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  1. Anyone? I'm selling selling them at around 40 percent cheaper than you'll find any where else
  2. Robert what percent raw are you eating now? Do you plan to ever go 100 percent?
  3. I would also consider shipping if you play for shipping
  4. I assume most of you know what vega is. It's by far the best vegan muscle building, proformance enhancing meal replacement. They sell for for $63 before shipping and or tax. I have 16 unopened of the large natural favor which has more servings. I live in the Northern California area so i'd prefer you be some where close so we could meet. I'm willing to work out a pretty good deal becasue i need some money. This will be much cheaper than you'll ever find, but i'd like to sell all of them at once.
  5. How many Tb spoons do you think i'd need if i wasn't eating any other veggies to make sure i'm getting more than enough Minerals and Vitamins
  6. I know this isn't a Vegan question, but i don't really have any other place to ask. I have a 4 year old Pit. He doesn't even have a quarter of the energy he had about 2 years ago. He's been eating the best dry food that's at pet stores. Do you guys know of any really high quality dry foods?
  7. I know it's a ton of money. I'd like to pay about 40 per after shipping. If i can find that i would be pleased
  8. Does any one know were i could find the newest version 3.8 in bulk? The cheapest i've got it down to ws 47 per with shipping
  9. It's pretty crazy it has 25 different foods in it
  10. I has looking at the Vitamineral green but it's like 50 for 16oz. I'm fine with paying for that if that is the best for sure. It just seems like a lot
  11. Go to his web site raw power. com there are a couple on there of him. Those aren't even the really bad ones i've seen. I forgot where i saw the other's
  12. What about David Wolfe? There best friend's and started the company together? Is he a scam also?
  13. That's what i was thinking. Is his Raw Power supplement a scam? What did you hear?
  14. What's the deal with this guy? I've seen recent pics of him and really looks bad. Looks way over weight and looks like he has high blood preasure or some thing. It kinda makes me not really trust his supplement. How could a so called expert be in such bad shape and look so bad? Do you guys know any thing about his powder? and if it's any good?
  15. I'm looking for a Raw food coach that is an expert on athletic's and muscle growth. I've yet to come across a impressive looking raw foodist. Do you guys know of any?
  16. I'm going to start doing smoothies with a bunch of different stuff in them. I really want a really soild protein combo. Hemp is the main protein source. But what would be some other things to add to make the amino acid profile more level an also get a variety in the diet.
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