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  1. Sons of perdition are amazing. "Psalms of the Spiritually Dead" has been on heavy rotation around here. I'm a little late to this site and this thread. But some of my favorite heavy tunes include Mastodon, Pantera, Oathbreaker, Converge, Moire, Isis, Mouth of the Architect, The Sword, etc. Just to name a few!
  2. Hello, everyone! I'm Jessica. 28 years old and living in the Cincinnati area. I've been vegetarian for most of my life and vegan for almost 2 years now. I have recently taken the CrossFit plunge and I've fallen in love! I'm also an avid Yogi and practice every day. I am currently in a long-term relationship with a paleo addict. Ha! Needless to say, it has presented its various obstacles, but thankfully he is very open-minded and respectful of my lifestyle and choices. My partner is also currently deployed to Afghanistan. It's been tough, but I'm hanging in there! My fitness goals are to slowly and consistently raise my Oly lift PRs, gain endurance, lower body fat, etc. I would love to be able to do a muscle-up by the end of this year! Upper body strength is my weak point, but I'm working on it! As far as yoga is concerned, I've been working on crow pose variations, handstands, and scorpion poses a lot lately. My diet is already pretty clean. Usually about 75-90% raw. I try to stay away from soy and gluten as much as possible. Just lots of fruits, veggies, legumes, nuts, and seeds. I love green tea and the occasional black coffee. I rarely have cheat meals, but they usually consist of something sweet since my sweet tooth is always out of control! I love vegan cupcakes! I'd love to connect with anyone on here, especially anyone in the Cincinnati/Northern KY area. Any good yoga classes around? Favorite vegan food spots? You're favorite places to workout? Favorite trails in the area to run? Any fellow CrossFitters?
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