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  1. It was a rough summer. My training has been fluctuating. More deaths, crazy work, etc. I'm gonna be back regular soon.
  2. Hey Captfit. Thanks so much. Your log is one of the ones I always read as I've been thinking about trying Stronglifts now that I'm beginning to have a decent foundation to work from. Training has been a bit off this week. One of my best friends died Monday night. Gonna miss the rest of the week so I can fly out to Oregon for the memorial.
  3. Right on. Glad to see you here. I've been listening to y'all for over 20 years.
  4. Wow. A member of Extreme Noise Terror is on here? This is my band:
  5. Been training but haven't been logging. Ah, well. Here's today. Soundtrack:Primitive Man-Scorn and Pharmakon-Abandon Pullups-10*10*9*6*5*5*5 Pushups-20*20*20*20*20 Ab Wheel Rollouts-10*10*10 Pistols-5*5*5 I'm doing pullups for the time being to 50, regardless of how many sets it takes me. Varying the grips with everything but chinups as those hurt my elbows. Ab Wheel Rollouts are from the knees. And they are fucking brutal! Finally achieved the pistol squat! I still have to do it over stairs as I don't have the flexibility to keep my non-working leg up yet. I can do them standing on a 10" stool, though. My pushups have been sucking lately so I'm gonna work them back up with various hand positions.
  6. Been training but not logging. Time to make a leap. 92,430+425= 92,855
  7. 5/17 Intervals Soundtrack:Enewetak-Guns...Elvis Loved Them Pullups-5*5(w/14 lbs.)*3&3&2(w.26 lbs.)*1(w/40 lbs.) Pushups-20*20*16&14&10(w/26 lbs.) Decline Situps-20*10&10&10(w/25 lbs.)*5(w/ 50 lbs.) One legged box squats @ 15"(each leg)-5*5*5 The form on the squats was pretty bad. Gonna stay at 18"(a.k.a. my kitchen chair) for a little while longer. TODAY Supersets Soundtrack:Autopsy-Acts of the Unspeakable Pullups and Pushups-10/25*9/25*8/25 Inverted rows with feet elevated and pike pushups with feet elevated-7/5*7/7*7/5 One legged box squats @ 18" (each leg) and hanging knee raises-5/10*5/8*5/8 Split squats with two 25 lb. dumbbells (each leg) and weighted(w/25 lbs.) decline sit ups-5/15*5/15*5/15 Gonna get my numbers back up. Haven't been giving any real time to endurance. The supersets are a nice change, too. Form on one legged squats is much better with those extra 3".
  8. Unless you know a vegan that will want them, I'm not sure why it would matter. Would you feel better with someone buying it to just paddle around on the lake, deflate it, and drive to Long John Silver's afterward?
  9. Ethical reasons, although I don't believe that it's really going to change much. It seems in recent years that if veganism is going to be marginally acceptable, it will be as a result of health reasons.
  10. Friday 5/10 Soundtrack:I*Spy-Revenge of the Little Shits Pullups-8*5(w/14 lbs.)*3(w/26 lbs.)*1(w/40 lbs.)*5 Pushups-30*20(w/feet at 18")*10(w/feet at 36")*5(pikes w/feet at 36")*25 My legs and core were still on fire from the previous workout so I gave them a little more rest. My one 40 lb. pullup is a personal best. Today Soundtrack:Cancer-To the Gory End Pullups-10*10*8 Pushups w/feet at 18"-20*20*15 Swiss ball crunches holding 25 lb. dumbbell at top of chest-10*10*10 One legged box squats(each leg)-5*5*5 Not much to say about today. I guess my pullup reps are getting a little better after tour and all that. One legged squats form is (very) slowly getting better.
  11. It is, although it isn't what I do for a job anymore. I spent a few years on the road full time playing with bands and working for them every once in a while but not so much anymore. This was more like a break from work to hang out with friends and just get away for a bit.
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