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  1. Yeah i've allways wondered about how correct the labels are for the animal products. Probaly the only way to get truely really lean high quality animal products is Wild game
  2. That's a ton. Do you just do moderate intensity? The way i squat i'd be over training doing it 2x a week
  3. hang out here for a while and you'll see that used a ton and othe plam ones. Usally it's used on protein threads when people say you need less then the so called experts say
  4. The probelm is many on here belive we need 250 plus grams of protein per day and have heard of a couple guys getting over 400 grams. If that's what they belive then that's what they belive. To each his own i guess
  5. It's not mock steroids..that would be prohormones...animal stak is just some vitamins, herbs, and some aminos. Animal Pak is the vitamins and minerals and other stuff. The Amimal Stak is a test booster. I used to take the stuff. Didn't like it. Looks more natural then a full on prohormone, but i didn't do all that much for me at all. The only supplement that did anything was creatine
  6. Yeah i knew some of you would like it. Soy/ pea/ rce isolate it is then
  7. IF your going by what the meat and dairy industry founded research says for athletes it's not happening on real foods as a vegan. But if it's makes you feel confortable doing what they say Mock meats and other soy isolated and other isolated protein powder will get you to the numbers
  8. I'd stay away from this mock steroids. From what i hear the oral mock ones have more sideeffects then injectable roids with alot less benefits. I say stay natural or go all the way and juice but educated yourself on postcycles theropies and stuff
  9. Then you have a really muscular leg. Do you do alot of squats?
  10. Whole foods are better then the isolated versions for many reason. Whole Flax> Flax Oil, Whole Pea's> Pea Protein powder, Brown Rice> Brown rice sun god warrior isolated blood fight god powder
  11. A2thej looking great! Whats he win? does he get a shirt? with a physque like that needs he be representing the Vegan lifestyle
  12. 29'' are pretty big, mine are just below that. I say there big depending on lean you are. IF your around 10 percent bf and have 29 that is really big, but if your like 20 percent then that's decent
  13. Skin cancer is kinda a new thing, the sun isn't
  14. Yeah i've heard him make a couple in your window comments about Wolfe which is cool becasue Wolfe is a fraud and a wolfe in sheeps clothing. He was all about the real foods before and thne found he couldn't make huge money at that so now it's regular raw foods suck, he my stuff
  15. Yep there's alot to it other then diet, but i like how in alot of video he talks about how a good diet makes it easier to get there becasue you have less blockages and stuff from all the crap in the food/ drinks
  16. Yep he's new. He's just a refreshing face becasue most the people in the movement are smug
  17. Yeah if i haven't had it for awhile it'll casue alot of probelms, but even when i get used to it i still have problems, but less
  18. If i was a ecto like you and wanted to gain, I'd eat, eat, eat, eat, lift hard and heavy ( don't over train though) plenty of sleep and rest. Some cardio but don't over do it. Eat huge but clean, Good clean Carbs should make up the majority of the diet along with healthy fat and proteins and i would say i going to eat this and that's it. If you get to 4k for the day and your still not too full eat again later. I'm glad i have my body type, kinda of a endo but with some charistics of the other two. I'm 6 foot a little over 200 and extremely active and continue to build on muscle on 3K a day. once i get down to 185 or so i'll be shredded and will probably eat all i care for, but the same nutritional approch as now just more
  19. The carbs in Beans are complex carbs. I'm a big beliver in Complex carbs. Nothing keeps my energy levels balanced like good amount of complex carbs
  20. Never wrong to do the right thing. I know that when i'm eatting clean i have alot less emotional/ mental problems and am overall much happier. I don't think there's a cure all and as humans we'll all have are mental issues from time to time, but that's just part of life.
  21. If i have any caffine or other stimulants i can't sleep at all, but i have friends and family that can drink 4 cokes and then go to bed, so some people are really sensitive
  22. Yeah i'm right there with you Zack. other then a temporary fruit/ veg fast i'll never go on a all raw food diet again and the raw food movement as a whole is a bunch of empty promises and hype that never really comes to be. But i like guys like this not just about nutrition but sometimes i run into guys like this in real life and i could listen to them all day.
  23. The funny thing about the guy is how honest he is with his past while many others in the movement act all skeaky clean wehn they have a ton of skelatons in there closet
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