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  1. Well, I bought a 750ml bottle of some local lager, but didn't drink it . . . a habit of mine. Felt pretty nice to wake up on Sunday with no hangover of any sort. Seems to really rip into me these days. Must be getting older. Last few times I put some beers down I could barely make it past 4 bottles before wanting to crawl in bed. I feel you so much on this. If I'm with it enough to chug down an electrolyte drink (I like Rehydrate from Advocare) before bed that usually staves it off at least enough that I'm still functional the next day haha However, I've got a bomber of some White Monkey (Golden Monkey aged in wine barrels) that I keep telling myself I'm going to bust into and just never quite seem to feel ready to tackle the full 750... Ahhhh somday! Speaking of beers, we found BCBS down here by the caseload. It's ridiculous. A year ago in Chicago I wouldn't have been able to imagine walking in somewhere and just walking out with a full four pack of BCBS without having to fight someone on my way out the door haha Have you had any of this year's batch? Are you into Stouts?
  2. I've been on this program for three whole weeks now and I only just got through the squat session all the way through for the first time this week. Tuesdays are really tough for me, scheduling-wise, and I usually end up home ~2hrs later than other days. I got through the first half, had to take a quick break to go pick my partner up from work, then got through the second half as best as I could after I had already cooled down and started to get a little sore. It wasn't the prettiest, but I got it done. Whew. 24MARCH2015 Squat 3x30.8kg 3x40kg 3x56kg 3x66.8kg 5x4x76.8kg Bench Press 3x22.8kg 3x32.8kg 5x4x42kg Deadlift 3x62.8kg 3x72.8.8kg 5x4x84.8kg Box Squat 3x5x70.8kg 3 x Cluster of 5 "singles" x 76.8kg (INTERMISSION) Front Squat 5x5x48kg Bulgarian SS 5x5x42kg Leg Extension (w/2 sec hold at peak, toes pointed) 5x5x38.8kg
  3. Tracking lifts is one of the things that keeps me going most. I'm definitely able to convince myself that I've made no progress if I've got no paper trail and no videos to reflect on, so being able to look back and see that, for instance, 5x85lbs was tough for me on bench not all that long ago, keeps me pushin. This week is the long heavy week for phase 1 of Indigo, so I'm going to be dragging myself from the gym to the couch most nights this week. Oh well, I'm going to let myself eat all of the things to make up for it 23MARCH2015 Squat 3x30.8kg 3x40kg 3x56kg 3x66.8kg 5x4x76.8kg Bench Press 3x22.8kg 3x32.8kg 4x4x42kg 7x42kg Deadlift 3x62.8kg 3x72.8.8kg 5x4x84.8kg Floor Close Grip Bench Press 3x5x26.8kg 3 x Cluster of 5 "singles" x 30.8kg Incline DB Press 5x5x34.8lbs Floor Nosebreakers (w/EZ curl bar) 5x5x22.8kg DB Power Flies 5x5x34.8lbs
  4. Welcome back to the forum and congrats on all your milestones!! How has it been starting things off again? What's training look like these days?
  5. Here's the first set of my deadlifts from yesterday (16March2015). I hit all four sets at 5x196lbs easily. Weights felt like they were just flyin up after taking the weekend off. Form is feeling really good in general. Strange to think that a couple years ago I thought I basically had form down, and I'm still tweaking it hard two years later. Powerlifting is a strange and wonderful sport - I always feel like there's room for so much growth while still feeling like I'm kicking ass. Also, here are my squat warm ups from yesterday (4x5x176lbs). Everything feels like it's coming together. I never thought my squat would be on track to catch up to my deadlift. Clearly the extra work I've been putting into squats has been paying off, but I'm hoping that putting in similar effort to the deadlift will help keep my deadlift strong and get stronger as well. Also this is what I look like these days when I like to pretend for a few minutes that I'm aesthetic lol lol lol ~12March2015, I think about 145lbs BW
  6. 16MARCH2015 Squat 4x24.8kg 4x34.8kg 4x46kg 4x58kg 4x5x72.8kg Bench Press 4x22.8kg 4x30.8kg 4x5x38.8kg Deadlift 4x58kg 4x68.8kg 4x5x80.8kg Floor Close Grip Bench Press 4x5x24.8kg 2 x Cluster of 5 "singles" x 28.8kg Incline DB Press 4x6x34.8lb Floor Nosebreakers 4x6x18kg DB Power Flies 4x6x30.4lbs
  7. 13MARCH2015 Squat 4x22.8kg 4x32.8kg 4x44.8kg 4x56kg 3x6x68.8kg Bench Press 4x16kg 4x26.8kg 3x6x34.8kg Deadlift 4x56kg 4x68kg 3x6x76.8kg Deadlift off plates (~1.5" deficit) 4x5x68.8kg Cluster of 4 "singles" x 74.8kg RDL 3x7x66.8kg Hang Clean High Pull 7x22.8kg 3x7x30.8kg Strict Barbell Shrug (3 sec hold at peak) 3x7x62.8kg
  8. That link is exactly where I started (specifically - I'm following the Strength template). I've read a lot from Christian Thibaudeau, and I think in general he's got some really good ideas. Indigo training was designed to be undertaken while on a supplement from BioTest (Indigo3G) in order to keep their consumer trials a little more controlled. I came across it while I was looking for a good powerbuilding set up that would be easily adapted to what I have available at my home gym. I wanted a program that would let me continue squatting every day while working on bringing the other two lifts up too. I'm two weeks in, and I'm really enjoying it. Right now, with my recovery being what it is, I'm really into hitting the big three at a little bit sub-maximal weight every day and then focusing in on one specifically for the rest of the session. Even after only two weeks I feel a lot more confident in my technique both on squats and deads, which I think I can attribute mostly to just doing them every single day in somewhat higher rep ranges than I have been normally. There are a few maybe complicated things, but at least in the Strength template usually he doesn't get much fancier than holding at the peak for a few seconds or the double contractions on some bicep curls. I think mostly the program just forces you to work in a few different rep ranges to stimulate the muscles in different ways. Also, each monthly phase incorporates different foundation and structure accessory lifts, so hopefully this will help keep my wandering eye in check when it comes to training I'll keep posting how it's going for me, but so far I might even like it better than Starr's 5x5 which has been my favorite up until now. If you had specific questions maybe I could answer them to at least how I'm doing it and/or how I've seen other people doing it in their Indigo training logs?
  9. 12MARCH2015 Squat 3x22.8kg 3x32.8kg 3x44.8kg 3x56kg 3x6x68.8kg Bench Press 3x16kg 3x26.8kg 3x6x34.8kg Deadlift 3x56kg 3x68kg 3x6x78.8kg Push Press 4x5x22.8kg Cluster of 5 "singles" x 28.8kg Wide Grip OHP 3x7x16kg Barbell Front Raise 3x7x8kg Resistance Band Upright Row 3x7 DEADLIFT DAY TONIGHT I'M SO EXCITED
  10. 11MARCH2015 Kayak Row 3x6x18kg Straight-Arm Pulldown 2x8x18kg ---BRIEF INTERMISSION (actually long intermission - 2.5 mi wander around the neighborhood with my partner to go get a snack because she decided it was too nice a night to be inside and I agreed and it was glorious)--- Straight-Arm Pulldown 3x8x18kg Supinated Medium Grip Pulldown (2sec hold at peak) 3x8x32.8kg Plate Pullovers 3x8x25lbs Hammer Curls 3x8x26lbs (superset with resistance band pushdown, 3x12) Preacher Curls 3x8x21.6lbs (superset with Overhead Extensions 3x10x26lb) Seated Alternating Curls, double contraction at the bottom 3x8x17.2lbs (superset with close grip pushups on bench 3x20
  11. Last night was rough. I had a long day at work, hadn't really eaten properly, and for whatever reason my body was just giving out on the split squats. After I missed in two sets after barely getting started, I called it and skipped the rest of the split squats and leg extensions I had planned. Totally disheartening, but I worked a little posing afterwords to strengthen that mind/muscle connection and I'm feeling solid and ready to go again today. I don't know what happened yesterday, my body just said "nope" so I listened. Remain to fight another day. 10MARCH2015 Squat 3x22.8kg 3x32.8kg 3x44.8kg 3x56kg 3x6x68.8kg Bench Press 3x16kg 3x26.8kg 3x6x34.8kg Deadlift 3x56kg 3x68kg 3x6x76.8kg Box Squat 5x40kg 5x56kg 4x5x62.8kg Cluster of 5 "singles" x 68.8kg Front Squat 7x48kg 2x6x48kg
  12. 09MARCH2015 Squat 3x22.8kg 3x32.8kg 3x44.8kg 3x56kg 3x6x68.8kg Bench Press 3x16kg 3x26.8kg 3x6x34.8kg Deadlift 3x56kg 3x68kg 3x6x76.8kg Floor Close Grip Bench Press 4x5x22.8kg Cluster of 5 "singles" x 26.8kg Incline Bench Press 3x7x22.8kg (my homegym set up is really weird and kind of wrenches my shoulders doing this, might have to switch to DB Inclines) Floor Nosebreakers 3x7x14kg (EZ-bar - probably weighs closer to 10lbs) DB Power Flies 3x7x26lbs
  13. 08MARCH2015 Kayak Row 3x6x18kg Straight-Arm Pulldown 3x8x18kg Supinated Wide Grip Pulldown (2sec hold at peak) 3x8x32.8kg Plate Pullovers 3x8x25lbs Hammer Curls 3x8x26lbs (superset with resistance band pushdown, 3x12) Preacher Curls 3x8x21.6lbs (superset with Overhead Extensions 3x10x26lb) Seated Alternating Curls, double contraction at the bottom 3x8x17.2lbs (superset with close grip pushups on bench 3x20)
  14. 06MARCH2015 Squat 3x22.8kg 3x32.8kg 3x44.8kg 3x56kg 3x6x68.8kg Bench Press 3x16kg 3x26.8kg 3x6x34.8kg Deadlift 3x56kg 3x68kg 3x6x76.8kg Deadlift off plates (~1.5" deficit) 4x5x66.8kg Cluster of 4 "singles" x 72.8kg RDL 3x7x66.8kg Hang Clean High Pull 3x7x26.8kg Strict Barbell Shrug (3 sec hold at peak) 3x7x62.8kg
  15. 05MARCH2015 Squat 3x22.8kg 3x32.8kg 3x44.8kg 3x56kg 3x6x68.8kg Bench Press 3x16kg 3x26.8kg 3x6x34.8kg Deadlift 3x56kg 3x68kg 3x6x78.8kg Push Press 4x5x22.8kg Cluster of 5 "singles" x 28.8kg Wide Grip OHP 3x7x16kg Barbell Front Raise 3x7x8kg Resistance Band Upright Row 3x7
  16. I've started Indigo training! It is everyday, and it is intense, and it is just what I needed and I love it so far. I set out looking for a template that would allow me to hit it hard every day while my recovery time is so good. I like using 5x5 and just adding extra stuff in, but I've been reading a lot about working sets and about how you're not really tearing down your muscles til you're in your working sets. Huh. Makes a lot of sense. So what have I been doing with the Starr 5x5, which is essentially 4 warm up sets and one working set? I could do so much more! I could get so much bigger! I found the Indigo set up. MTRF now I'll squat, bench, and deadlift with sub-maximal loads and then focus on further bench for Monday, squat for Tuesday, isolate Lats/Bis on Wednesday, focus on overhead movements Thursday, and deadlift Friday. There's even optional sessions already programmed in for specific weak points/focus points on weekends. I'm gonna get so huge. My timing is also shifting around a bit with my partner's job situation and trying to juggle our lives together, so I won't be getting 5am workouts in anymore - it'll be more like 7pm. I should be much more effective lifting at night. I'm ready for this. I started Indigo last Wednesday. Even though I had hit deadlifts really hard in the morning, I came home and did Lats/Bi isolation at night. Now I've been through 5 days of Indigo programming and I really, really, really like it. 04MARCH2015 PM Kayak Row 3x6x16kg Straight-Arm Pulldown 3x6x16kg Supinated Wide Grip Pulldown (2sec hold at peak) 3x8x32.8kg Plate Pullovers 3x8x25lbs Hammer Curls 3x8x26lbs (superset with resistance band pushdown, 3x12) Preacher Curls 8x26lbs 2x8x21.6lbs (superset with Overhead Extensions 3x10x26lb) Seated Alternating Curls, double contraction at the bottom 3x8x17.2lbs (superset with close grip pushups on bench 3x15)
  17. Thanks a lot!! I've been a lot more focused lately with the home gym, I love not having to go anywhere to work out and being able to get a session in easy in the morning before work. How are plans going for the great move out of Chicago?? Session this AM! March04 Squats 5x34.8kg 5x44kg 2x5x54kg Incline DB Press 5x26lbs 5x30.4lbs Couldn't get my next sets up - must not've been warmed up enough, got frustrated, decided to deadlift angry instead of continuing to try to bench press Conventional Deads 5x60kg 5x72.8kg 5x84.8kg 4x97.6kg (ugly, but i locked them out and probably could've gotten a fifth - but it would've decimated me for the day so i left it in the tank) 2x5x85.6kg Reverse Grip Barbell Rows 2x12x34.8kg 2x12x36.8kg Plate Curl 3x20x20kg Barbell Curls 8x16kg 8x16kg, 8x12kg, 15x8kg drop sets
  18. Whoa, it has been way too long since I logged here (thanks esqinchi for reminding me ). I've been liftin heavy, but I've mostly moved over to IG for keeping myself accountable and the old pen and pad for logging. In the past couple months I've started counting macros and re-started myself on Starr's 5x5. When I restarted the 5x5 I made the decision to jump down considerably in weights and focus hard on form. Now I'm using it a little more loosely (mainly splitting squats to the night before, then in the morning doing push/pull) and adding in extra sessions because my recovery time has been phenomenal lately. My body feels fantastic and I'm smashing PRs weekly. I thought I might throw up what I've been up to in the past week, and then try to keep myself accountable to coming on here and logging at least every few days. For the sake of ease for myself, I'm just going to record the weight I loaded on the bar because I still don't know how much my bar weighs. When I want to calculate out exact weights I usually assume the bar is 16lbs, but I'm mostly concerned with moving bigger weights every day and not what they are exactly. I have dumbbell handles now and I know their weight, so whenever I use those I know exactly how much I'm loading. Also, Florida is a beautiful wonderland and I pretty much never want to leave. My maxes have really jumped up in the past two weeks. I still don't have a scale or interest in one, but from general aesthetics and the way my clothes fit me I'd guess I'm still hanging out between 140-145lbs. In the past two weeks I've finally gotten past the 200lb squat mark (hit ~212lbs for a double last night!) and the 100lbs benchpress mark (~106lbs for 6 this morning!). My deadlifts have been slower in coming back from when I took almost a month off while moving, but they're still my strongest lift (hit a really clean 225 for 5 last week, which is about where I was 6 months ago but vastly improved from where I started back up 4 months ago). Feb22 SQUATS 5x32.8kg 5x42kg 5x52kg 5x62kg 5x72.8kg 2x78.8kg 2x82.8kg 2x85.6kg 3x74.8kg 3x74.8kg 7x74.8kg (AMRAP) Feb23 BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUATS 10x20kg 8x24.8kg 8x30.8kg 8x36.8kg 8x40.8kg BENCH PRESS 5x16kg 5x22.8kg 5x28.8kg 5x34.8kg 5x38.8kg 3x40.8kg 4x40.8kg 4x40.8kg BARBELL ROWS 5x22.8kg 5x26.8kg 5x32.8kg 5x38.8kg 5x46.8kg Feb24 OHS 10xbar 10x8kg 10x16kg 10x22.8kg 10x26.8kg PUSH PRESS 8x22.8kg 8x26.8kg 5x28.8kg 5x30.8kg LATERAL RAISE 4x15x12.8lbs BARBELL CURL 4x10x16kg (SS with...) DUMBBELL OVERHEAD EXTENSION 4x10x39.2lbs Feb25 SQUAT 5x32.8kg 5x42kg 5x52kg 5x52kg INCLINE DB PRESS 8x26lbs 8x30.4lbs 8x34.8lbs 8x39.2lbs 8x39.2lbs CONVENTIONAL DEADs 5x58kg 5x70.8kg 5x82.8kg 5x95.6kg 8x72.9kg Feb26 CGBP 8x16kg 8x22.8kg 3x8x30.8kg 9x30.8kg DUMBBELL BENCH PRESS 5x39.2lbs 7x39.2lbs 9x34.8lbs 8x34.8lbs INCLINE FLIES 12x17.2lbs 10x21.6lbs 2x8x26lbs BENCH PRESS 7x30.8kg 3x10x26.8kg Ab work + 1.0mi cool-down run Feb27 SQUATS 5x34.8kg 5x44kg 5x54kg 5x62.8kg 3x74.8kg 3x78.8kg 3x80.8kg 3x82.8kg 2x84.8kg 2x6x72.8kg HAMMER CURLS 12x26lbs 2x10x28.2lbs PINWHEEL CURLS 2x12x26lbs 12x21.2lbs HAMMER CURL BURNOUTS 2x15x21.2lbs March01 SQUATS 5x34.8kg 5x44kg 5x54kg 5x64.8kg 5x74.8kg 2x82.8kb 2x86.8kg 2x88.8kg (approx 212lbs for a double!!!!!!!!!!) 5x74.8kg March02 FRONT SQUAT 8x22.8kg 8x30.8kg 8x40kg 3x8x48kg SINGLE LEG EXTENSION 3x15x19.4kg BENCH PRESS 5x16kg 5x22.8kg 5x28.8kg 5x34.8kg 5x40kg 2x6x40kg (approximately 106lbs with full comp legal pauses at the bottom!!!!!!) BARBELL ROWS 5x22.8kg 5x28.8kg 5x34.8kg 5x40kg 5x48kg
  19. Yesterday hit legs/back, which looked mostly like this Squat 5x10x120lbs Oblique Bends 5x12x45lbs Rows 5x12x80 Shrugs 5x15x80 Barbell Lunges (each leg) 5x10x60lbs Straight Arm Pulldowns 5x12x50lbs Today hit arms, a little like this Barbell Curls 20x32lbs 4x12x50lbs Pushdown w/30-50lb resistance band 20xlow resistance 3x12xhigher resistance than last time Close Grip Bench 12x45lbs 12x50lbs 3x12x60lbs Resistance Band Curls (one arm) 3x12xhigh resistance 21's 3x21x32lbs Bodyweight Tricep Extensions 3x12
  20. Definitely making progress!! It's also a little weird lifting in the morning when for the past year I've been training in the afternoon/evening - I definitely can't push around as much weight in the AM before I've had real food or the day to warm up. But I'm seeing physical changes and I feel strong and getting stronger, so I'm happy Happy to get to follow you both now! I think I'm going to try to mix in a power day a couple times a week and just get under something heavy, but the volume is really fun right now. It's good to change things up!
  21. Bi/tri day today. I'm trying to keep things fun while having somewhat minimal equipment at home (not even dumbbell handles, so I'm just grabbing plates and working my grip extra whenever I want to do unilateral movements). It's fun and effective. Last night I worked on some pushup variations, too, just for fun and to burn off some steam. My typewriter pushup game is not very strong yet, but it's coming along. I really love playing with calisthenics, I think I'll be working them in more when I don't feel like pulling full sessions/am too sore to lift heavy. Anyway, 5:30am today looked like this: Barbell Curls 20x30lbs 3x12x45lbs Pushdown w/30-50lb resistance band 20xlow resistance 3x12xhigh resistance Close Grip Bench 12x30lbs 12x45lbs 2x12x50lbs Concentration Curls 4x12x14lbs Jump Rope 3x45sec 21's 3x21x30lbs Bodyweight Tricep Extensions 3x12 Tomorrow more squats and rows, bigger and bigger and bigger. Holding off on deadlifts until this weekend, when I can hit them in the afternoon when I'm all carbed up from a big breakfast and then spend the rest of the day on the couch stretched out and eating. Probably bench/chest on Friday. I don't plan to take any days off until Sunday, I'm enjoying this sore as hell/ripped to shreds feeling too much.
  22. Hah, totally small world! Are you on IG? What's your wife's IG name? The vegan strength community is small but I see it gettin bigger every day. Training is going well, I'm really sore from hitting more volume this week but it's feeling good for the moment so I'm going to stick with it. I love powerlifting and hitting heavy weights but I just need a little break and this is workin for me
  23. Shoulders today. I feel sore and excellent. I'm going to get really fucking big this year. OHS 5x10x55lbs Oblique Side Bend 4x10x45lbs Incline Press 4x10x65lbs Plate Front Raise 3x10x25lbs Lateral Raise 3x10x10lbs OHP 3x10x45lbs 10x40lbs 10x30lbs Arnold Press 3x10x10lbs
  24. I've been lifting, but I haven't been recording much of anything. I was up and on the grind at 5:30am today, got through a really solid session. I'm already feelin it. All of my weights are totally approximate because I still have no real idea how much my bar weighs (I'm guessin 10lbs) and I don't have any interest in having a scale in my house so I may never really know and I don't really care much right now. I scraped my usual heavy low-rep stuff today and focused on some volume. I really hope I can find a tire sometime soon, that would be a perfect addition. Squats 5x10x120lbs Straight-Arm Pulldowns 4x10x60lbs Bent Over Rows 5x10x80lbs Shrugs 5x12x80lbs Barbell-Loaded Lunges 3x10x60lbs SLDL 3x10x100lbs
  25. Hey, good to hear from you. Our last trip up was kind of a bummer. The place we stayed was less than expected (kind of a dump, a risk on AirBnb I've come to realize). I was in a weird mood the whole time, so it got pretty stressful - which was a total bummer. I think I was bummed because I was thinking about how difficult it seems to get anywhere lately. Then on our last day there, my boss sends me a text message an hour before an important deadline telling me they can't find the order I drafted, which just illustrates she doesn't do her job really. Also, at the exact same time, our little dog was having seizures, and there were roofers working on the house we were staying in. So it was kind of a perfect (shit)storm. Anyhow, we did the things we like there, which was nice, but I think the undercurrent of stress and sadness kind of took over and soured the overall experience. Have you noticed how relatively expensive property is there? Those homes off Willy on the isthmus, all broken down, yet selling for $350k+? That's insane. We paid only slightly more for our house here, and it's fully updated. Those places there would need at least another $50-75k just to update. It's kind of funny actually now that I think about it... It seems like those selling there are asking for gentrification, yet also complaining about the same. Kind of seems like the economy of scale theory goes out the proverbial window there, at least with respect to property. As for now, I'm just trying to find a job here which is pretty slow going. Weather has been pretty cold, but no real snow yet - which is nice. I fucking hate snow in the city. How are you guys doing? Everything settled in? Yeah, I've used Air BnB a few times and it's always kind of a toss up regarding what you're going to end up with. Property actually in Madison proper is very expensive, especially if you want to live anywhere within four-ish miles of the capitol. If you're willing to go out to any of the close suburbs you can get much better deals because the property taxes aren't as insane. For instance, Fitchburg doesn't have any green space between the town and Madison, uses the same public works, school systems, buses, etc but because of lower taxes you can find a really nice place with an actual yard (difficult to find in close to the capitol or University) for more in the $200k arena. Anywhere near the capitol or near the University gets very expensive, very quickly. The condos right on the square are as expensive as anything in Chicago, that's for sure. One thing about Madison vs Chicago in the winter is I think that Madison does a better job of plowing and maintaining the streets, which can make it a much easier place to live through the cold months. Hopefully you're able to find a new position somewhere with a boss who is actually able to manage things and keep organized, that's the most frustrating thing. I'm dealing with a bit of that at my new position down here, and it's looking like I won't be staying at this lab much longer than possible if I can find a different gig. Right now it's paying the bills though, and I haven't gone completely mad, so I'll stick it through. Florida in general is awesome, and I really love it down here. We've been going to a lot of state parks on the weekends and taking the dogs hiking. It's hilarious that the locals think that when we hit 40degrees that it was freezing- people were literally wearing parkas. The house is mostly unpacked, we're slowly but surely acquiring furniture to replace the things that we left up in Chicago. My partner really likes her program, so everything is going really well with the exception of my own job frustrations. I hope something new pans out for you soon! It seems like you could use a break.
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