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  1. I am gearing towards full body workouts with compound exercises. I am wondering if anyone does this and should I be tweaking my diet a little? Also, I am looking for a solid, affordable vegan BCAA supplement?
  2. Does anyone have a great three day work out to accomplish this goal? Also, a decent meal plan as well. I know that's a lot of crunching. But I'm up for the challenge. Include supplements as well. I'm a firm believer in supplements.
  3. So I am doing it right then. I'm shooting for about 155-160lbs so basically 124-128 grams of protein should be sufficient
  4. I'm certain that this question has been asked a bunch of times on this board, but I'm new here and have not figured out how any of the topic search works, so I figured I would just ask. I'm beginning to start up on the vegan diet and I have a basic idea what to consume for protein, but I wanted to ask wha protien requirements are for a male vegan weight lifter. I'm working on getting to 160 lbs of lean muscle. Not looking to bulk up, just basic lean and strong muscle. I had read on a blog(take with a grain of salt) that as a vegan your protein requirements are around .8 a gram of protein. Does anyone have any answers?
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