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  1. Reason for weight loss could be: 1) Too Much stress on body. 2) Improper Diet
  2. Welcome Original!! Just put your constant efforts to get desire result. And god is there to take care of rest.
  3. Always remember, your fats won't burnt in a day. It will be reduced gradually. I think you are doing great you can add swimming and good proper diet plan to you check list item.
  4. Welcome CSawicz!! Deadlift is most amazing exercise if you do in right form. But it can also case you major injuries if you dont do it right. Just be careful for that.
  5. Hey Stcalico, Thanks you for the reply. I love animals but never really thought about take care of them. May be joining some animal welfare program might motivate me.
  6. Hi All, I’m a newbie here. My name is Bryan; I've never been a vegan but planning to be one soon. I know it will be damn difficult for me to do so but I have to do it for my sweet heart as she has asked me to be one. I hope to learn few useful tips and tricks from here.
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