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  1. As I always state it's been a while since I've posted in this. I've taken up new responsibilities at work along with my life guarding. I now teach swim lessons and work in the health and wellness department as a Personal Trainer/Health and Wellness Floor Staff. About fucking time. Many of you might think it's easy, well it wasn't for me. I had to earn my chance at it for a while, I finally got lucky, and I will never take that luck or those who helped me along the way for granted. So fuck all of you who doubt me!


    Since I have been taking on these extra responsibilities, it gives me a much easier way to record my fitness progress and martial arts training. I will never give up. As my username states I am a son of Odin, I am not born for heaven or hell. I'm born for either Valhalla or Helgafjell. "I would rather be in hell with my ancestors, then in heaven with my enemies." -King Radbod, King Of The Frisians "Heaven for climate, hell for company." -Mark Twain.


    Lastly to all the SJWs and smug self righteous pricks on this forum go fuck yourselves or better yet go kill yourselves. And before you get at me for being mean here's my response: I wasn't trying to be nice. I was purposely trying to be mean. Because if you are not going to show me any respect, understanding, sympathy, honor or support than you're not worthy of mine.

  2. Too much personal stuff going on to update....well here goes.


    30 minutes HIIT Elliptical


    Kettlebell Clean and Press: 45lbs 1x8; 35lbs 1x8; 25lbs 1x12


    TRX Row: BW 3x12


    Wall Push Up: 150lbs 3x20 (gotta increase resistance)


    Standard Crunch: 3x20


    Transverse Vacuum


    Lower Back - Incline Extension: BW 3x12


    Oblique - Incline Extension: BW 3x12 both sides

  3. I've been doing workouts that combine cardio and strength training lately.


    Tire Flips: 3x12


    Barbell Clean and Jerk: 55lbs 2x8; 50lbs 1x10


    Single Leg Drops 2x12


    Barbell Squat: 205lbs 1x8; 180lbs 1x10; 165lbs 1x10


    Hung Gar Monkey Staff Form 3 times


    Hung Gar Butterfly Form 3 times


    Push Ups: BW 3x10

  4. Starting yesterday and ending Friday I am taking the lifeguard course/exam. I will maintain a regular strength training regiment too. As I get plenty cardio swimming.


    How did you do on your lifeguard exam?


    Shit this was a long time ago. Sorry I didn't mean to come across as mean, but I did great and have been working as a lifeguard since last year.

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