omni. I disagree, but see where your coming from. The term vegan explains what someone doesn't eat not what they do it. I don't belive animal products are healthy and think everyone should limited them, but compared to white flower, white sugar, oils, transfat, high salt ect. animals products are healthy. Any Whole food> over a refined food imo.
  17. Now shouldn't that read fresh fruits and vegetables instead of lean animal products. What happened to all your soapbox carbohydrate speech. People on sad diets eat very little fresh fruits and veggies or good carbs in general. The average american get like 40-45 percent carbs and the majority of that comes from refined white flower, sugar ect. So with the exception of a fresh fruit or veggie here and there lean animal prodcuts are the healthiest things average american eats
  18. You look great, I agree with your list of foods you want to avoid except i do'nt see a point in avoid all gluten unless you know your allergic. Non gluten grains are better though becasue your less likely to have a issue with them. I think you'd do great as a vegan as long as you get out of the tradition mind set of needing x amount of percent of protein/ carbs/ fats that they say to eat on a bodybuilding diet. That works fine on a omni diet casue you can eat whole real foods and hit the numbers, but it's impossible to get much over 25 percent protein as a vegan on real foods. I've noticed the best looking vegans are the ones eatting the carbs and eatting a majority of whole foods. I see others that are living off mock animal prodcuts, protein powders ect and are 160 pounds
  19. Chicken is a hell of alot healthier then alot of crap vegans eat like the mock meats, protein powders ect. I actually thing the lean animal products are the one of the healthiest things the average person eats on sad. Problem is people go vegan and eat the same stuff as before but without the whole food animal prodcuts and adds in processed food. Vegan diet done right though is the best diet anyone could do
  20. Yeah it makes sence that it would make a difference becasue we're obviously animals that are made to be up durning the day and asleep at night. we're not notturnal, but i guess some people are able to because of lights and stuff. I have to amit when i was sleeping from 10-6 i felt better then now that i'm sleeping 3-12 and seemed to need less sleep
  21. I've been hearing about the 10-2 think for years and i wonder if that's the case or if that's just the case with that kinda of sleep pattern. What if one went to bed at 2 maybe it would do it from 2-6. I wonder if it's true
  22. I think Cross fit is pretty good. I train brazilian Jiu jitsu and most of the higher level compeitors only do that and grapple for strength and there extremely strong. There's a wide variety of different cross fit workouts. I don't think it's the best think if you want to be a huge bodybuilder or power lifter, but if you want total fitness and don't care about being really big then it's good
  23. That's a matter of opinion about going up to 35 percent. I'd say 10-20 range is a good range and anything about that isn't good. I've never felt anything bad from not enough fat, but i can say when my diet is higher in fat i don't feel even close as good. But that whole thing is a endless debate. The last statement you said is very true, that's why i agree most with the 811 diet compared to other raw routines is that if your getting the majority of your protein from seeds and nuts your getting a hell of alot more fat then protein and the diet becomes fat dominate instead of carb dominate like a healthy diet should be. Overall the raw diet is flawed imo, but who knows there might be a way to make it the best diet ever. But i've yet to be impressed
  24. Yeah i agree. I don't recommend a 100 percent raw diet more then temporary, but if your going to do it do it close to the 80/10/10 diet or add slighty more fat, but not much more becasue the typical raw diet is a mess
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