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  1. I'm Holly from northern Ontario. I've been vegan/gluten-free since early summer 2012. My initial concerns and motivations were for my health, but as I continued on I began to do more research. I learned about animal suffering and the effects on the environment from factory farming. Every day I learn more about what the food industry has said is "okay" or even "great" to put in our bodies, and what they're really doing to us. Anyway, I've done a lot of yoga and leg exercizes, but I've only recently started using weights and building on my arms/back as well. I get a lot of friends poking fun at my tiny tube-like arms, but the difference (when I flex!) is already significant after only two months. I've always wanted to be able to carry my own weight around easily (I was never one of the kids on the monkey bars.) There are a ton of vegan communities and a ton of fitness communities, but this is the first I've seen that ties the two together. I'm looking forward to learning, and sharing experiences. Thanks!
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