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  1. School is done until January I need to get in on some of these. I haven't seen you guys in months. I am leaving from the 20th to the 1st but other than that I am around
  2. Seriously If Prop 8 failed. Ask yourself honestly. You don't think that any gays would put churches in the gun sites and take aim. Because if you don't believe that that's what it will eventually come to, your not giving humans enough credit. Gay and most churches are quite opposite when it come to (fill in the blanks).Think about it. no they wont, because they can't. Certainly they can try, but there is absolutely no legal ground to stand on. The constitution is very clear on this, church cant interfere with the state and the state can't interfere with the church. Anyone can choose to sue anyone, however with no legal constitutional ground to stand on the cases would be dismissed. Do you understand how our legal system works? the constitution is very clear on this. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" The state can not legally dictate how the church exercises its religion.
  3. Vegan Joe clearly does not understand the constitution, or understand what the separation of church and state means. This law would not have forced churches to do anything, they are private religious institutions and are allowed to operate as they see fit under their own religious guidelines. This law was about civil marriages, the right for same sex couples to get married under the law under a civic binding contract. You do realize no one actually gets married in a church right? They get married in a court house, the church stuff is just for show.
  4. Not to argue, but this just isn't true. 2 years ago it was cheaper than it is today. My 2 bedroom in the burbs 2 1/2 years ago was $690. It was a brand new building. I saw plenty of 2 bedrooms during that time in the burbs for $475-$525 Obviously in the city is more, but the prices were def lower 2 years ago then they are today. There are some neighborhoods that are higher than the prices I listed but not many. Particularly the pearl district is higher, but seeing as I don't know anyone under 30 that would actually want to live there I didn't bother listing that. I live in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Portland (especially for vegans) and 2 bedrooms are easily found between $900 and $1300.
  5. my gf and I just went and did this the other day. It was tons of fun and super cheap!
  6. High income tax & property tax. But its a progressive tax system and there is no sales tax.
  7. Portland is also one of my fav places to be. The weather in the winter is Rain, rain and more rain. But its a pretty mild climate. Doesn't get too cold. Average in the winter is upper 40's low 50's. I love it here, moved here 3 years ago from Cali. Oh and did I mention the food?
  8. Portland is def NOT expensive. In a crappy area you can get a 2 bedroom for $550-$700 In a so so area you can get a 2 bedroom apt for $700-$900 In a good area 2 bedroom goes for $800-$1000 Great area $900-$1200 for a 2 bedroom. Lotus would be the best one to ask about massage therapy laws. Also studios and 1 bedrooms can be had for pretty darn cheap.
  9. welcome. Ive done no gi bjj for about 4 years total now.
  10. Ok, I want to say congrats on the great transition. However after reading all your posts in this thread I am actually a little worried. You are 120 pounds @ 5 feet, well within a healthy range for your height. You seem overly obsessed with the fact that you have "gross fat" I just really, really hope that you are not developing an eating disorder. You look great, and it doesn't seem you have taken a step back to see just how great you look. I am not going to lie, that worries me just a little.
  11. Awesome to hear Randy endorse Hemp. However, I predict Fedor by complete and utter domination.
  12. Are they okay to walk in when you're off the bike? Usually MTB shoes allow you to walk around freely without messing up the cleats. I have Crank Brothers Candy pedals and I couldn't be happier. I ride fixed, and the power difference is extremely noticeable. I will never go back. Climbing sucks with my ratio on a fixed, first day out with my new pedals and it was a good 20% easier to climb up hills.
  13. MODS, please move the unrelated posts to a new thread so we can continue this... Maybe titled, Tarz thinks sweatshops are a good thing, and multinationals try to help people.
  14. let me just add, I apologize for this getting so off topic. I will no longer respond to unrelated posts in this thread, I am happy to continue this particular discussion but create a separate thread if you want to do that.
  15. seriously, what fucking planet are you living on? I wasn't suggesting that there was absolutely "no local manufacturing base" in these countries. However since you clearly are uninformed here I will lay it out for you. These countries were primarily rural, and actually still are primarily rural. Even China, now one of the largest, if not the largest manufacturing economy in the world. You have no idea if the living conditions of these workers are better or worse because you refused to watch the video I posted for you. As far as your question related to Nike, no in all actuality they are far from the worst. However they are still involved in murdering labor organizers, and paying there workers wages that they should be ashamed of. Since you seem to know it all, I guess I don't have to tell you that with wages they make they can barely afford to buy 2-3 meals a day, and barely cover their rent. Never mind education for their kids, they sleep on barren mats on concrete floors for christs sake. SOme of these workers are as young as or younger than 13 years old. Yes Tarz you're right they are much better off. But since you brought it up, lets talk about some other multinationals. Take your pick, Shell, Coca Cola, Monsanto, Nestle. How about the World Bank, the WTO, we can talk about any of these institutions you'd like. They are all guilty of exploiting the people,the animals, and the environment of these "third world" countries. Countries like the U.S. in conjunction with the WTO, and the Word Bank, and the IMF were in conjunction to promote and enforce policies that are sure to hold these countries, and their people captive. Oh for the record, one piece of gum costs 25 cents, sometimes more. May still seem like only a small amount, however its 3 times more than you had thought. I would say that is a considerable difference.
  16. It shows Nike factory and living conditions for what they are. But you're the know it all, you should know all about it right?
  17. Watch this, then come back and talk to me.... http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=5600443 Oh and while I am at it, It is easy for you to sit here, on your privileged Canadian ass, and make judgments about what it might be like trying to survive on practically nothing. It makes it easier for you, anything to make your consumer addicted, money grubbing society seem ok. I would hardly say these people are in better conditions, but for the sake of the argument I will submit to you that maybe, just maybe they are in better conditions for the short term. However there is a much larger picture here. They have essentially secured that for the foreseeable future these are the best conditions they will have. Instead of being able to revolutionize and develop from the inside, they will be held captive. Because of the way the system is designed, very few people inside these countries will ever be able to make enough capital to develop their own ideas, and their own companies. You see when all the wealth is being accumulated by companies and persons based outside of the country, it means none of that wealth gets returned to that population and that country. Id also like to add, you have got a history of suggesting its ok to exploit people to get the things you want. You also have a history of excusing things in such a way that it isn't exploitation, it isn't sexism because they CHOSE to do it. Tarz, I wonder if you have any idea how full of shit you really are. Not to mention if you think you can buy bubble gum for 8 cents youve got another thing coming.
  18. I think avocados are fine. especially one a day, that is hardly excessive. I would however keep the nuts and seeds to a minimum if possible.
  19. I think it would be nice if you would reread what xdarthveganx wrote and think about it for a while. Like xdarthveganx, I found it quite upsetting that you would put down animal rights prisoners like that. The truth is it makes me think that you are an idiot, but I would really like it if you would prove me wrong . What is your point? Certainly wasnt the market that made the US stop dumpin napalm on viatnamese villages, it was armed resistance from the vietnamese people. . Not only that, U.S. troops resisted the war in Vietnam and in a lot of cases even shot their own commanding officers.
  20. Ok, I just thought about it. Hmm... 20-30 years in the bing for animal activism... would that make me like Leonard Peltier? Mumia Abu Jamal? Or maybe even someone like Gary Webb or Danny Casolaro, murdered for spreading information? Oh wait, no it wouldn't; It would just make me another nameless faceless person locked in a cage with no one giving a fuck about what I had to say about anything because I was arrested for violent animal activism... not because I had any information or any ability to mobilize people. these people are hardly nameless... SHAC Jacob Conroy #93501-011 FCI Victorville Medium 1 PO Box 5300 Adelanto, CA 92301 Jake Conroy is one of the SHAC 7 defendants found guilty on March 2, 2006 for allegedly spearheading SHAC USA and the campaign against the notorious animal testing lab Huntingdon Life Sciences in the US. He was convicted of violating the Animal Enterprise Protection Act, Conspiracy to Stalk, three substantive counts of Interstate Stalking, and Conspiracy to Violate the Communications Act of 1934. To support Jake go to: http://www.supportjake.org/. Darius Fulmer #26397-050 FCI Fort Dix PO Box 2000 Fort Dix, NJ United States 08640 Darius is one of the "SAHC-7" convicted for reporting on and encouraging others to engage in legal demonstrations and supporting the ideology of direct action. He was convicted of Conspiracy to violate the Animal Enterprise Protection Act and sentenced to 1 year, 1 day. For information on how you can support Darius go to: http://www.shac7.com/dari/index.htm. Lauren Gazzola #93497-011 FCI Danbury ROute #37 22 1/2 Pembroke ROad Danbury, CT United States 06811 For Conspiracy to violate the Animal Enterprise Protection Act, Conspiracy to Stalk, three counts of Interstate Stalking, Conspiracy to Harass using a Telecommunications Device, Lauren was sentenced to 4 years and 4 months. Support Lauren! Moe information at: http://www.supportlauren.com/. Josh Harper #29429-086 FCI SHERIDAN P.O. BOX 5000 Sheridan, OR United States 97378 CONVICTED OF: Conspiracy to violate the Animal Enterprise Protection Act, Conspiracy to Harass using a Telecommunications Device for which he received a three year sentence. Josh's support site is: http://www.joshharper.org/. Kevin Kjonaas #93502-011 UNIT I, FCI SANDSTONE Unit 1 PO Box 1000 Sandstone, MN United States 55072 Kevin started his six year sentence on November 16, 2006, convicted for Conspiracy to violate the Animal Enterprise Protection Act, Conspiracy to Stalk, three counts of Interstate Stalking, Conspiracy to Harass using a Telecommunications Device. Support information is available at: http://www.andystepanian.com/. Andy Stepanian #26399-050 FCI BUTNER MEDIUM II P.O. BOX 1500 Butner, NC United States 27509 Sentenced to 3 years for Conspiracy to violate the Animal Enterprise Protection Act, Andy was moved in November 2006 to a maximum security unit due to "overcrowding in minimum security". Support Andy! FOr information go to http://www.andystepanian.com/. Anarchist & Anti-Authoritarian Jerome W. Bey #37479 SCCC (1-B-224) 255 West Hwy 32 Licking, MO United States 65102 Social prisoner and founder of the anarcho-syndicalist Missouri Prison Labor Union. Bill Dunne #10916-086 Box 019001 Atwater, CA United States 95301 Anti-authoritarian sentenced to 90 years for the attempted liberation of a prisoner in 1979. For Bill's statement go to: http://www.prisonactivist.org/pps%2Bpows/pplist-alpha.shtml#dunne Matt ""Rampage"" Lamont Reincarcerated on Feb 23rd, 2006 for a "parole violation". Ojore N. Lutalo #59860 PO 861 SBI #0000901548 Trenton, NJ United States 08625 Anarchist and black liberation soldier serving time for revolutionary clandestine activities. Marie Mason #134001 Butler ounty Sherrifs Office & CorrectionalComplex 705 Hanover St Hamilton, OH 45011 *Updated* Marie Mason was arrested and accused of arsons in connection with actions dating back to 1999. She is awaiting trial. For more info contact: [email protected] Brian McCarvill #11037967 Oregon State Penitentiary 2605 State Street Salem, OR United States 97310 Brian became politically active while serving a 39-year sentence on bogus charges, he has been continually harassed after filing a lawsuit against the Oregon Dept. of Corrections. Mike Rusniak #DOC K88887 Dixon CC 2600 Brinton PO Box 99 Dixon, IL United States 61021 Serving time for stealing a police car, and other acts of anti-government property-destruction. Rodney Wade #38058 S.I.C.I. ND-BL-24 P.O.Box 8509 Boise, ID United States 83707 Ecological activist serving time for self-defense against a racist attack. Indigenous & Land Rights Byron Shane "Oso Blanco" Chubbuck #07909-051 US Penitentiary PO Box 26030 Beaumont, TX United States 77720 Indigenous rights activist serving 80 years for bank robbery, aggravated assault on the FBI, escape and firearms charges. A confidential informer (pig) reported that Oso was robbing banks in order to acquire funds to support the Zapatista rebellion in Chiapas, Mexico. in 1998-99. Read more at: http://www.americanindianprisoners.com/Pages/Byron%20Shane%20Chubbuck.htm Eddie Hatcher #0173499 ECI PO Box 215 Maury, NC United States 28550 Longtime Native American freedom-fighter being framed for a murder he did not commit. He hasd a blog at http://eddiehatcher.blogspot.com/. Leonard Peltier #89637-132 U.S. PENITENTIARY PO Box 1000 Leavenworth, KS United States 66048 American Indian Movement (AIM) activist, serving two Life sentences, having been framed for the murder of two FBI agents. http://www.freepeltier.org/ Luis V. Rodriguez #C33000 PO Box 7500 Crescent City, CA United States 95532-7500 Apache/Chicano activist being framed for the murder of two cops. Tewahnee Sahme #11186353 SRCI 777 Stanton Blvd Ontario, OR United States 97914 Dedicated Native rights advocate serving additional time for a prison insurgency. David "Looks Away" Scalera #13405480 TRCI 82911 Beach Access Rd Umatilla, OR United States 97882 Dedicated Native rights advocate serving additional time for a prison insurgency. Eco-Defense & Animal Liberation Tre Arrow #640393, Multnomah County Detention Center 1120 S.W. 3rd Avenue Portland, OR Canada 97206 *Updated* Tre has been extradited to the US and is awaiting trial accused of involvement with an arson on logging trucks and an arson on vehicles owned by a sand & gravel company. For more info go to: http://www.trearrow.org/ Nathan Block #36359-086 FCI Lompoc, Federal Correctional Institution, 3600 Guard Road, Lompoc, CA United States 93436 Nathan Block plead guilty and was sentenced to seven years and eight months for involvement in two incidents of direct actions that occurred in Oregon in 2001. [email protected] Rod Coronado ##03895000 FCI Tucson PO Box 23811 Tucson, AZ United States 85734 Rod was sentenced to eight months in federal prison August 7th for interfering with U.S. Forest Service agents who were trying to capture mountain lions in Sabino Canyon two years ago. Support info See also: http://flamingarrows.mountainrebel.net/index.php Josh Demmit #12314-081 FCI Safford P.O. Box 9000 Safford, AZ United States 85548 Serving 30 months for an arson on a University animal testing facility. For more go to: http://supportjosh.org Barnes Grant #137563, San Carlos Correctional Facility PO Box 3 Pueblo, CO 81002 Grant Barnes plead guility and was sentenced to 12 years in prison for setting several SUVs on fire in the Denver area. Jeffrey Hogg OR United States Jeff Hogg was released from jail November 15, 2007 where he was held for refusing to testify in front of a federal grand jury being used to build their case against "Green Scare defendants". Ted Kaczynski #04475-046 US Pen-Admin Max Facility PO Box 8500 Florence, CO United States 81226 Sentenced to multiple lifetimes in prison for the "Unabomber" bombing attacks against the architects of the New World Order. Read an interview with him at http://www.primitivism.com/kaczynski.htm Jeffrey "Free" Luers #13797671 Oregon State Penitentiary 2605 State Street Salem, OR United States 97310 Serving a 22+ year sentence for setting fire to sports utility vehicles to protest the destruction of the environment. He has been made an example of by the criminal injustice system and he urgently needs your support. Read more at: http://www.freefreenow.org/ UPDATE, February 2008: Jeff 'Free' Leurs has been resentenced to ten years imprisonment, meaning he'll be out in December 2009! More info is available at: www.freejeffluers.org Eric McDavid #X-2972521 Sacramento County Main Jail 4E231A 7E128 651 "I" Street Sacramento, CA United States 95814 Arrested & charged with "conspiracy to damage and destroy property by fire and an explosive." More at www.supporteric.org Daniel McGowan #63794-053 FCI Sandstone, Federal Correctional Institution PO Box 1000 Sandstone, MN United States 55072 Daniel McGowan plead guilty and was sentenced to seven years for two incidents of direct action that occurred in Oregon in 2001. www.supportdaniel.org Jonathan Paul #07167-085 FCI Phoenix, Federal Correctional Institution 37910 N 45th Ave. Phoenix, AZ United States 85086 Jonathan Paul plead guilty and was sentenced to 51 months for involvement in a direct action that occurred in Oregon in 1997. www.supportjonathan.org Fran Thompson #1090915 WERDCC HU 1C P.O. Box 300 Valdalia, MO United States 63382 Longtime eco-activist serving a Life sentence for shooting dead, in self-defense, a stalker who had broken into her home. For more information send a letter to 'Free Fran Movement', 333 Agro Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78209, USA. John Wade #38548-083 FCI Petersburg Low, Satellite Camp PO Box 90027 Petersburg, VA United States 23804 Serving 37 months for a series of ELF actions against McDonalds & Burger King, urban sprawl, the construction industry, and an SUV dealership. Briana Waters #36432-086 FDC - Seatac, Federal Detention Center P.O. Box 13900 Seattle, WA United States 98198 Briana Waters was convicted of involvement in a direct action that took place in Oregon in 2001. For more information on how you can support this Eco-Defense prisoner go to: http://www.supportbriana.org/. Helen Woodson #03231-045 FMC Carswell PO Box 27137 Admin Max Unit Fort Worth, TX United States 76127 Serving 27 years for robbing a bank and then setting the money on fire while reading out a statement denouncing greed, capitalism and the destruction of the environment. Read her essay Terrorism, the Law and Guilt by Association Peter Young #10269-111 FCI Victorville Medium II PO Box 5700 Adelanto, CA United States 92301 RELEASED! Sentenced to 2 years for releasing 8,000 mink from a fur farm. The South Dakota charges have been dropped. For the most complete and up-to-date information go to: http://supportpeter.com. Joyanna Zacher #36360-086 FCI Dublin, Federal Correctional Institution 5701 8th St - Camp Parks- Unit E, Dublin, CA United States 94568 Joyanna Zacher plead guilty and was sentenced to seven years and eight months for involvement in two incidents of direct actions that occurred in Oregon in 2001. [email protected] United Freedom Front (UFF) The following three individuals are serving huge sentences for their role in actions carried out by the (UFF) in the 1980's. The UFF carried out solidarity bombings against the US government on a variety of issues. Jaan Karl Laaman #W41514 Box 100 South Walpole, MA United States 0207 Thomas Manning #10373-016 US Penitentiary Box 1000 Leavenworth, KS United States 66048 Richard Williams #10377-016 3901 Klein Blvd. Lompoc, CA United States 93436 MOVE MOVE is a radical ecological movement that has been attacked by the Philadelphia Police since its inception. Nine members were convicted and sent to prison for life following a 1978 siege at their house in which one cop was killed by another cop. One of those nine, Merle Africa, died in prison after being denied medical treatment. Charles Simms Africa #AM4975 SCI Grateford Box 244 Grateford, PA United States 19426-0244 Debbie Simms Africa #0006307 451 Fullerton Ave. Cambridge Springs, PA United States 16403-1238 Edward Goodman Africa #AM4974 SCI Camp Hill Box 200 Camp Hill, PA United States 17011-0200 Janet Holloway Africa #006308 451 Fullterton Ave. Cambridge Springs, PA United States 16403-1238 Janine Philips Africa #006309 451 Fullerton Ave. Cambridge Springs, PA United States 16403-1238 Michael Davis Africa #AM4973 SCI Grateford Box 244 Grateford, PA United States 19426-0244 William Philips Africa #AM4984 SCI Dallas Drawer K Dallas, PA United States 18612
  21. You just asked me to cite examples of change, you made no specification if the change was supposed to be good or bad. Bad labor conditions are certainly better than having napalm dumped on your villages daily. The market often changes things for worse, often for the better. The internet was by and large a creation of the free market, in my opinion that's a good thing. The internet was a creation of the free market? really? Why is that? because they put the infrastructure in place? Give me a break. The internet as we know it wouldn't even exist if the corporations had their way with it. Ever heard of net neutrality? Also are you not aware that every single day, workers are being murdered by paid mercenaries of multi-nationals? Not to mention the constant onslaught of native and indigenous peoples. Have you heard of Plan Columbia? How about the effects that corporations like Monsanto have had on South America and SE Asia? You my friend need to become "more well read".
  22. Yeah I agree, those doing it know who they are. Dont assume that someone isnt educated without knowing anything about them. Hmm. Its funny becasue you completely miss the point that both violence & non violence have made good social change, did you ever think that both opinions were in part correct? Recognising that & meeting at that middle ground is what intelligent people do do form unity.Of all the groups I would hope to see a desire to be unfied it would be among us - vegans, because lets be honest, we are outnumbered & outgunned.We need to be nicer to eachother. First off don't even start, I haven't once said that non violent tactics don't have a place in social change. I simply stated a FACT that in any successful social change movement, and any successful revolution some form of violence was not only prevalent but essential. You know how many people I know refuse to post here because of the ignorance that is spread all across this board? Shit Ive been here a long time and I don't even post here anymore because of it. However this discussion was getting butchered so I had to say something. We will be unified as long as people learn to keep their mouth shut about activists who are out their risking their lives to save animals. Imagine you are someone sitting in prison for 10, 20 or even 30 years because you risk your freedom to save animals and you read someone that had completely disregarded everything you have given up for animals. This isn't a laughing matter, its easy for people to sit behind a computer screen and criticize a movement they know almost NOTHING about.
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