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  1. Yes i agree, it's what you do most the time that counts not what you do here and there. from personal exerpiance i know and i know people that are similar and that is if i eat one it's going to be a slippy sloap to more and more bad foods. When i have a streak of only healthy foods it's extremely easy to stay on requiring no will power, but then when i slip up it's really hard to get back on. I guess it depends on the person
  2. This guy is legit, He's cool and straight from the heart and not all phony like most the raw food gurus
  3. Yeah if they use it when it's appropriate then it's fine becasue some people are obsessed to the point they ll freak themselves into a panic attack eatting some bad food. but from the articles i've read on it and the times i've seen it talked about on TV they make it out to be anyone that restricts there diet and won't go off that diet. They call it a disorder i call it a commited deadicated indivdual that wants to do the best they can.
  4. Yeah TS don't get too caught up in the raw food dogma of it having to be raw and if not it's posion. Raw food is great, but there's alot of flaws in a 100 percent raw food diet, the biggest imo being getting enough calories and if getting enough the macro ratio's of those calories. The guru's make alot of claims that arn't backed by anything and say stupid crap like You don't need to worry about getting enough calories since your body will be running efficent or that macro percentages don't matter, but what maters is if it's raw. OR a cooked high fat diet is crap but raw fat you can eat as much as you care for.
  5. Bad food is probably the most addictive substance on the planet. Hell of alot more obese people then serious drug addicts. It's easy to compare hard drugs to junk food. Both do nothing positive for the body or your life except that temporary imjoyment you get. There's a reason people do drugs and that is it makes them feel great. Whats worse? who knows both have there own problems they casue and it all depends on the person and the usage. Herion addict might sell his house, lose everything and end up on the street. a serious junk food eat will lose his house and everything he owns due to medical bills. Medical problems are the leading cause of bankroupcy in this country. Like i said before no one dies from one cookie or cup cake, but likewise with doing a moderate amount of any substance. the problem inlies when it becomes a daily thing. I know many people that get messed up here and there on some hard drugs and it doesn't effect there life at all becasue they do it once in a while
  6. It depends on the kinda of person you are. If your the kinda of person that can eat perfect and once a while you eat a little junk then it's no big deal, but the majority of people can't do that. Very few people run into problems doing Meth once a year or herion or whatever, but the problem is alot of people try it and love it and then justifly doing it over and over. I can only imgaine how easy it would be to eat healthy if that is what you grew up on and never exposed to the junk. I know a guy that was rasied on a all organic macrobiotic diet and he still eats like that. He eat some junk when he got older, but he perfers the taste of the natural food. it's just many of are sences are corrupted
  7. Do you know that to be fact? I had that same question about the true calorie amount becasue like a third of the carbs in beans is Fiber which is not digested and not used for fuel. But then i asked Dr. McDougall and he said that the Fiber doesn't count toward the total calories you read on a label.
  8. SAD is short for standard america diet which is basically the western diet= alots of processed junk and alot of animal products
  9. Well you could say to them well if your anemic doing what your doing then it's obviously isn't working , so if they switch to a proper vegan diet at worst they stay anemic and if that's the case they can swtch back and stay anemic. I had a female tell me the same thing except she switched to a vegan diet and got anemic and i asked her what she eat and it was basically the worst of SAD but no animal produts. I was like no wonder.
  10. Driving or riding in a car, at any speed, can result in a car wreck. Yet people get in cars all the time--would you say it's best for everyone to abandon cars completely because being in one increases the risk of a car wreck? My risk of being run over is much higher if I go near a road. Maybe I should never go near one. My chances of another person harming me is higher if I leave my house, so maybe I should stop doing that. There's risk in the world. It's good to be aware of that and not take too many, but we can't avoid them all, so we always have to determine which risks are 'worth it' and which aren't. I used to mountain bike and now I do roller derby, which increase my risk of injury. But I do it anyway. Maybe this is a 'bad thing' that never should be done because it carries a risk of harm, but I don't care. It gives me enjoyment and I have weighed that this outweighs the risk for me, personally. Eating cake and cookies now and then isn't going to break my leg or cause me to drop dead tomorrow. It's probably going to have negligible effect on my health overall. So why worry about it so much? Just like getting in a car, crossing the street, or playing roller derby, there might be some small risk attached to it, but it's not enough to make me consider it to be something so horrible it can never be done. I can understand people who say that they won't allow themselves one cookie because they know themselves and they know that if they allow themselves one, they won't be able to stop and their entire diet will soon decline. I can't understand people who think that the actual act of eating a single cookie is harmful enough in and of itself to be worried about. Many of us in the modern world need cars to do what we need to do, but we don't need to drive recklessly which would up the chances of getting into trouble. We also need to eat, but eatting poor food doesn't do anything postive at all, all it does is temps us to more poor food. I've never tried a drug in my life and wouldn't ever even try any becasue if i like it then i have to deprive myself of something i like. Same with a cookie or other junk food, of course i'll like the cookie so i'll only be teasing myself with one cookie
  11. I don't know if most athletes are unhealthy, but the fact that one is a athlete doesn't make them healthy or living a healthy lifestyle. Michael Phelps is a world class athlete, but he eats as bad or worse then regular people but 4 times as much and he's all ready on High Blood Pressure meds at 23-24. As far as bodybuilders go, the ones that are on the top of even natural body buidling eat massive amounts of animal products with a restricted carb diet, and most the body builders on here i see eatting a ton of processed powders/ mock meats.
  12. Yes body building and health are very different as is all sports and health. You can be the best body builder on the planet and then die of heart disease. I guess it's possibile to be healthy body bulding, but the extremes required arn't healthy at all so you'd not be as healthy as you'd be without the extreme measures taken.
  13. I think one can get good sized and really strong on just body weight exercises, but you have to bust your ass like you need to to gain on anything and you need to be a little creative to make more difficult exercises. Alot of the guys that i train BJJ with don't do any weights and have good size and strength, also Fedor the best HW fighter on the planet is 6' 230 and doesn't train weights anymore, along with prime mike tyson and those getto fitness guys are youtube are really impressive. I train both body weight and weights becasue i don't see the point in limiting my options. To the TS it's not your genes that are holding you back it's either your not educated enough to train/ diet properly or are too lazy to do it. I belive just about anyone can develop i pretty good fit physque
  14. Here's what i bring up any time i have a arugment with a meat head. I allways say where do you think the protein in cows meat comes from? OF course it comes from plants, so that shows that yes plants have protein. The best source of protein is different depending on the type of animal. it's not necessarlly the amino acids that are so much different between grass, different plants, animal fresh it's the form they come in. For a carivore the best protein is animal flesh becasue they have short digestive systesm and can't handle much fiber, plus they have a extremely low stomach PH. For a Cow they have two stomachs and a system that is meant to handle extremely fiber rich foods. Humans have a much longer digestive system then carnivores and most aporperate for plant foods, but not extremely low calorie high fiber foods like all greens/ grass as a staple. I belive we're meant to eat a wide variety of plant foods and probably started cooking because we can get extremly calorie dense highly nutritious food anywhere from grains/ legumes/ root veggies and fruit depending on the area. People like to use the arugment that humans are disigned to eat meat. The only arugement they make is look every culture eats meat. I'd say to that well humans have eatten anything and everything. Name anything and a human has eaten it. The fact of the matter is the more animal products one consumes the more the health declines. the opposite is true with the healthy human foods. We allways hear, eat your veggies, eat your fruit, eat your whole grains ect. Your not going to get heart disease/ colon cancer from too much whole grains/ greens. What out man don't eat over 4 cups of kale a day or your chances of your colon roughting out of your ass goes up by 198 percent
  15. Yep i agree. Bad things are best never done. Getting into a car wreck might not kill you but it's easiler to avoid it. Dirving 100 on the freeway won't make you crash all the time, but your chances are much higher
  16. ??? Yeah there's a study for everything. High protein is good, moderate protein is good, no you need extremely high protein, low protein is best, extremely low protein is best, high carb is good, no carbs are the cause of the holocost. ect.
  17. I have to disagree with what raw vegan said about muscle being built in the gym not the kitchen. The gym work breaks you down and the nutrition and rest is what actually builds you up. No training in the world can make up for not enough fuel/ rest. But i do agree with some of what else you said about who is founding the research and so on. You can find studies that find anything and alot of time studies that show the exact opposite. That said Layne is a stud for a natural guy so i listen to what he says even i don't agree with all of it. Luckly i easily hit the Leucine amount he recommends.
  18. Sure it's real, but the article is painting it with such a large brush, and i'm allso seen a TV show about it. Basically what the message was was eat heathy food but eat other stuff too because it's not bad for you and won't kill you.
  19. She'd be hotter with matching legs to her upper body, but i'd take her any way i can get her lol
  20. Sure everyone has the symtoms that the drugs are being used to treat, but the question is why is the state of health so bad that people have all these issues?
  21. Yeah i feel like if they only used the term in those cases it would be a fair description but there painting it with a thick brush calling anyone that competely avoids all those things as orthorexic when you can eat perfect and never obsess about food.
  22. They keep coming up with more and more medical terms and conditions so everyone has something. Then they have a drug for whatever condition. What ever happen to the good ole days where people just lived and excepted there short comming and worked with what they have instead of walking around drugged out of there minds to cover up symtoms
  23. I see where your coming from, but whats wrong with wanting are body to be as pure as possibile? I think eatting healthy can be a obsession for some people and it makes them more unhealthy, but you can say the same thing for anything people do. Work is needed to live but you can be obsessed and work 20 hours a day. We know that isn't healthy, but people just call them ambitious. I never touched a drug or alcohol in my life and it was really easy becasue i never tried them. I never obessed about not having them, just the opposite, since i never did them or put thought into it i could think about other stuff I hear the arugement well eatting that cake or that white flower or that alcolhol isn't going to kill me. Well smoking a cigerett every month or doing meth once a month isn't going to actually kill you, but if has no busisness being in the body so its' best to have none if it. Plus doing bad things once in a while leads to more and more. doing processed foods here and there won't kill you, but living on them like people do sure well.
  24. http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2009/aug/16/orthorexia-mental-health-eating-disorder This right here is a absolute joke, I feel like I'm living in la la land world. "Orthorexics commonly have rigid rules around eating. Refusing to touch sugar, salt, caffeine, alcohol, wheat, gluten, yeast, soya, corn and dairy foods is just the start of their diet restrictions. Any foods that have come into contact with pesticides, herbicides or contain artificial additives are also out." It's a fact that many of those are bad for us yet we have a problem if we don't want to eat them. I guess i should start getting drunk on the weekends with my buds maybe pop some vicoden so i can be normal. I guess the Establishment doesn't want healthy people because it's interferes with there medical profits.
  25. LOL it's just one big coincidence. Big Brother doesn't like being exposed
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