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  1. OK so here is the deal I have been vegan for about 10 years but always on the chubby side, I want to know if its possible to slim down and make myself a little smaller. I have a pretty large frame as in football player style body. I dont mind being a larger guy but I would like to slim down as much as possible. I have been doing jiu Jitsu for a while now and feel as if my physique is holding me back. How should I go about doing this? I really need to know what kind of meal plan is best for slimming down? Also what is the best way to go about things excercise wise? I am great at bulking up and getting bigger which ive done before in the past. But what should I be doing to bulk down? Let me first state that my cardio absolutley sucks and when I try to run which dosent get me very far it bothers my kneeesand my ankles . Also im rather limited to just my gym in my apartments which has a treadmill and a lifecycle. HELP ME WHAT IM A DOING WRONG???!!! Here is where I am at currently...... 6'1" 265 lbs 38-40 Waist and very stocky I have really broad shoulders and my legs are like tree trunks Also My flexibility is HORRIBLE!!!!!! I try to stretch everday but I cant even touch my toes EXCERCISE: As of right now, Monday: Jiu Jitsu 7-830 pm Tuesday: Jiu Jitsu 7-830pm Wednesday: Jiu Jitsu 6-730pm Thursday: Jiu Jitsu 6-730 pm Friday: 30 minute hill program on the lifecycle I am soaked in sweat by the time im done. 50 Pushups 100 Crunches Saturday: 30 minute hill program on the lifecycle I am soaked in sweat by the time im done. 50 Pushups 100 crunches Sunday: Rest Also I work at home depot 3 days a week and walk approximately 7 miles in an average work day. DIET: Breakfast Bowl of Cereal usually hemp granola with vanilla almond milk and a soy yogurt Snack: Smoothie- Vanilla almond milk ,Banana, Frozen berries, 2 scoops hemp protien, 2 scoops vitamineral green powder Lunch: varies. (i.e.)... Sandwhich with tofurkey slices, avocado, tomato, veganaise and mustard on 21 whole grain bread. sometimes I add a cup of soup or chili Snack: Clif Builder Bar Dinner: varies but here are a couple examples 1 "chicken" fajitas with red and green bell pepper and onion and gaucamole. Plus 2-3 taco size flour tortillas 2 vegan Potsickers boiled not fried. 3 Spanish Rice with 2 tofurkey sausages and then usually a salad with dinner.... Dark Greens, tomato, avocado, cucumber with balsamic vinagrette or goddess dressing ALSO: I cut soda virtually out of my diet completely about 2 months ago If I do drink a soda its once a week MAYBE and it will be a hansens fruit soda or a blue sky. I drink 64 ounces of water a day. the only other thing I drink is juice. usually orange or tangerine. Here is a pic of what I look like, http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/4818/10015695gj.jpg Workout equipment I have available: Treadmill Lifecycle Weak ass weight machine
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