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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I have started to ear more since yesterday, the only thing is with the calorie tracker is that I'm Indian and eat Indian food so at times its hard for me to calculate how much calories I have taken same with what nutrition I'm taking in. If I'm bulking i'm going gain fat as well and muscle as well since I will be lifting as well.
  2. Thank you for your feedback much appreciated. Will eating avocados and nuts help with bulking up, I've been told that those are considered healthy fats is that true?
  3. Hi I'm 23/M/5'7 and I'm a vegetarian. I was 150lb Aug12 and had a beer belly and wanted to get rid of it, so I started exercising and biking on daily basis and now I'm 115LB, there have been times I might of over done it with Cardio going to the gym and then biking 20 miles. I could lift a lot more than before but it doesn't look like I gained any muscles, I'm guessing my body metabolized whatever muscle I had left. And also at times after a workout I didn't take protein shakes. So I'm kind of worried that I lost too much weight and would like to bring it to 135 by June and was wondering what is the best possible way to do that without having to resort to junk food and to a bulging stomach. I've done research online and I always end up with the same answer resort to meat which I don't want to. How much should I get my weight to, does 135 by June sound possible? Should I start taking protein shakes pre and post workout? Is there a different type of protein shake I should take pre workout? Also I only have time to go to the gym three times a week Fri-Sun since I work 9AM-9PM. I've decided to bring down my Cardio and decrease my speed on the StairMaster( I would max out at times) and only use it to warm up. Please help thank you.
  4. Long time lurker first time poster. I am 23/M/5'7 and weight 115LB. I was 150LB in Aug'12 and started to work out and bike on daily basis, to lose my belly fat and now I feel, I lost too much weight. I could lift a lot more than before but shouldn't I weight a little bit more since muscle weights more than fat? I wan't to bring my weight to 125 and was wondering whats the healthy way to do it? I could gain weight if I start to eat unhealthy again, but that will go straight to the belly. I want to gain more mass but don't know how. I use NitroFusion protein after each workout with a almond milk. I recently bought Metrx Ultramyosyn Whey amazon had it on sale a few weeks ago. I've done some research online and was told to increase carb intake, eat more almonds, peanuts since those are considered healthy fats.
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