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  1. Ok I've been a bit lazy updating this journal the last week or so :/ So here's what's going on - Training wise, I'm running between 7-10 miles everyday (except Sunday) I've started on simple exercises like push-ups, sit ups, pull ups, squats and leg raises (when I say simple I don't mean easy lol) Food wise- I'm loving the food to be honest I love making my own fruit smoothies in the mornings with the blender. I used my mothers juicer on Sunday(after I cleaned the dust off) for the first time!! It was fantastic. It was just a recipe that I got from online somewhere, but wow, and it made 2litres and kept in the fridge for a week I tried vegan cheese , vegan margarine, soy mince and oat milk for the first time this week. All great. Health wise- I can feel my fitness levels creeping back up. The running is becoming easier everyday. I feel like I have more energy, I'm sleeping better, I look better, I've noticed my complexion is a lot better than it was it's all good to be honest!! Yeah mrbear, earthlings is heavy going :/ I agree with you though. All meat eaters should have to watch it. It's something I'm going to use in the future as a reminder. Maybe every six months ill sit down and watch it. Ok over and out for today
  2. Well the running's really picked up the last couple of days. I'm clocking around seven miles now. I've also been concentrating on simple exercises like push ups , pull ups (which I hate) squats and leg raises. I suppose I'm just trying to not over complicate it. One thing I've noticed is even on a day off I have to exercise in the mornings or there is a good chance ill talk myself out of it lol Anyways , all is good so far
  3. Yeah I'm more motivated than ever Dylan. I watched earthlings yesterday, well some of it. I've had to kind of try and work my way through it, if that makes sense? :/ i just watched Some now. I feel quite ashamed to be honest. And really angry!! I've been working my way through a few documentaries this past week but they mostly focused on the health benefits of becoming vegan. And to be honest that was the main reason I ended up joining this site. But after watching that today, that changes everything. I've never seen anything like that before. I suppose I've been walking through life with my eyes closed. As soon as I switched it off my first thought was to come on here and write down what I'm feeling :/ I'm 6:1 , 32 years old. And I'm sitting here contemplating letting the tears come through. There where some images in the film that are going to stay with me forever. I think I needed to see it. And I'm going to finish watching it till they end. Sorry for such a depressing reply :/ Thanks everyone for keeping an eye on my progress, it keeps me motivated Everything is going to change. This isn't just food. I feel like my eyes have just been opened for the first time.
  4. Hey rossco! Ill be training for endurance mate. There is all sorts going on in my life at the moment. Due to my girlfriend ill be relocating at some point to either Darwin Australia or down to London (long story) lol I would really love to start training for a triathlon. That's the long term goal. The problem with this plan is 1- I have to try and save every penny I can, this means working every shift I can get. 2- buying a semi decent road bike is not an option So the training plan so far is this- - 5k Monday to Friday with a long run on Saturday - Monday - chest - Tuesday - legs - Wednesday - back - Thursday - shoulders - Friday - arms - Saturday - long run - Sunday - rest day I'm looking for maybe 5 exercises for each day that I can do with either body weight, dumbbells or resistance bands. It's only through reading posts on this site that I now realise that lifting weights is important as the running etc To be honest mate I'm still trying to take in as much info as I can. I watched "forks over knives" , "food inc" and "the beautiful truth" on Sunday oh and "fat,sick and nearly dead" !! Fantastic documentaries I've ordered a few books on vegan triathlon guys as well. So a few questions if that's ok ? I found a website called "goodness foods" today which have what seems like a decent selection of vegan foods, and they deliver to your door. Have you ever used them? If not how do you find shopping for vegan food in the uk? So what are your plans? They look like some big weights your lifting in your pic lol? How do you find being a vegan? And one last thing, I had a massive craving for cheese today lol I've never craved cheese in my life before :/ I've read you can buy things like vegan cheese ? Any good? My posts seem to jump about and ramble on a little , but I do appreciate any help
  5. Yeah I had a great time I've been desperate to keep up with the Muay Thai since I got back but it just isn't happening. My shift pattern is a real pain meaning I can only train in the mornings and I just can't find a club that's trains in the am :/ if I ever manage to get anther job with normal hours 9-5 or whatever then i would start training again. So how did you find it? Did you enjoy the Muay Thai?
  6. well i think starting a training journal could motivate me on those days when training is the last thing i want to do lol so here goes - 27/1/13 yesterday i spent a lot of time reading through the site. reading up on diet and nutrition and trying to find a pretty basic lifting routine to follow. Ive been flirting with the idea of becoming a vegan for a good few years now, and realise that what was stopping me was a total myth, the whole "not enough protein" :/ my girlfriend has been vegetarian since she was 12 years old and for the last 5 years vegan. I watched some documetaries that Chad byers recommended on the profile page. my conclusion's? following a vegan lifestyle is ethically and morally the only way to live, and thats before we even get to the health benifits. ok im starting to ramble a bit here lol let me finish this post with, where i am and where i want to get to whats avalible to me - because of the hours i work (12pm - 9pm) i have to do my training in the morning's i love running so plan to start the day with an easy 5k first thing. then spend maybe an hour lifting some weights. The type of exercises im looking for are things i can do in the house with what i have. ive got a pull up bar,some dumbbells, push up stands/perfect push up, also some reebok resistance bands. tomorrow ill try and upload some pics, weight etc im pretty sure im around 76kg i was looking through the profiles page for body shapes, just trying to find someone that was similar to what the image i have in my head is. Chad byers is pretty much exactly what im aiming for. i should probably spend some time reading up the guy and find out what is training involves. if anyone has any tips id love to hear from you the more time i spend looking through this site the more amazing info i find!! ok bye for now.
  7. Hey guys Thanks for making me feel so welcome Yeah I'm thinking a journal is definitely the way to go. Ill get that up and running this week guys!! Jeez everyone seems pretty cool on here. So much information lol I think the next few days are going to be spent on the "getting started" page, reading as much as I can. Love that this site is global, so many people from so many cool places everyone helping each other along!! Oh I'm from Glasgow rossco, so is your dad Dundee or Dundee utd? Yeah scotland is beautiful , as is Wales mate!! Is it as cold down there as it is up here? Lol
  8. Hi there my name is grant I discovered this site yesterday and i have to say, i think it could be everything ive been looking for. Tomorrow is the start of the new me. i havent trained at all in almost a year now. I spent the twos years previous to that traveling the west coast of Australia and then thailand. I spent 5 months living in a muay thai gym near chiang mai in northern Thailand where i trained 6 days a week. Since i came back home to scotland in may of 2012 i really havent trained at all. ive been a vegetarian for 1 year now. i am determined to become a vegan, ive really struggled trying to find info on the net for someone who wanted to live as a vegan but also train and be healthy. well that was until i stumbled upon this site. im really excited about some of the stuff ive seen on here. starting from tomorrow (sunday) i plan on diving head first in and achieving my goals with the help of this site im looking forward to learning as much as i can and hopfully contributing to this site a little as well my goals are to become a stirct vegan, to become lean and toned and to really kick start my life again. thanks for reading guys
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