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  1. I don't think they have bber bodies in this video, they are not enormous and have a lot of fat on there muscles as i can see. They are just normal guys who train, for me, no problem.
  2. Hi, i'm form Belgium and tried the "vegan blend" from Myprotein. It's a good item and it do well its job. I also bought their wheatgrass powder (cause i can't do my own now) and it's good too (for a powder).
  3. Look at what spiritual masters said about eat animals... they don't eat them., They said that eat animals is the cause of a lot of our problems... for our body and also for our spirit. And i think like that too.
  4. Hi, I have read all your log and your progress are really impressive, particularly in december ! I have grip problem too, and I train it with shrug and farmer's walk. Maybe you can try it... I will continue to follow your log. Nice work !
  5. Hi, thanks for the welcome I live in Arlon.
  6. Hello, my name is Michaël and i'm 29 years old. I live in Belgium. I stopped eat meat in february 2011 (near two years). I tried before when i was 16, but i just did it for 6 month. At this age, i hadn't the knowledge in nutrition and there was no internet, and all people said me it was not good to do this. And after 6 month i stopped. But I always felt in myself that it is not good to eat animals when it is not necessary (survival, no choice...). But this time, i had all that I need to be a vegan and I know what to eat to stay in good health. And I can say, it is not so hard ! Just some habits to change... And since some months, i stopped to eat fish, milk ans eggs too. Not difficult for me because when I stopped meat, I nearly stopped fish, milk ans eggs too. I just eat them when I went to restaurant or to a friend's diner. And I eat the more possible organic food. And for my training, i don't eat protein shake or else, just good food. In sport, i started "savate" (french boxing) when i was 18 and go to muay thai when I was 23. From 27 to 29 I did'nt do any sport cause my club has closed. I just did some jumping rope, running, push up, chin up and bodyweight squat sometimes, but really not often. So in October 2012, i decided to do another sport (maybe the fear to go to my 30 years xD), and I choose strenght training, cause I have been always interested in it, but doesn't have time and energy to do it when i was boxing. And after, nearly 3 month of training, I can say I love that ! There is no good gym in my town, just fitness gym with machines and not even a power rack. And as I don't like to train on machine, i buy cheap barbells, dumbells and 90Kg (198 lbs) weight to train at home in my garage. And now i am sure to love strenght training and I want to continue. So in two or three month, I will buy a Power rack and olympic barbell, and two 2" thick dumbells + weight. Here is for my small "sport" history. I note all my workout, and i think I will start a log on this forum to keep motivation, cause sometimes it is hard to train always alone. My friends don't want to train with me, they don't love sport... I would say thanks to this site (and others), because it's a good motivation and information source to people. And it also shows to people that we can build the same muscles and strenght in being vegan ! (and in better health form body to mind, my thinking) **Sorry for my poor knowledge in english, I hope that all is understandable Mika
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