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  1. I think it's easy to overlook how much effort it takes to put together a good eating and exercise plan. And when you're swamped just trying to get through the days, a good meal turns from nutritious salad and hummus to smeat and some noodles to a slice of pizza without cheese. And suddenly nutrition goes down the toilet. I'm regrouping and hoping to make the transition back. I'll have to try some of the Vega bars I keep hearing so much about. But ultimately, it's about putting a maintainable structure in place so I'm eating and exercising the way I want to. Get back to my physical and moral ideals. And find that great healthful balance I miss so much...
  2. Hi there... So after 4.5 years of being a strict vegan, I recently added dairy back into my diet after getting prodded by my doctor and dentist that my calcium was low and my teeth were soft. And I know that leafy greens are a great source of calcium. I also know that I've been working 10-15 hours a day and haven't been able to do a decent grocery shop in a long, long time... I added dairy back in about 6 weeks ago. I have unfortunately noticed that some of my recuperation from hard rides and such has improved. Could this be because of the higher branched amino acid content in whey and casein-based protein? Anyways, m'spirit isn't doing so well with the change and I'm planning on transitioning back to the right path. I'm leaving the job that has me working 24/7 and will be putting a re-emphasis on my training program and my lifestyle and diet. I'm planning on training myself to start shopping more frequently and packing meals. I live in NYC which basically means I have little to no excuse for not eating healthy all th'time. I've found, though, that I've been eating a bunch of smeat and such 'cause I'm always fuel-deprived, but not surround th'smeat with a loving smattering of veggies. So wrist slap, bad vegan. S'gonna change. I promise. So here's hoping ya'll will see me back and around chattin' up the forums with how to get m'cuts back quickly. Hope this note finds you well.. Craig
  3. so i've heard that it's not good for males to eat more than 25g of Soy protein a day because in breaking down the protein, the body produces estrogen precursors which can eventually lead to prostate problems, storing more body fat, etc. etc. Is this true? Has anyone noticed that cutting down on soy protein has actually made a difference in the gym? If so, what protein sources are you using to supplement? i'm using brown rice and non-soy vegetable protein. i'm looking into adding brewer's yeast flakes and possibly hemp protein into the mix as well. any advice? thoughts? comments? thx much, craigmc
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    hi all

    well I'm going on 4 years of being vegan, but just starting to really try and get m'vegan butt into the shape i want to be in. i've put together an aggressive training schedule, and am looking forward to teaming up with y'folks and making it all happen. nice to meet everyone. thx. craigmc
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