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  1. I third negatives - I'm a big girl (6' tall and 176lbs) and they are hard for me too. I do negatives and then use bands for support on the concentric. I'm down to the smallest band and can get "half" a pull up at this point. I couldn't even retract my shoulder blades from a dead hang to start and I would drop like rock trying to do the negative - now I have a controlled negative. Don't give up!!
  2. My workout today: Warm up Strength work: Bench press 3x10@60% 1RM 1xAMRAP@ 60% (I got 16) WOD: 10 OH squats (155/75 rx/scaled) I used 53lbs (I use the 33lb chick bar) 30 KB swings (24/16) I was rx 4 rounds 50 HRPU The four rounds + 50 push ups for time I did it in 17:35 - slow for me but OH squats are hard for me technically so I am coached to do them slower to get them right. When I started I hadn't trained at all in about 18 months. My deadlift has gone up 80lbs, my squat went up 60lbs in our recent "30 days of squats" super compensation set and I've gone from literally a 15lb snatch to 73lbs in 6 months. I get in, I get out, I get stronger. Not for everyone I'm sure - like I said earlier it's the wild west out there with the box coaches and credentials - but if you do your homework you can find a good box! (I'll get off my soap box now I clearly drank the kook-aid!)
  3. If women could have a seperate chart that would be awesome! Im not very strong yet so a little push in here would be great and motivational for me S 85.25kg D 96.61kg B 51.25kg BW 79kg
  4. Thank-you for the Welcomes! Im excited to have found this forum - learning a lot already just by cruising around!
  5. Psychiatric social worker in senior management position for govt
  6. The China Study, The Ominvore's Dilemma by Pollan, and Dominion by Skully were the books that moved me to become vegan. For diet/dialing it in Underground Body Opus by Duchaine - before there was all the info on the internet now about IF and ketogenic dieting
  7. I love it - like anything you need to check the credentials of the owner/coaches to make sure they have more experience than just the crossfit certification. My box has an Olypic lifting platform and a 5/3/1 methodology for the strength work - then we WOD. I started in different box where it was metcom WODs all the time and I tore up a shoulder doing that - since changing to the box I am in now where there is purposeful training I have rehabbed the injury and am full speed ahead. The crossfit community is a little suspicious of vegans but my coach now doesnt try to discourage me/talk me out of it - he looks for resources for me since he doesnt know much about how I eat.
  8. Hello All! I am a 45 year old crossfitting Grandma in VA. I was a bodybuilder back in the 90's when womens bodybuilding was - well - bodybuilding, and not the figure sport it is now. I came to veganism via my health and concerns for the environment and have been vegan for about two years now. Love what its done for my overall health and I feel good about the choices I make! I cant spend 4-6 hrs a day in the gym anymore so I crossfit - my box has a very strong oly lifting component which I love and I am getting back into shape after a couple of years off. My biggest challenge is figuring out how to get back to 15% bodyfat as a vegan. When I increase the protein to 1g/lb the added carbs increase the body fat too much - I dont have the diet figured out yet at all! Hoping to hit a 250lb deadlift and a 225lb squat this year and want to compete in crossfit as a masters gal and I am looking forward to participating in this forum! Jana
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