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  1. I hear 2-3 times of interval training a week is what sheds the fat, and with your strenght training in between you should be fine I'd imagine. However, just straight running for that amount of time is not really effective over time and not even necessary I don't think. I do really short burst of interval training before and after my workouts...for example 15-20 min before and 15min after. Sprint 1 min, rest 1 min,...the purpose is to get that heart rate up to max, then drop it back down. When you train like that, you don't have to train as long. the bonus is that your body to continues to burn all day long! Good luck! hope my humble advice helped.
  2. Welp, here I am. I'm not completely vegan yet, but have been so crazy about healthy eating that it seems to be the only thing left for me to settle into. I'm ready to make the change, for my emotional and physical health. I know and have expierenced the benefits of eating whole foods, now I want to have those same benefits 100% of the time. I enjoy working out, but I feel its time to take my body to a new level. Its not enough anymore for me to look skinny. I want to be fit and lean with Muscle definition, I'm 129lbs but I could use less of the fat and more of the muscle. I've been detoxing for the past week...and I feel great. As I jump off the detox train, I want to pump whole fuel in my system and train like there's no tomorrow...can ya tell I've got energy!!!! yeah, let's do this. talk to me people! what's the first thing I need to do to start this muscle vegan bodybuilding engine? How much should I be eating to make sufficient gains?
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