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  1. Well, I am new to this forum but I am an old Dog lover. I believe that the dogs love me more than I love them. It really soothes my soul to see a hungry dog eating out of my hand. I have a cute Pomeranian at my home. I love my snoopy and both of us love those unfortunate rescue dogs too. For showing our concern for them, all I have to do is to buy Dog food for him from this dog food store. The rest is taken care of by them. As soon as they sell you food for your pet with one hand, with the other, they send the same amount of food to the rescue dogs shelter. So my snoopy gets an opportunity to be a hero. Another good thing is that the buyer can actually choose the group of the rescue dogs in their area that will be benefiting from the transaction.
  2. Well I don't have much words but definitely, I feel more human among vegans and this site is a blessed one !
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