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  1. High protein with low carbs/fat is known as rabbit starvation. Ketosis works best with sufficient fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrates. Too much protein = too much gluconeogenesis and therefore too much glucose which prevents ketosis.


    It takes our mitochondria a couple of weeks to efficiently burn long chain fatty acids as fuel and not feel weak. Heavy legs are an indication of no glycogen stores and on the right path towards burning fat as fuel. Then comes the bad breath as the microorganisms that grow on sugar die off. Then clear skin that looks 10 years younger sets in.


    Fasting and/or sleeping for a couple of days is the best way to get into ketosis. Once in ketosis; it is best not to carb load as it can cause temporary shaking (ketoacidosis). Ketoacidosis is too many ketones and glucose in the blood at once.



  2. Pesticides. Try all Organic.


    I did the whole linking certain foods to certain places of the body where I would get acne. Bananas - chest acne, gluten/legumes - acne shoulders, dairy - acne back/face, blueberries - acne on the side of my face, fabric softner for underwear - acne on my butt cheeks, etc.. and when I tried the same foods in Organic... no acne occurred. Obviously the pesticides we consume are killing our good bacteria and our bacteria fights back by causing inflammation.

  3. Its a great idea however it isn't my idea. We use to as a society grind seeds with devices like a mortar and pestle.





    I edited my post about Cantaloupe/Canary/Honeydew melon seeds being toxic when sprouted/germinated.


    Do you consume rancid nuts from bags or do you purchase whole nuts?


    Have you also noticed that Organic almonds are superior in nutrients and taste?


    I've tried whole pecans from USA yesterday and they were delicious. The pecans halves sold in bags are rancid and obviously taste nasty. What I can say is that I am learning about the importance of simplicity, going back to our natural roots and eliminate this capitalistic dragon that's causing a food dependency.

  4. What has worked for me for me is grinding oily seeds very well in a coffee grinder and then adding them to my blended smoothies. Eventually I will invest in a manual poppy seed grinder.


    Some notes though:


    Pre-blended store bought seeds like flax seeds/chia seeds haven't been blended enough to break apart the bonds and I swear they squeeze the fats out to make flax seed oil and sell us just the fiber. Buy whole seeds and blend them yourself.

    Poppy seeds safe intake dose: http://nutritionfacts.org/2014/09/11/overdosing-on-poppy-seeds/


    My list of seeds:


    Flax seeds

    Chia seeds

    Poppy seeds

    Cantaloupe/Canary/Honeydew melon seeds (I drain them in a colander and dry these with a cloth or cheap paper towels, from the cantaloupes I consume) Do not rinse them or add water to them since these sprouted/germinated seeds are TOXIC.

    Sesame seeds

    Hemp seeds

    Pumpkin seeds

    Raw pistachios


    These seeds improve hand writing, increase cranial and sexual organ size. Enjoy.


    I don't consume grains, legumes, roasted nuts/seeds and other gut irritating seeds.

  5. All your problems are indicative of low Vitamin A and D levels.



    I recommend taking a 5000iu dose of Vitamin D every morning for 14 days because it usually takes 12-14 for the human body to convert enough inactive vitamin D into active vitamin D and then take it every second day; if you experience insomnia, spread out the dose to every 3 days or more; you'll need to experiment with the correct dose for you. Also consume (more) raw leafy greens while taking Vitamin D so you're able to produce very powerful Vitamin A/D heterodimers that promote growth. When you experience a metal rod feeling in your spinal cord; that is when you have enough Vitamin D and nutrients from greens to build your body.



    Other beneficial foods are hemp seeds when chewed properly, flax seeds ground up in a coffee grinder and added to smoothies with ripe bananas, spinach, strawberries, apples, oranges, etc.. UNCOOKED WHOLE PLANT FOODS. Steamed food I don't considered cooked. You might consider purchasing a non plastic steamer to steam a variety of vegetables.


    My biggest no no's are all oils and roasted nuts/seeds because of the lipid radicals that cause inflammation; grains, canned foods, and refined/processed foods since I can't consume them raw.


    Regarding physical activity; walking long distances does contribute to muscle growth and increased hormone levels.



    I hope this knowledge will be of great help to you.

  6. Hey everyone !


    So even I am in vet school, most of my friends are not vegans (crazy no ? I am the only one in my class ! You wanna save animals but eat them in the same time ? WTF ?) but they understand my choices and accept it, and even cook vegan for me when they have to. But I have this friend, he is in medecine school and he is really against vegans .. It's crazy how even at med school they learn all those wrong facts .. He even put an article on Facebook about how bad vegetarism is, I didn't have the strenght to read until the end or answer ! I know I probably should say nothing because people who doesn't try to understand are just dumb for me, I don't say everyone has to be vegan but everyone can respect each others ... But how you react with those kind of people usually ?


    Thanks in advance =)


    How long have you been vegan?

  7. I think most people here know that Virginia Messina R.D. is one of the top vegan nutritionists and nutrition book authors around. She blogs too and recently had a post I found interesting having lost two friends to cancer. My friends were health nuts, athletic, and vegan. They tried every treatment under the sun, one even losing her home and her life savings. They still died.





    Lately, I’ve been seeing quite a few stories about people with cancer in my facebook feed. Several of my FB friends have breast cancer or have been treated for it. Others are dealing with news of cancer in their loved ones.


    Most of the comments on these posts are appropriately supportive and sympathetic. But you can always expect that there will be a few that are downright cringe-inducing. If the person with cancer is vegan, it’s a good bet that someone will suggest that they must have been a “junk food” vegan. That they probably ate “tons of soy” and cooked with “unhealthy olive oil.” (Actually, both of those foods are more likely to be protective against cancer than harmful, but that’s a story for another post.)


    Aside from the fact that such comments are incredibly rude (even for facebook), trying to blame someone for their disease is not the least bit helpful. Worse, some vegans with cancer blame themselves. In one instance, a vegan who was diagnosed with cancer before the age of 30 said that it wasn’t surprising since she had been overweight and ate a junky diet. But, cancer in your 20s is unusual even among people who eat the worst diets.


    Of the five top-selling imported “extra virgin” olive oil brands in the United States, 73 percent of the samples

    failed the IOC sensory standards for extra virgin olive oils analyzed by two IOC-accredited sensory panels. The

    failure rate ranged from a high of 94 percent to a low of 56 percent depending on the brand and the panel.

    None of the Australian and California samples failed both sensory panels, while 11 percent of the top-selling

    premium Italian brand samples failed the two panels. Sensory defects are indicators that these samples are

    oxidized, of poor quality, and/or adulterated with cheaper refined oils.



    Then there is other contributors to cancer as we already know.. air pollution, second hand smoke, overcooked food, inactivity, etc..

  8. Gary, you are aware am not advocating anyone here should eat meat aren't you? I'm merely pointing out (based on the evidence) that eating meat and cooking may well have play a large role in making us what we are today. This is something that even as a none meat eater i have no issues with. You clea


    And am hardy an Atkins diet promoter, i've not eaten meat in over a decade....


    Are you really suggesting that cooking food is the sole reason for what has lead to the metabolic syndrome that sweeps are nation's today? If so, NONE of the doctors or nutritionists that work in the same hospital as me would agree with you. Neither does the British heart and stroke foundation, nor the British cancer association.


    Btw, had it not have been for a high fat diet, we my never have made it as a species, it also is the preferred source of fuel for most of the hunter gatherer societies that still exist today. Fat at keeps us fueled for longer (which stands to reason from a survival point of view) and it plays many important roles within the body. In my own experience over the last several months, I've found this to be true, since increasing my fat intake and lowering my carb intake, my irregular heart beat has improved, as has my joint and lower back health. I require only 2-3 feeding's a day, as opposed to the 5-6 feeding a day i required on a high carb diet, and my bodyfat has dropped by 6%.




    1. Doctors and nutritionists ARE NOT biochemists.

    2. Not all fats are the same. Fatty acids in seed oils are exposed to oxygen during manufacturing which leads to the production of lipid peroxides(also known as lipid radicals). Lipid peroxides are one of the major sources that cause modern day diseases. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lipid_peroxidation (I know you don't mean oils but its good to distinguish the different types of fat sources).


    My observation on cranial evolution. Copied and pasted from an old thread.



    You’ll have to read this.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostaglandin

    And this… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neurotrophin

    To understand this… http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15044028


    Vitamin K and the Nervous System: An Overview of its Actions



    The neuroscience seems to indicate that high intake of leafy greens mainly for Vitamin A/K and nuts/oily seeds for the non-oxidized Omega 6 fatty acids are required in high amounts with sufficient serotonin to produce enough series 2 prostaglandins, which are required to increase neurotrophin levels, which eventually increase the number of neurons.


    I haven't seen any research which indicates that Omega 3 fatty acids increase neurotrophin levels by themselves; they seem to work in conjunction of the Omega 6's.






    Prostaglandins are required to remodel the skull and the series 2 prostaglandins (made from Omega 6) are more effective at bone resorption/remodeling than the series 3 prostaglandins (made from Omega 3).





    Vitamin D3 inhibits the production of series 2 prostaglandins. Those living further away from the equator have bigger skulls because they have lower levels of Vitamin D3 compared to those living closer to the equator. Less Vitamin D, less inhibition on neurogenesis however skull bone will not form without sufficient Vitamin D.




    I don’t doubt we ate animals for survival purposes but animal fat is very low in Omega 6 fatty acids unless animals are force fed nuts and seeds high in omega 6 fatty acids. Plus if meat increased cranial size; big cats wouldn't have small 350cc cranials.


  9. Try working in interlocking by consuming a low fat diet and let us know if your cells are able to repair your muscles and prevent the discs of your spinal cord from bulging.


    I don't follow


    to clarify: Low-fat does't mean LOW. It's compared to the super high-fat diets the US eats. 10% is plenty; just like the protein myth.


    10% Isn't plenty when you're moving big heavy bricks, pushing wheelbarrows, and shoveling gravel all day.

  10. Not assumptions, facts...


    How do i explain big cats? They don't have huge stomach's, moreover they don't cook their meat.... which also has a lot to do with stomach and brain size:)


    A smiley face at the end of your sentence isn't going to convience me of the regurgitated nonsense that doesn't line up with the neuroscience.


    You sure? http://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/02/c3/f1/ee/lake-nakuru.jpg


    The bold part is pure speculation unless you have real biochemistry evidence to indicate what you're saying.


    It is a physiology fact the humans are omnivores, there's nothing flat earth thinking about it...


    Sure; it is a blind fact to those who don't know how humans produce their own B12 with bacteria to raise blood levels of B12.


    "All animals are omnivorous" First i heard of it lol, IF an animal is forced out of desperation to eat a certain foodstuff that may make them sick, their certainly not going to be a staple of them. Which is kind of whats happened with humans and grains....


    Its called survival: http://www.reuters.com/article/2007/03/07/us-india-cow-idUSSP25712220070307


    Grains contain opioids. We know how easily humans become addicted to harmful neuroactive stimulants. Alcohol, tobacco, etc..


    It is true humans prefer fat for fuel, however nothing, am not saying don't eat fruits and vegetables


    Raw nuts and fatty seeds contain more calories than meat.


    Even small brained animals use tools...


    Which ones?


    Btw, am not Irish, i live in Northern Ireland, I'm British with Dutch ancestors:)


    I never said nor speculated you were Irish.

  11. Low fat = low sex drive..

    I can do this all day long. I do, on youtube and twitter.


    "this" isn't hard work. Try working in interlocking by consuming a low fat diet and let us know if your cells are able to repair your muscles and prevent the discs of your spinal cord from bulging.

  12. Hey NWV,


    Interesting view....


    My reading of research has brought me to another conclusion...


    What you say isn't your conclusion. Just another written veil to keep you living comfortably.


    It is a physiological fact that we are omnivores


    All animals are omnivores for survival purposes however what you just said is pure flat earth mentality thinking.


    we have evolved the ability to derive nutrients from both many plants and animals.


    Yes however the intake of animal products doesn't play well with our biological domestication/inactivity.


    Moreover, gorilla's and apes have large stomach's and small brains relative to their size, this was the evolutionary gamble our species took, bigger brains and smaller stomachs resulted in a higher probability of child birth death. But of course it's a gamble that paid off:)


    Nice assumptions. If meat and/or fish increases cranial size; why do big cats still have small 350cc cranials?


    What led to our big brains in the first place to create the tools?


    The experiment at the beginning of this doc show's why a raw food vegan diet is not our natural diet, it also show's how our teeth evolved to better chew meat and fat. (Fat and meat being the preferred source of fuel for most hunter gatherers).



    It is true that we prefer fat as fuel however whole plant non-oxidized fats are superior when consumed in a non-polluted environment.


    And then there's the environment, my natural environment here in the Northern Ireland/UK does not produce large quantities of fruit in the winter or spring, for me to eat large amounts of fruit in those season's they would need to be imported from half way across the world (hardly what you'd call natural) and when it comes to grains (which are processed), they make me and million's of others sick, probably because they contain digestive system disturbing agents. There again, grains were never a staple in the diet until 10,000 years ago, which on an evolutionary scale, is the blink of an eye.


    This is true for you and Irish have the smallest cranials of those who live in the north hemisphere. Therefore, those living in those areas aren't a good example of positive evolution growth.


    I respect peoples reasons for not consuming meat or animal by-products, whether it be for moral or religious , but to suggest a that a high fruit and grain raw food diet is our "natural" way to eat is just complete and utter nonsense. That is the view of individual that has long closed the ears AND eyes to "nature's infinitely wise guidance", as well as logic and reason.




    I agree with everything until the end where you think your previous regurgitation of delusion scientists is even logical.


    This whole thread is full of nonsense from both of you.

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