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  1. Nothing was really hard to give up I guess. I sometimes wish they had vegan forms of sour cream and onion flavored things. How my conscience feels after I eat cannot be replaced by any flavor.
  2. Haven't been active much in the forums lately but just wanted to post. I was vegetarian for years and decided I wanted to try vegan but was afraid of the whole protein thing(ugh poor education and societal driven myths can be damning). It was this site that made me at least believe it was possible to get my protein through plants alone. Brainwashing can be hard to get over. It took me a few months being vegan and a lot of learning about veganism to start being less fearful of not getting enough protein. I guess I realize how foolish it was now but at the time it went against everything I was taught. Just wanted to thank everyone on this site because it was mostly your photos and experiences that gave me enough courage to try being vegan. I know how frustrating it can be sometimes knowing how important something is and having next to no impact when trying to get others to see what you see. You can rest well knowing that you at least helped one person and many animals as a result. It's been a little more than a year now and I could not be happier. It is the best decision I have ever made and I hope one day that I can help someone in the same way that you have helped me.
  3. I saw something on a TV show on chimps and I thought of this post. On the show it talked about how the males that killed an animal would share it with the other alpha males and then share some with the females. They said those females were more likely to remember the favor and mate with them later on. I think it is pretty relevant to relate our behaviors to chimpanzees since they are the closest living relative we have. My guess is that it could have been the same with humans. Since we are by no means equipped physically to be predators it would have been more likely that the smarter males would have devised methods of hunting and subsequently been more likely to mate with females. Maybe it's not right but it is at least more likely in my opinion. We can only really ever guess at what made us human and will likely never know. It's just a plausible alternative for the sake of debate. That is if eating meat were the only reason and it wasn't caused by anything else. Anyway that is one of the primary drivers of evolution, our choices on who we decide to mate with.
  4. Welcome. It is sick what we do to animals. I am glad to hear you did something about it.
  5. Hey welcome. I would post your regular diet in the health and nutrition programs section. A few suggestions off the top of my head would be to add more fruits and veggies and make sure you are eating enough calories.
  6. I think it shows that you are truly intelligent when you find information that contradicts what you believe and decide that you were wrong to begin with. So many people just go into denial. This is one of the reasons I don't even mind meat eaters that think they are trolling. Eventually they will realize through debate that we are right and actually have legitimate reasons for being vegan. Health/environment/ethical. We will win every debate. I am glad you decided to go vegan. This is a great forum. Lots of experienced people to learn from. Lots of people (like your dad) will keep trying to get you back on the meat/eggs/dairy. The more conversations you have with them and the more they understand your viewpoint they will have less to say about it and more than likely start changing their diet to include less animal products and more healthy food.
  7. I think most people are just brainwashed into being hypochondriacs about veganism. I guess I would have to include myself in that as well. I was afraid to try it until I saw that people could be bodybuilders. The more you learn about it you'll realize that vegans are healthier on average and will live longer than meat eaters. I've been vegan for about 11 months now and I've pretty much overcome all the brainwashing about being malnourished or protein deficient. I'll be vegan the rest of my life I am sure. You will understand what I mean if you put enough research into it and give it time. We are taught that we need animal products and will be healthier with them. This couldn't be farther from the truth.
  8. I doubt getting sick had anything to do with being vegan. Also you don't have to eat multivitamins(except for a b12 supplement) to be a vegan either. Vegans get sick just like Omni's get sick. I just mainly try to eat whole foods because they are like mini-multivitamins. They have a little bit of everything in them. I just mainly try to watch my calcium and iron intake. Kale and spinach are great for both. If you are into smoothies you can get a lot of good protein and vitamins/minerals with green smoothies(well add some fruit or berries for flavor). The only supplement a vegan should have to take is b12. We can't get it from our diet. My thing against multi-vitamins and processed/fortified foods it pretty simple. When they process it they strip it of basically all of its nutrition. So you are just left with the sugar/starch/carbohydrate. Then they add vitamins/minerals to it. You are basically eating sugar and a multivitamin. There is a lot they don't/can't add back into it. This is why I try to stick to as many whole foods as possible. Also I would think getting sick is less likely while you are a vegan. If you are eating properly (lots of veggies and fruits) your diet should be high in vitamin C. If you are worried about micro nutrients you can just look up the foods you are eating on http://www.nutritiondata.self.com.
  9. High reps are actually better for hypertrophy. Low reps/heavy weight are for strength.
  10. Hi welcome to the forum. Hope we can help. Here is a getting started guide from the website. http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/?page=getting_started
  11. Glad to have you. Sounds like you are very healthy. Nice shirt
  12. Welcome to the forums. Thanks for your service! You can get a fullbody workout at home if you are creative. I have a barbell 2 dumbbells(adjustable weights) and I'm fine. Although personally wouldn't mind things like a squat rack or a pullup bar. So just depends what you want to do. Go for the gym if you can afford it but you'll save more money over time buying the equipment if you have a place at home to put it.
  13. Cool man welcome. Not much meet ups where I live. Glad to hear you stopped eating meat again. The animals thank you.
  14. Well my response was in relation to what you said "There is zero evidence that GMOs pose any health risk.". I took a quick view over that list but I didn't see any referring to human consumption. Are there any? I am curious. That is more what I am concerned over. I don't care whether they harm rats because A. We are not rats. B. Rats don't live nearly as long as humans do. C. Tests done on animals rarely correlate to usable data on humans. One of my main problems with GMO's is the little to zero regulation. They (the companies) determine whether the products are safe or not. The USDA seems complicit because despite all of their violations they still seem not to care. The USDA has broken a multitude of regulations and been fined themselves for not making sure that these companies are doing their environmental impact surveys and other things.
  15. Get a book on wild edibles for your area. You can actually get fat with all the food you can find it's just that most people don't realize it's food. Most wild edibles are higher in nutrients than food you find in the store. Well, books can kind of suck because sometimes the pictures are bad. I trust the internet more because I can print myself out high resolution pictures along with the description. Books are just helpful to know what you want to research. The main thing is that you are 1000%, not 100 pct, 1000% sure you know what you are eating. There can be lookalikes that could kill you. Wild carrot and hemlock for example. Now that I've thoroughly scared you from eating wild edibles... It's perfect safe if you first do your research and you know exactly what you are eating. Most resources will list lookalikes for you. Once you start researching wild edibles you'll find so much information your head will explode. I could easily make a salad every day just by what I find in my yard.
  16. I think the rep bar would be really nice. It helps you gauge whether you are getting good or bad information. Like a particular post would be nice too. Would be nice to have a Calorie and Macro posting like bodybuilding.com has. http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=121703981 It's used as like the holy grail. It alone has 1.4m views. I hate to direct people there instead of here but since this post is so good I direct them there. Since calculation your basic metabolic rate and macros, if you really get into bodybuilding, is so important would be nice to have something here. Sorry if there is one and I've missed it.
  17. Hi, welcome to the forum.
  18. There is no evidence GMO's don't pose any health risk because there hasn't been any studies to see if they do. Also since they don't have to label GMO's that makes any study almost next to impossible. Little too lazy to read that link (no offense it's late), but I find it hard to believe crops that require more pesticides/herbicides are better for the environment. Also since these crops don't have to be labeled or even regulated if such a health hazard did exist it would be almost impossible to stop it because they cross pollinate with non-GMO crops and even infect many organic "non-GMO" crops. There are strains that have been banned that still aren't eradicated.
  19. Lookin good. Don't underrate the value of walking. It cuts down your cortisol levels(which will help with building muscle).
  20. Hi Lore welcome. Glad you are feeling good again. It's a great community hope you stick around.
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