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  1. What I do is blend 50g of flax seeds in a coffee grinder until they turn into a soft powder; then add 4-6 ripe bananas to a plastic beaker, then add the flax seed powder from the grinder, then I blend them with a hand blender until the bananas and flax seed powder is mixed well, then I add about a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and then move the hand blender up and down until the cinnamon powder is mixed well. Sometimes I will add some orange juice with the cinnamon. -- This shake will spike your sex drive. I don't consume any oils; just whole food plant fats. Avocados I always consume alone with juice from a lemon since I find that the lemon increases the absorption of the Iron in the avocado. Hemp seeds I always consume them alone and chew them very well. This is the only way for me to see the benefits from consuming hemp seeds. My conclusion is that if everything is blended; then everything will digest fine.
  2. We humans require protein, carbs and wholefood fats in no particular ratio that anyone can be certain for every individual. My ratio is medium carbs, medium fats and low-medium protein. Why? Anyone who regurgitates that nonsense ratio science clearly doesn't know anything about how the inflammatory response system works in the human body.
  3. Measure the oil that you place on your food with a tablespoon and not your eyes. Or you can skip the consumption of oils until the belly fat disapears.
  4. Chelating minerals things is horse shit but the lectins thing or whatever is in legumes thats harmful to certain individuals isn't. There is many vegans who go back to consuming animals products while they could of consumed fatty seeds instead. My own experience speaks volumes since I lost considerable amounts of muscle on my legs to the point of almost being anorexic when I use to consume legumes. Hemp seeds, ground up flax seeds and organic avocados are superior sources of protein since they also contain unaltered omega fatty acids; unlike the fatty acids in oils that have been exposed to oxygen.
  5. Legumes are a big no no for me and many other sensitive individuals unless they are sprouted since the lectins in these seeds breakdown muscle tissue. Good article overall.
  6. I've seen and experienced the harm the consumption of meat, especially fowl, can do to the brain. Histamine and tryptophan in high amounts without exercise keep the brain in a state of delusion pleasure without ever maturing. Is it still their fault if they aren't self-aware of their own behavior?
  7. Amino Acids = Building blocks. Whose the brick layer?
  8. I saw the new BBC Horizon episode (Should I Eat Meat? - The Big Health Dilemma) and I laughed so hard cause they sounded so sure of the crap they were regurgitating. I feel your frustration however we're still in the transition where most people see the earth as flat. This will change and some of us will prove everybody wrong. B12, B3 and tryptophan are the particulars to pay attention to. The truth is that neither groups have the answer except the nonconformist.
  9. I use to loose muscle during my consistent speed runs. If you don't use em, you loose em. I have also noticed that consuming legumes causes major muscle loss in my leg muscles. I love lentils but not at the cost of my muscles.
  10. My first pair of shoes were these. New Balance 571. http://www.planetshoes.com/mmplanet/Images/5348/5348_119_detail.jpg I recently ordered these. New Balance MTE570R2. http://galleryplus.ebayimg.com/ws/web/221518376404_1_0_1/1000x1000.jpg
  11. Have you read my response on that thread? 80/10/10 doesn't have enough whole food plant fats to build the nervous system and to produce hormones. I've tried it for a week and never felt worse in my life. I like fruit in good proportions however I feel better consuming ripe California avocados, hemp seeds, flax seeds, etc.. with an abundance of leafy greens, tomatoes, bell peppers etc.. Find what works for you.
  12. This sort of arrogant behavior from meat eaters happens to me all the time and I have excellent comebacks to shut them up. My comeback would have been along the lines of telling her to go kill the cow herself.
  13. And neither was I when I started at the start line. Quick fix pills that get us to the finish line don't exist. Please take this in a positive way. The workouts I suggested are the most simple and effective. Shut out the naysayers and you'll be surprised how much more you are capable of. And above all; listen to your aura.
  14. Carbs prevent the fat you eat from being burnt. I suggest dumping the oils and focus on whole food fats... Hemp seeds, flax seeds, organic avocados from California, etc.. Try fasting for 18 hours on a day you don't work. Eat the day before, don't eat anything for breakfast, lunch, etc.. Drink as much water as you feel like. The point of the fasting exercise is to learn when you're really hungry. You'll get a sense of your body from a different perspective. Your journey; your call.
  15. Sounds like she's trying to sell the useless machine than ask for help. Bodyweight deep squat, chin ups, and pulls up are sufficient for an all body workout.
  16. Correct. I prefer bodyweight deep squats with my feet straight, perfectly flat on the ground, head up, arms straight out forward or to the sides and performing the squat by going completely down and back up. This simple exercise builds all the leg muscle, lower back, abdominal's and straightens out the back. After the leg muscles are well built by deep squats; you'll notice how well you're able to run and sprint.
  17. Thanks man. Well he is a she, and she said any diet with more then 30% fat is bad for your heart according to the Heart Association. Ha! I'm not stating I believe this is true. Just seems a bit weird. Maybe they are talking about bacon and ham or something. While we are on the subject, what type of macros are you guys doing on a Vegan diet while bulking and cutting?
  18. If your joints hurt, you are consuming high amounts of lectins from seeds and/or grains. For example, I soak rice in water for 24 hours and rinse the dirty water out periodically to remove the lectins. Omega 6 fatty acids are not inflammatory however their derivatives, prostaglandins series 2, do PROMOTE the initial inflammation caused by toxic substances... Air pollution, cigarette smoke, etc... Watch a youtube video on the "inflammatory response" and you will understand that what you keep regurgitating is pseudoscience that correlates with the consumption of seed oils.
  19. Fat from whole plant foods is NOT the same as fat from burnt meat and/or highly oxidized/processed oils. Watch out for poor quality oxidized walnuts that have been washed in a solution that oxidizes the fatty acids in the walnuts. Omega 6 fatty acids from whole foods are superior than Omega 3 fatty acids. Don't listen to the hype. Look at what wild animals eat. Do squirrels worry about getting a perfect ratio of fatty acids? Try sunflowers seeds without sulfites and tell the trainer that he isn't a biochemist, he needs to shut his mouth about subjects he has no clue about.
  20. I also dislike the smell of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines in my nose. Second hand smoke is worse though.
  21. Helpful links. http://www.womentowomen.com/adrenal-health-2/dhea-and-adrenal-imbalance/ http://www.sharonostalecki.com/2012/key-players-you-need-to-understand-if-you-have-fibromyalgia/ http://www.uptodate.com/contents/androgen-production-and-therapy-in-women Low DHEA -> Low Serotonin -> No Prostaglandin D2 production. Prostagladin D2(PGD2) is made from Omega 6 fatty acids before bed time and you'll know that you're producing sufficient PGD2 when you can't fight the falling asleep feeling. PGD2 knocks us out into a deep sleep. Have you asked your doctor about a DHEA pill?
  22. You have Crohn's because you keep ingesting inflammatory foods. 1) Vegetable oils contain inflammatory compounds known as peroxides, lipid peroxides, and aldehydes. 2) Other foods containing the toxic frankensteined vegetable oils. 3) Gluten. You can eat whatever you'd like however please don't throw the baby out with the bath water and not consume plants at all. There is plenty of healthy anti-inflammatory plants and those that I love consuming are peas(Vitamin K), sunflower seeds (except those from Asia), non-rancid walnuts, tender leafy greens(Vitamin A/K/Minerals) without condiments and chewed very well, hemp seeds, steaming vegetables at the lowest temperature for extended amount of time and freshly squeezed carrot juice. The carrot juice is hands down the most anti-inflammatory food I've ever consumed. I just hope that you're consuming animal products from non-abused animals.
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