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  1. Swimming in the morning after work and weapons practice in the evening
  2. Shoulder Press Barbell Sitting: 75lbs 1x8; 60lbs 2x10 Lap Swimming
  3. HIIT on bike in the AM after work. And Hung Gar practice in the PM.
  4. Some Parkour and martial arts practice Machine Row on Hoist Fitness machine: 164lbs 2x12; 117lbs 1x15
  5. What are your opinions on the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot?
  6. It seems there's been a lot of Reboots lately. Movies TV Shows Comics (ex. DC's New 52) Video Games Some great, some just plain awful, in my opinion. I'm curious what is everyone's thoughts, opinions, etc?
  7. 30 Minutes HIIT Bicycle Crunch: BW 3x15 Transverse Vaccum: 3x60 seconds
  8. Just started a new job as a Lifeguard at the YMCA in Chinatown here in Boston.
  9. 30 minutes HIIT Bike Dumbbell Chest Press: 55lbs 1x8; 40lbs 1x12; 30lbs 1x15 Techno Gym Shoulder Press: 90lbs 1x8; 70lbs 1x10; 55lbs 1x7 should do this exercise before Chest Press next time Dumbbell Shrug: 60lbs 3x12
  10. Machine Leg Press: 320lbs 1x12; 340lbs 1x10; 300lbs 1x15 Hip Adductor: 170lbs 1x12; 140lbs 2x15 Hip Abductor: 140lbs 3x15 Stretching Cool down 30-45 minutes of swimming
  11. Dumbbell Chest Press: 50lbs 2x11; 50lbs 1x8 Techno Gym Shoulder Press: 90lbs 1x8; 70lbs 1x8 Stretching Cool down. 45 minutes of swimming
  12. Dumbbell Bench Press: 50lbs 1x10; 35lbs 2x12 Techno Gym Shoulder Press: 90lbs 1x9; 75lbs 1x10; 65lbs 1x9 Stretching 30 minutes HIIT Eliptical
  13. 30 minute HITT Eliptical Techno Gym Total An Machine: 110lbs 1x15; 120lbs 1x12; 110lbs 1x15lbs Core stretching cooldown Torso Rotation: 100lbs 3x12
  14. 30 minute HITT on eliptical Techno Gym Machine Leg Press (Position setting 4): 320lbs 1x12; 300lbs 1x12; did 400lbs on position 5. Didn't feel right, so I tried lower setting and lower weight.
  15. Starting yesterday and ending Friday I am taking the lifeguard course/exam. I will maintain a regular strength training regiment too. As I get plenty cardio swimming.
  16. As a Bostonian I am truly devastated beyond words about this tragic event. This was supposed to be a fun filled event for runners and observers a like. I was at work and noticed people watching the TV. Naturally I was curious and asked if the first person crossed the line yet. But no, some terrorist piece of shit had to ruin it for everyone. People from all over the world came to run in the race. Also their families and friends came to support them. I like what Edward Norton's character said in regards to terrorists. "Fuck Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and backward-ass, cave-dwelling, fundamentalist assholes everywhere. On the names of innocent thousands murdered, I pray you spend the rest of eternity with your seventy-two whores roasting in a jet-fueled fire in hell." I don't like the rest of what his character says because it's very xenophobic. And it's because of that the best thing we can do for these victims is pray (or if your not religious/atheist, you can hope) that this perpetrator be brought to justice. We shouldn't use this or any tragic event to push our agenda's on others or justify bigotry towards others. So I ask all of you to take this time and honor those who have been affected by the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings.
  17. Techno gym Shoulder Press: 100lbs 1x4; 85lbs 1x9; 70lbs 1x10 Dumbbell Bench Press: 45lbs 1x12; 30lbs 2x15 Torso Rotation: 90lbs 1x12; 80lbs 1x15; 70lbs 1x15 Stretching and then pool laps 30 min.
  18. 30 Minute HITT Techno Gym Total Ab: 100lbs 2x15 Nautilus Rotary Torso: 90lbs 1x12; 80lbs 1x15 Stretching Cool down
  19. 30 minutes HITT Bicycle Crunch: BW 1x12 Upper/Lower Abs Machine: 70lbs 1x15; 55lbs 1x15 Torso Rotation: 90lbs 1x15; 75lbs 1x15 Stretching Cool down
  20. Machine Leg Press: 400lbs 1x12; 420lbs 1x8 Deadlift: 105lbs 1x5; 90lbs 1x7 Chest Raise: with 10lb plate 1x12; BW 1x15 30 HIIT elliptical
  21. All rude comments aside, I'm still here and never gonna give up my fitness!
  22. 30 Minute HIIT Lat Pulldown: 150lbs 1x6; 135lbs 1x8
  23. Bicycle Crunchs: BW 2x15 Chest Raises: BW 2x15 Jump Rope 3 minutes rest 2 minutes Punching the bag 3 minutes repeat 3 times 3 minutes soft chi exercises. Also to all you haters. Go fuck yourselves!
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