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  1. Minimal prep time, maximum flavor 1 can tomato soup (condensed) 1 can tomato sauce 1 pack meatless crumbles (Walmart brand in produce cooler) 2 table spoons canola oil 2 cans tex mex style brooks chilli beans 1 small can of sweet corn 1 can black beans 1 can red kidney beans 2-3 table spoons dehydrated onion 2 table spoons chilli powder A few dashes of chyanne to spice it up Salt and pepper to taste Cook meatless crumbles in the canola oil to keep them moist and add onion flakes Mix all other ingredients into large pot. Once crumbles are cooked and opinions are soft, add to pot and place on burner. Stir frequently. Cook till boiling, let simmer for 5 to 10 min, keep stiring! Enjoy with crackers or like I do, bread and peanut butter!
  2. I've seen enough bodybuilding.com posts to know that it isn't the forum for me either. Welcome!
  3. Welcome! I share the curse of skinnyfatness...
  4. Thanks for the advice and the kind words! It's been a challenging month for us, the weird weather go the whole house sick about 3 times already (stomach bug!) I'm sticking to my guns though! The workout plan dropped off as a result as well as the eating in bulk. Time to get back on the bus though and hit the plates! Thanks agian guys/gals
  5. I do this all the time... My fork will have a Brussle sprout, some edamame, a sweet potato and covered in Quinoa.... It's a wonderful bite
  6. Hello group! I wanted to join up as I'm sick of having to where a flame suit every time I mention that I don't eat meat or dairy... Anyway I'm Tyson I live in Iowa My wife and I took to the vegan diet only a month ago, although I feel as though I've been doing this all along. It has come so natural to me I can't recall why it was ever hard before. Our primary reason for the diet is for animal rights and the ecological disaster that the food industry has created. You see it all over in the mid west, people are just so use to it though, they aren't open to an opposing viewpoint. I have been lifting casually for 3 years, made little progress, although I don't give myself credit, I couldn't do a single pull up when I started 3 years ago. I'm skinny/fat, always have been 6'1" and only around 165-170lbs. I got myself to 155 a year ago, i looked ok, but my main dream was to bulk and have some size, plus a squat and bench weight that was embarrassing. Last year I was very motivated by some documentaries I watched to study fitness more in depth, So I ordered the study materials to become ACE certified and wrote an excellent business plan for an in home health coach business, bringing the gym to the folks at home that don't like gyms and teaching them how to shop/eat/cook/workout ect. Basically what the movie stars have, only affordable for a typical middle/lower class family. Anyway enough of that! My vegan experience has been amazing thus far. All of my lifts are up. Broke 200lbs on squats for the first time ever. I weighed in at 168 when I started my Vegan "Bulk" plan and I am now sitting at 177. I'm very excited! I hope to share that excitement with you guys and help spread knowledge! Thanks for listening
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