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  1. 20minutes HIIT Bicycle Crunch: BW 2x15 Crunch: BW 1x15 Side Crunchs: 1x15 each side Reverse Crunch: 1x15
  2. 30min HIIT Lat Pulldown: 175lbs 1x8; 160lbs 1x8; 147.5lbs 1x10
  3. 30 Minutes HIIT Total Ab Techno Gym: 110lbs 1x12; 95lbs 2x15 Good Morning Barbell: 75lbs 3x12
  4. Smith Machine Squat: 160lbs 1x9; 130lbs 1x12; 120lbs 1x14 1hour walking
  5. Been kind of hard to get the time to post my progress. None the less I have been working out, and will post my progress when I get the chance.
  6. 30 min HIIT Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 40lbs 1x8; 30lbs 2x12 Chest Fly Hoist: 60lbs 2x10; 40lbs 1x10
  7. Stretching Form practice Bicycle crunch: BW 1x15 Transverse Vacuum: 1x60s
  8. 30min HIIT Dumbell Shoulder Press: 40lbs 1x8; 35lbs 1x9; 30lbs 1x10 Dumbbell Chest Press: 50lbs 1x6; 40lbs 1x8; 35lbs 1x9 Stretching cooldown
  9. 30min HIIT Smith Squat: 145lbs 1x10; 150lbs 1x8; 135lbs 1x10 Stretching cool down
  10. 1hour walking in the morning Then 20 minutes swimming and water aerobics later on.
  11. Smith Shoulder Press: 50lbs 3x8 Swimming.
  12. Can someone please explain to me in exact detail why Organic Dairy is no better than regular dairy?
  13. I've accomplished a lot in the past year. I've lost some things and gained some things. And although I didn't achieve all my resolutions for 2013, I have achieved a good portion of them. Auf wiedersehen 2013 und glückliches neues Jahr alles!
  14. C.O sorry for the late reply, but I live in Boston.
  15. Great C.O I just went for a run in the city. Felt Brisk
  16. Walked for a while and then: Dumbbell Decline Chest Press Alternating right and left arms: 15lbs 2x20 Dumbbell Standing Shoulder Press Alternating right and left arms: 10lbs 2x20 Medicine Ball Throw Up in the air and Catch: 12lbs 2x25
  17. Smith Machine Shoulder Press: 65lbs 1x8; 55lbs 1x10; 45lbs 1x12 Barbell Deadlift: 95lbs 1x8; 85lbs 1x10; 75lbs 1x12 Swimming 30 minutes.
  18. Dumbbell Chest Press: 55lbs 1x5; 40lbs 1x10; 30lbs 1x12 Techno Gym Shoulder Press: 95lbs 1x8; 80lbs 1x10; 65lbs 1x12 Machine Leg Press:340lbs 1x10; 320lbs 1x12; 300lbs 1x15 30 minutes HIIT on Bicycle.
  19. First day of fall and I'm loving it. So long humidity. I'm just going to do some stretching today after breakfast.
  20. Dumbbell Chest Press: 55lbs 1x8; 40lbs 2x12 Stretching as a cool down 30 minute HIIT riding my bike
  21. I finally got a pair of Vibram 5 toe shoes. I so far have only been walking in them. I still need to wait before I start running in them and practice martial arts in them. I also haven't been able to update lately. Been busy working as a lifeguard.
  22. I assume most of us realize how ridiculous Planet Fitness is by now. Most of their commercials are really lame, and don't even get me started on their policies/rules. I wanted to start a specific thread here on this forum about Planet Fitness. Me personally, I think they just suck, and that they're so fucking hypocritical. The info in this video says that this was uploaded back in 2010. I'm sure some of you might have seen this already, but this the first time I've seen it. http://images.wikia.com/mk/images/2/25/Anchorman_well_that_escalated_quickly_966.jpg....nuff said. I've also heard that it's an OK gym for people on a budget. Especially for people who need the exercise. So the main purpose of this thread is just Planet Fitness related things. You know like funny commercials, experiences be them good or bad and anything else related to it.
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