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  1. 70 years ago soldiers from many different countries made the ultimate sacrifice in the most epic battle of human history. Please take this time to remember all those who fought the good fight, and who gave their lives during the battle of Normandy.
  2. BW Squat: BW 2x20 BW Lunge: BW 2x20 each leg Medicine Ball toss up and Squat: 12lbs 2x20 Plank: 2x20 seconds Hung Gar basic Punch's and kicks
  3. Interesting, I'm also glad that you showed some studies to back your claims as well. I have no answer for your question though, because the only reason I asked my question was out of plain curiosity. Nothing more.
  4. Ok so before I begin, I feel the need to say this. When I say waxing I don't just mean genital areas, I also mean for legs, armpits, eyebrow, back, etc. Secondly If you can not talk about this in a mature way I highly recommend you do not reply or take part in this discussion. Ok so here is my question, what type of options are there for vegans for hair removal? And I mean options other than shaving or laser hair removal. I know a lot of people are indifferent about this, especially because of the Hairy vs Shaved thread. viewtopic.php?f=25&t=5659 The reason I'm asking this is because I myself am curious what vegans feel about waxing? Assuming that the wax comes from bees and not plants, can you get a wax from plant based wax?
  5. Interesting. Can someone tell me nutritionally why Organic Dairy is not good?
  6. I'm about to watch the new Godzilla movie. Since I have enough time before the movie, I'll make this post. TRX Pullup: 3x10 30 minutes cardio via a martial arts forms/basics and some plyometrics. I find that the TRX bands are really helping me improve my strength training.
  7. I have no idea idea why I have that many views.
  8. 30 min Bike ride Crunch: 3x20 Transverse vaccum: 1x60 seconds
  9. Cinco de Mayo, another holiday douchebags use as an excuse for their drunkenness and further douchebaggery. 1 hour walking Lat Pulldown: 160lbs 1x8; 140lbs 1x12; 120lbs 1x15
  10. Leg Press: 270lbs 1x15 Riding Bike 30+ minutes
  11. Fuck I've been busy all of April I forgot to post. Been (and still am) busy with my website valhallafitness.org
  12. 30 HIIT Lat Pulldown: 160lbs 1x7; 147.5 1x9; 135lbs 1x11 Stretched only muscles I worked
  13. 30min HIIT Low Row: 147.5lbs 1x10; 140lbs 1x10; 127.5lbs 1x12
  14. Techno Gym Ab: 120lbs 3x12 Barbell Good Morning: 80lbs 3x15 Hung Gar Form practice
  15. Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 40lbs 1x9; 30lbs 2x12 Dumbbell Incline Chest Press: 40lbs 1x7; 30lbs 2x12 1 hour walking
  16. 30 minutes HIIT Bicycle Crunch: BW 3x15 Transverse Vaccum: 3x60s
  17. 30 minutes Cardio Barbell Deadlift: 155lbs 1x8; 130lbs 1x9; 115lbs 1x13
  18. 20 minutes HIIT Low Row: 147.5lbs 1x9; 135lbs 1x11; 120lbs 1x12
  19. Incline Dumbbell Bench Press: 37.5lbs 1x6; 32.5 1x9; 30lbs 1x11 Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 40lbs 1x8; 32.5lbs 1x10; 30lbs 1x12 walk into the city later.
  20. 30 minute Bike Deadlift: 145lbs 1x9; 130lbs 1x10; 115lbs 1x12 Stretching cooldown
  21. 30 minute HIIT Low Row: 140lbs 1x10; 127.5lbs 2x12 Dumbbell Bicep Curl: 30lbs 1x10; 25lbs 2x12 Stretching cooldown
  22. 30 Minutes HIIT Life Fitness Low Row: 120lbs 1x10; 115lbs 2x12
  23. 30 Minutes Cardio (Expression Chase the Dragon Game) Barbell Deadlift: 140lbs 1x8, 115lbs 2x10 Stretching Cooldown
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