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  1. with any of the movements that you will soon be able to do, have a few negativ phase sets, really helps e.g. for muscle ups, get in the top position and reverse the motion really slowly. also, assisted styleee, low bar, or stand ona chair and go thru the motion using your feet to edit resistance. im faaakin sayin though, im sure you got the strength, maybe your tekkerz needs a lil work, its mostly grip homie, you need to be hanging from the bar with your palm facing the floor(false grip) so when you pull up, ur hand is already in the position to push down. and with things like levers, bring your legs closer to your torso to edit resistance. hanging leg raises + around the worlds + hanging wipers... get involved xD peace/1love
  2. vegans are the one of few rare breeds that take a whole bunch of nutritious food, smash it up in a blender/processor and drink way more than maybe could possibly chew and swallow. instead of 1banana handful of grapes and a salad its more like 3/4 bananas a whole bunch of grapes, bluberries, almonds, avacado, coconut water, or a whole bag of spinach/kale, half a cucumber, garlic, few celery sticks bla bla u get the point loads of raw stuff, give you what you need. some of that lethargy may be coming from toxins having a jog thru your blood on the elimination route. but if you keep the fruit content up esp. lemons and oranges, you will breeze thru the transition
  3. breathe deep on every single rep and you wont need sugar kuz you will have oxygen nice move on the diet change, best of luck with it. raw plant based nutrition = quicker recovery = more training = faster gains peace/1ove
  4. nice training homie. with all the pushups/pulllups/dips, id think you would have the strength for muscle ups back/front levers, german hangs, nice few additions for some xxxplosive power i like this style
  5. LEGS Cable Leg Swing front/side/back x10/10/10(x2) kbell swings on ballboard 12kg x10 16kg x10 20kg x10 Squats 20kg x8 20kg x8 75kg x8 75kg x8 75kg x8 Trapbar Deadlifts 75kg x8 75kg x8 75kg x8 BB Step-ups 75kg x8 75kg x8 75kg x8 QuadX SS Ham Curls 25kg x50 SS 30kg x50 Lat pulldown SS HyperX 25kg x40 SS 10
  6. LEGS Cable Leg Swing front/side/back x10/10/10(x2) Kbell Swing SS Squat 12kg x5 SS 40kg x1 12kg x5 SS 60kg x1 12kg x5 SS 80kg x1 12kg x5 SS 100kg x1 12kg x5 SS 100kg x1 12kg x5 SS 100kg x1 DROPSET Squat SS Kbell Swing 100kg x1 SS 12kg x5 80kg x1 SS 12kg x5 60kg x1 SS 12kg x5 40kg x1 SS 12kg x5 Quad Xtensions SS Ham Curls 35kg x10 SS 35kg x10 single 25kg x10(x2) SS 25kg x10(x2) Calf Raise 80kg x8 SS bw single x4(x2) 80kg x8 SS bw single x4(x2) 80kg x8 SS bw single x4(x2) Hip Ab/dductor 60kg x20/20 75kg x20/20 10mins on power plate vibe out
  7. BACK pullups wide x8 reverse wide x8 SS pushups x10 negativ muscle ups 3x5 CHEST cable flys 10kg high ss middle ss low x10/10/10 10kg low ss middle ss high x10/10/10 5kg high ss middle ss low x15/15/15 5kg low ss middle ss high x15/15/15 TRICEPS overhead rope Xtensions SS reverse single pulldowns SS flatbar pulldowns 30kg x10 SS 15kg x10(x2) SS 40kg x10 40kg x10 SS 10kg x10(x2) SS 40kg x10 30kg x10 SS 5kg x10(x2) SS 30kg x10 CORE kneelin crunches SS hyperX SS legraise 45kg x12 SS 10 SS 15 60kg x10 SS 10 SS 15 6mins on power plate
  8. been on relocation duties, got myself in the gym and turned FULLY RAW VEGAN 2weeks ago. had a few sessions ill log what i can remember. tuesday 12feb cable kicks 10kg back x10(x2) side x10(x2) front x10(x2) SQUATS box 20kgx5 60kgx5 100kgx5 atg 80kgx5 80kgx5 balance plate 40kgx5 40kgx5 30kgx5 atg ss calfraise 100kgx1 ss 10 100kgx1 ss 10 100kgx1 ss 10 1leg legpress 35kgx10(x2) 15kgx10(x2) few recipes i made for the food im eating nowadays VE-GREEN TASTEE spinach, kale, webbs/romaine lettuce, cucumber, celery, avacado, grape, pumpkin seed, green pesto, corinader, maybe some olive, and a squeeze of fresh lemon RAW VEGAN TASTEEZ food processor + 1cup dates, 1cup raisins, 1cup almonds, 1cup pecans, 1cup fresh coconut(+water), 2tbsp melted coconut oil, tsp cinnamon optional - carob powder/cacao powder, cacao butter, vanilla, seeds roll into balls or bars dip into shredded coconut/cacao/seeds. basically my diet consists of mainly fruit, green veg, nuts, seeds, hemp protein, msm powder, chlorella spirulina barleygrass wheatgrass tabs, zeolite, carob, cacao, maca, klamath algae yesterday went to play bball in the snow for about 30mins. surprisingly not bothered by the cold with full feeling in all fingers. i even stood face on in it and did a mini qigong session. im thinkin something to do with not consuming anything hot, but there's a definite temperature immunity coming on. went to play some more bball earlier and went to the gym again today cable kicks 10kg back/side/front x10/10/10 (x2) balance board kettlebell swings ss pullup 16kgx10 ss 1 single 12kgx10(x2) ss1 16kgx10 ss1 cable chest press bottom ss middle ss top 15kgx10(x3) kettlebell swings 20kgx10 20kgx10 db tricep extension 27.5kgx5 27.5kgx5 27.5kgx5 assisted one arm pullup ss wrist rolls 2.5kg -50kgx3(x2) ss 2 -50kgx3(x2) ss 2 assisted pullup ss dip -30kgx5 ss 5 -30kgx5 ss 5 kneeling cable crunch ss hyperXtension 45kgx12 ss 10 50kgx12 ss side xtension x10(x2) lat pulldown ss single tricep pulldown ss rope curl 30kgx25 ss 15kgx5(x2) ss 40kgx8 30kgx25 ss 15kgx5(x2) ss 40kgx8 30kgx25 ss 15kgx5(x2) ss 40kgx8 10mins on the powerplate vibration machine raw plant based nutrition - high net gain
  9. the bored nothing else to do 6kg dumbbell workout bent over rows x50 shoulder press x40 bicep curl x30 tricep kickback SS overhead extension 20 SS 20 front/lateral raise x10/10 shrugs x10000000000.....
  10. DOWN BELOW ISH db BSS 2x6kg 4x8 shock jump 22" 2x6 backward shock jump 22" 2x6 seated single leg db squat 2x6kg SS glute bridges 3x6(x2) SS 20 anklehops dbl front x20 side x20 anklehops sgl front x20 side x20 looking forward for the snow to clear so i can get out and test my jump on the hoop
  11. PUSH & PULL assisted one arm pullups SS 6kgdb bentover rows SS 6kgdb bent over reverse flys / NO REST AT ALL BEAST MODE engaged 4x5(x2) SS 5(x2) SS 5 assisted widegrip x20 SS 10(x2) SS 10 45degree onearm pushup SS 6kgdb shoulderpress / 30sec REST btween sets 4x5(x2) SS 5(x2) standard pushup x20 SS 10(x2)
  12. "..it's not what we have done to break it, it's what we haven't done to fix it.." PoPe raw plants FTW, side effect = amazing health
  13. whadup mayn, been doing lots of nutritional research and just wanted to holla at you and suggest you get more raw plant nutrition in your temple. quality over quantity, get your body efficient at processing nutrient dense product. digesting food takes a lot of vital force, so the less you spend processing food, the more you can spend on the bike some back pain treatments for you -massage the inside arch of foot, i like to stand on a golf ball -piriformis/hip flexor stretches -diaphragm massage, dig fingers underneath ribcage -msm supplement is always good for joint/muscle recovery all the best "..your ability to heal comes from knowing, that you will heal.."
  14. hey you wanna give us a sample of some weight so we can see your progress i blame you gettin ill kuz u dont eat much fruit, especially citrus (lemon, grapefruit, ORANGE etc)
  15. UP TOP SHIZZNIT assisted doorframe pullups (wide/narrow/reverse narrow cycle) 10x10 assisted dips 10x15 45degree one arm pushups 3x5(x2) not a lot to write down but fAAAAAAAAkin heaven, seemed like a lot to do
  16. yaa that's cool, kale and spinach are my favourites. im no nutrition expert, but i know plenty of fruit and veg and your on to a winner i'll leave the quantity up to you, i would just keep it in balance with everything else well if my info serves me correct, hemp has a near enough complete package of essential fatty acids and amino acids. YEAH BUDDY!!!
  17. if your up for more pope suggestions, i'd recommend loads more green leafy veg, and some kind of hemp product and spirulina. what's more important than "getting enough protein" to grow, is to have a body that can efficiently assimilate what you put in it. you probably don't need as much protein as your currently taking, but alkalizing your body with the green stuff will help with everything in general not just muscle growth keep stretching
  18. thanx hannibal for king, one of my biggest inspirations im kinda missing my setup at my old place with pullup and dip bars, with a set of gymnastic rings. i'll be working upto one arm planche pushups hahaha JohnPaul aka jp aka Pope thanx, that was sunny oz last year haslemere is in surrey, england thanx for droppin by peeps
  19. VERT TRAINING(yesterday) db stepups 6kg(x2) 4x8(x2) hindu squats 4x12 lateral lunges 4x6(x2) was gonna do bw sldl but stopped early because hipflexor started to feel it
  20. being vegan and all that are you sure you're getting enough protein.... haha, that never gets old for me if you haven't heard/know about them i always recommend cell salts for people with health troubles. google that shit, but here's a book i find hyper useful https://www.dropbox.com/s/376jrwlv0jz9jjd/Bio%20Chemical%20Salts%20Combined%20-%20W.H.%20Schuessler.pdf
  21. CORE laying leg raise 5x10 abcirclepro 2mins headstand reverse leg raise 5x10 abcirclepro 2mins 30sec plankset str8arm front/rside/reverse/lside 30sec plankset bentarm front/rside/reverse/lside abcirclepro 2mins todays munch - rice/broccoli/sweetcorn/runnerbean/kidneybean/tomato/kale/carrot/pepper/orange/pear/kiwi + xtras
  22. thanx zilla. SS is superset, exercise done straight after no rest. so i did 5 neg hspu, then immediatley after 20 dumbbell presses
  23. SHOULDERS db lateral raise 6kg 3x10(x2) db front raise 6kg 3x10(x2) negative handstandpushup SS db press 6kg 3x5 SS x20 db bent over reverse fly 6kg 3x10 food for the day = RAW MIX - carrot/courgette/broccoli/spinach/pok choi/garlic/sweetcorn/runnerbean + usual xtras
  24. this is what plays when you walk into the gym xD my initial advise for you would be make sure you hit your legs hard, squats/deadlifts, they are good for gaining muscle and a good trigger for growth hormone good luck with all of it
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