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  1. Unfortunately it doesn't matter much what the country thinks, it's all up to those in congress. And while they were elected by the people, most of those elections were also about choosing between a giant douche or a turd sandwich. That's not to say a direct democracy would necessarily be better, maybe it would. Personally I'd like to see more of this falling back on the states, at least then we wouldn't be so stuck in this finding a one-size-fits-all mindset. Yeah i agree. But People in Congress can only do bad things if the people don't stand up. Unfortunately most people are thinking about sports, dancing with the stars, MTV ect to focus on what really matters. I think the biggest fraud is the two party system in this country. It's like choosing between Coke and Pepsi. Its much like Pro Wrestling in that they argue and bicker back and fourth on camera but behind the senses there working for basically the same thing and that's the Corporate Elite. If you asked most people in this country what kinda of government we are they'd say a democracy, but that is probably the worst kinda of government there is. That is majority rules, anything goes. If 51 percent want to in slave the other 49 then they can. The founders of this country were very smart setting up a constitutional republic were there is a set of rules that can't be violated and have a system of checks and balances to keep a balance of power. A lot of people don't realize that the elected officials work for us and we have every right to voice are distance for there corrupt ways. There's a good saying that says something like Evil can only take over if good men do nothing.
  2. Hopefully we won't find out becasue the majority of the country is against it. But Obama is a slick salesman and might be able to get the majority down for it. The good thing is the country as a whole is waking up to Obama as his aproval rating slips.
  3. IYM i'm with you on that one. There's not much health care going on, just disease management. There's alot of money in treating diseases, but not much money in teaching people what is needed to drastically reduce your chances of having a issue. The vast majority of medical bills in this country are for Lifestyle related conditions that can be elimainted or at the minimum vastly reduced with proper lifestyle(Heart Disease, Cancer, diabetes ect.) There's so much stuff in this 1200 plus page bill that isn't making it too the main stream news. It's really going to continue the trend of the last 40 years of desroying the middle class with tax after tax after tax leading to a ruling class and a working class. With the bill there's no need to prove citizenship so Illeagals will be treated for a whole host of problems using the expensive methods and this will encourage more and more illeagals to come in the country. I really don't feel like paying for joe's gastric bypass or betties lung transplant from 40 years of smoking ect. I'd love for there to be the perfect system where everyone has great care and a huge priority on prevention but that's not what is going on here. We'll see more of the same except higher taxes and drug companies profiting even more. On top of all this the country is in a huge economic slow down and raising taxes will only hurt a struggling people.
  4. Need to build muscle and lose some fat. mainly building muscle becasue if you have little muscle and fat it gives you a female like look
  5. LOL, there'd have to be like 50 players on the team becasue they'd play for a min and sit out for 4 min
  6. Well Bodybuidling and Heath are competely different things. You can look like a greek god and still have liver and kidneys problems. Getting health advice from a typical bber is like getting job advice from a out of work career planner. Many of the leading experts in the feild of health talk about the overconsumption of protein. The China study has alot of good into on this. Dr McDougall has alot of great info on this along with countless others. I look at protein like the materials to build a house. If you were placing a order for the material to build the house you'd get the exact amount or slightly above , the more you go over that it goes to waste and drains your bank account. In the case of protein heavy excess takes it's toll on the liver/ kidneys along with other parts of the body.
  7. Your all ready pretty lean, why not just add more mass and then cut from there?
  8. No matter how Vegan we are we still have to live are lives so there's no way to competely avoid killing things. We just have to minimize as much as possibile
  9. Yeah the high fat low carb is really working for you , all 160 or so pounds
  10. Depends on your goals, If you add muscle and keep the same amount of body fat your overall body fat percentage goes down becasue the fat will be spread over more total mass. I think you should keep your diet clean like you probably are to get that lean and just up the lifting and you'll look really cut once you add more mass. or if you don't care about size and just want to be really lean drop 5-10 pounds of fat Well I guess I could use just a little bit of muscle mass. I might do the first option. I have always been told not to go below 6%. yeah 2-4 percent body fat is needed for health, so when you get to 5-6 percent there's not much breathing room. I think 8 percent is perfect becase it's really lean, but still has some fullness when you have muscle
  11. Yeah i wonder about the insulin levle responce getting used to lower carbs becasue i allways had a pretty fast metabalism being able to eat anything and everything sad, then i was on a low carb diet for close to 2 years and then after when i went off to the same foods i used to eat i'd gain weight like crazy.
  12. I kind of feel honoured And BTW spirluna tastes so crappy. You cannot rely on it for a protein source since you will probably throw up every time you drink it. Yep Spirlina tastes like absolute crap, maybe a sign that we shouldn't comsume it
  13. That looks like a really depressing diet. LOL i was thinking the same thing
  14. Yeah i used to train, at one of those underground hardcore gyms. Those are the best becasue they teach the real art not cardio boxing. I don't train boxing any longer becasue i train grappling and am much more pasionate about grappling, but i might train again in the future.
  15. That's cool, I was on that for a couple months and will be on it for the next month becasue i'm having problems with my wisdom teeth coming in and i have to wait 3 weeks to get them out so i'm just going to do smoothies. How is your strength gains now compared to training on different diets in the past? what about different stuff like how are you feeling now compared to before? What are your calories at?
  16. Very impressive for a female on a raw diet to be that muscular, SO your on like a 811 type diet? How long have you been on that?
  17. So you're saying if I drop my percentage a little lower I should see some results? Or if I increase my muscle mass just a little bit, I should see some better results? Depends on your goals, If you add muscle and keep the same amount of body fat your overall body fat percentage goes down becasue the fat will be spread over more total mass. I think you should keep your diet clean like you probably are to get that lean and just up the lifting and you'll look really cut once you add more mass. or if you don't care about size and just want to be really lean drop 5-10 pounds of fat
  18. You didn't notice the magical ormus elements running through your body giving you super human abilities?
  19. Yes i've taken it and have taken lots of it and never noticed anything different. I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu so alot of those guys are big into it becasue it part of the brazilian culture. The problem i have with it is just to make it ediible you have to sweeten it with cain sugar or other sweetners. Plain Acai is very bad with no taste. I'd take a fresh local peach picked off 3 days ago 10 miles from my house any day over a product shipped all the way across the world and stored for long periods of time. It's very similar to the goji berry, cocoa, maca and all these other foods marketed as cure alls. If Maca grew in the US and was as abundant as a radish(same family) it would still have the same nutirents but it wouldn't be sold and marketed as the cure all becasue it would be just another food.
  20. What do you know a diet very similar to mine. Pretty much the omni version mine or pretty much mcdougall diet with a little added dairy and meat. The people getting the real results don't thumb there nose at what works and try following stupid fad diets that don't match are best nutritional needs like a low carb diet.
  21. This statement is very problematic. yes it is for u
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