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  1. If you want to run to make your legs and thighs strong and you are unable to do that i would suggest you to do some other exercises which is not that much tiring but really effective. Cycling and swimming. Cycling is very good for your thighs and legs it strengthens them and makes your muscles strong. Swimming makes your overall body strong improves your blood flow in the body.
  2. Well yes you should do it,cardio is very good for you body.You should make it a part of your training/exercise. Do it on regular basis. It controls weight. It combats health conditions and diseases. Make your mood better. Boosts your energy.
  3. Well you shouldn't be worried,you should go to a doctor i guess he will tell you the actual problem with your muscle. May be it is some kind of disturbance with your back muscles.He will suggest you the actual medicine for it.
  4. Its very good if you lost weight and achieved your goal,I recommend you not to go for any supplement or pills. Because you have lost weight naturally you should make yourself healthy again with natural food. You should have fruits and vegetables.They are rich in nutrition,Have nuts and beans. Drink milk or fruit shake have juices like orange,apple you will defiantly get a better physic.
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