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  1. Haha this is from youth of today this month. I'm in the front in the BOLD knockoff shirt that says "OLD"
  2. I just checked out sinking ships. That's some good stuff. Kinda reminds me of Bane. Are they a Boston band?
  3. Hey Rossco you like any of the old British stuff like Broken Bones, Exploited, abrasive wheels, or anti nowhere league? That was my high school playlist
  4. Jeff is a crazy cyclist! He used to come into the bike shop that I worked at a lot. I see Bruce more often because he works at the local health food store.
  5. I also sang and played in kick to tha head, code thirty, and neon rebels. Check em out!
  6. I love the late 80s stuff. Then again I also like the early 80s stuff and the 90s stuff. I never really liked the militant people because I'm a former addict myself. Gorilla Biscuits Youth of Today Judge Shelter Agnostic Front War zone Black flag Minor Threat 7 seconds xLooking Forwardx Earth Crisis Madball Blood For Blood Ramallah Betrayed In My Eyes No For An Answer Uniform Choice Stretch Armstrong Cromags H2O
  7. Haha will do. Just had dinner with Jeff a couple of weeks ago
  8. That sucks! The same thing happened with me and Shelter last year. I had tix that were like 80 bucks for a fest and I couldnt get off work.
  9. Yeah my form is still pretty bad I guess. A dude at the gym today saw me using mostly my back and told me I needed to squat more. I'm gonna work on it with some lighter weights.
  10. I got to sing First Failure with GB in Chicago last Saturday! LIFE COMPLETE!
  11. Hey Matt! I think that you and I are followers on there. My user name is xRogerx.
  12. Thanks man! My back is sore as hell today.
  13. Hello! I bet its awesome to live somewhere like the Bay Area where you can workout in nice weather pretty much year round!
  14. I am having some trouble with my form on the dead lift. Should this be more of a leg or a back movement? From what I can gather, the type of dead lift that i was taught is the Romanian Dead Lift. I feel like I use my back more and I can only do about 200 lbs before it really starts to tweak my back. Should you squat more for a dead lift? Any videos or illustrations would help me a lot! Thanks!
  15. Cool thanks guys. I will save my money. I've just started using creatine and it seems to be awesome. The money I save will buy me more Vega.
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