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  1. I don't know if she knows it, but I'd like to hear more about your theory of lifting heavy while your dieting. I would argue that you can't burn fat and build muscle effectively at the same time because your body can't burn fat on a building diet, or build muscle on a burning diet...I have had some truly unorthodox things work for me in the past...That and you are seriously jacked(that means big and lean to my friends and I) so I'll take your advice. I typically only take advice from people who look the way I'd like to. Cheers
  2. Hey, it's ok guys. I know that lifting is very good for promoting my metabolism. High weight/low reps also in theory can help you to burn more calories because muscle burns more more calories per pound than fat. It's a long process however to gain a pound(or kg) of muscle. I'll get some pictures up. I'll use their not so accurate method at the gym today to check my bodyfat. I'm guessing it's around 11 or 12%. I guess my real question is if 2300 calories a day is too much for someone my size to cut weight. Then in my question would be...should I cut calories...where would I get 190g or protein a day from less. I don't want to cut my protein while trying to burn fat because I don't want to risk burning muscle. The extra protein in my diet will burn first and act as a bit of a buffer. Ok maybe here's a better question. How do you determine the calories you need to maintain your weight for your size? Is there an equation somewhere?
  3. Oh, it's fairly convenient, so I grind them as I use them as you would coffee beans. That way they maintain their outer shell. Once you crack it they will begin to oxidize sp? Sorry for the spelling.
  4. I grind my flax seeds in a coffee/spice grinder and add them to my protein shakes. I don't know if that's the best thing to do...it's just what I do.
  5. Ok ok, I got one for ya...Say Ditka vs. an entire army of vegan polish sausage. Da Bears!
  6. I was in the Corps for 6 years. Boot camp was rough. I made it through "vegan" without asking too many questions about plain oatmeal and butter on veggies. But I did graduate boot camp at only 140lbs. After basic training I was put on Comrats which is a program where they pay you and extra $250/mo to buy your own food. I was on that the whole 6 years. Piece of cake. My brother didn't fare as well. He lost tons of weight in basic and ended up starting to eat meat. He's ok now and does the best that he can, but he has decided to just go vegan again when he gets out.
  7. Welcome. As it turns out, I live in Redlands, CA. Not so far from you at all. Coincidentally, I'm an aspiring writer working on an BA in English. I'd love to check out a copy of your paper. Regards, Jason
  8. I must say I detest the idea that you will be small and frail if you are a vegan. I have long since made it my personal goal to be in supurb shape. It is so encouraging to see so many vegans who are interested in body building! Thanks for the welcome guys.
  9. I'm 5'10" 194. I'm not really that big for my weight(in my opinion) I know people who wear less weight much larger. Anyway. I'm shooting to get below 10% bodyfat...looking to bring out my 6 pack and muscle definition but I am having one heck of a time seeing much result. Maybe someone can help troubleshoot this mess. PB&J 340 Cal 13g Pro--pre workout Luna 140 Cal 10g Pro--between lifting and cardio Luna 140 Cal 10g Pro--post workout Shake 400 Cal 30g Pro--upon arrival home Burger Neuvau X2 640 Cal 54g Pro--Lunch Almonds 4oz 170 cal 7g pro--Snack Seitan Steaks/tofurkey sausage 470 cal 50g pro--Dinner Withoug eating again before bedtime this is 2300 calories but only 174 g of protein. Meh...I weigh 194. I have a soloution for that. I'm switching to Universal soy pro which with soy milk is 30g and only 217 cal. 2 of them will add 30 calories, but 30g of protein. Good trade off. Anyway you have and idea of the garbage I eat. Lets look at my program All exercies are 30sec between sets and 1.5 min between exercises Monday Legs Stretching/warmup 3 of 12 squats 3 of 12 leg press 3 of 12 ham curl 3 of 12 quad ext 3 of 12 seated calf raise directly to 30 min on crosstrainer 800 meters freestyle stroke--to save time and space..my cardio is typically the same, however sometimes I leave and do my cardio in the evening Abs Tuesday Chest 3 of 12 bench or dumbell press 3 of 12 incline dumbell 3 of 12 decline press 3 of 12 cable flys directly to cardio Wed Back Pull ups warmup 3 of 12 Lat Pulldown 3 of 12 Bent barbell row 3 of 12 Dumbell row 3 of 12 Deadlift directly to cardio Abs Thurs Shoulders 3 of 15 Clean and Press 3 of 15 Arnold Press 3 of 15 Seated Rev Flys 3 of 15 Side Raise 3 of 15 Front Raise directly to cardio Fri -Rest my arms Sat Bi's & Tri's 3 of 12 Twistiing Dumbell Curl 3 of 12 Camber Curl 3 of 12 Overhead Cable Curl 3 of 12 Pushdowns 3 of 12 Kickbacks 3 of 12 Skulls or Rope Pushdowns and cardio Abs Sunday Day of Rest That was a lot. Thanks if you took the time to read it. If this should be in another forum I apologize. I'm sure a moderator can move it. Thanks again. I know a lot of you guys are in some seriously good shape. My real question is about my diet, but I thought it best to see it compared to my workout, to truly know what I need to be eating.
  10. This is a really LONG thread and I can't read it all...but I am straightedge. I have been straightedge and vegan for roughly 13 years.
  11. The same could be said then for any suppliments that one would take. Even even eating excessive ammounts of certain foods would fit into that 'fake' category. It seems that you can't see through your pre-concieved notions about anabolics. I do not use steroids however I don't believe that they should be illegal. I do not bilieve that they are nearly as harmful as they are claimed to be if used properly.
  12. these things are my band's saving grace on tour. I also keep them around whe I'm at home for a convenient food, but i'd die w/o them on tour. Gas station diet is the worst thing I can think of...almost ever. J
  13. Oddly enough the only creatine I've ever taken was Cell-Tech. I don't wish to refute anyone elses claims, but only offer my personal experience. I'm no expert. I called Muscle-Tech with a question about the proper use for my weight. They gave me more tailored instructions that those on the tub. I followed those instructions very closely. The results were hard for me to believe. I gained 20lbs in learly 6 weeks. It's seems like BS to even type that. There are more factors that could have played a part in that rapid weight gain. I was also using a suppliment I got from a friend that he called decca??sp?....ok ok I'm kidding really now. It was 1998. I was 20 yrs old. The only prior lifting experience was in Juvie when I was 14. I was sitting around 5'10" and 140bls. Very thin for my frame. The fact that this was the very beginning of my serious training, my age, body type, and diet could have most certainly attributed to gains like this. After the 6 week cycle was over I stopped taking any supppliments at all, and retained most of this weight. Like I said, it seems odd even to me. I have taken cell-tech since then with more typical results. As for the powder form being bad for your liver...meh...everything CAN be bad for you. Don't use it for prolonged periods of time, and you'll be fine. Now that I've gone on forever...back to the topic. The fact that creatine helped the woman in the picture look like that is very VERY unlikely...refer to the post about clembuterol or winstrol for a more likely aid to her look. That or photoshop. Natural Blond, people try to tell me this and that about my fitness goals all the time(people whom I do not ask) If you would like to be more lean, please by all means strive for that goal. My advice would be more in the vein of Monitor your diet very closely and only eat calories that will benefit you goal. Concentrate on lifting 3 sets of 12-15 with weight that allows you to do those sets with proper form. Rest for a strict 30 seconds between sets and 1 to 1.5 min between exercises. If you can stick to that you are using too much weight. Implement exercises such as squats, clean and press, and dead lift which work multipul parts of your body at once. Get plenty of rest and take a multivitamin. You can most certainly incorporate cardio into this equation, but your hightened metabolic rate last much longerr from weight training that it does from cardiovascular activity. Sigh...I really went on there. Sorry...well...I guess you didn't have to read it. Jason
  14. I'm Jason. I've been vegan for roughly 13 years. I started lifting in 1998 while in the Marines. I've been training seriously since then. I've had some inconsistent times through a shoulder surgery. I'm 5'10" and last weighed in at 194. My real goal is to be completely and utterly lean. Sure I'd like to be a little bigger(trust me my 194 looks more like 175) Anyway...there it is. I've introduced myself.
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